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You’re already tightening and toning your web presence, getting it ready to attract more business. Any successful entrepreneurs starting an online personal training business understands that working out will only get you half of the results. If your clients are not willing to build discipline in both diet and exercise, the benefits of your workout plans will not be their reality. If you start an online meal planning business as a personal trainer your business will get more opportunities for word-of-mouth referrals, and increase your customer’s lifetime value with you and your personal training brand.

Start an Online Meal Planning Business as a Personal Trainer

I want to speak to any fear or hesitation you have because you are not a “nutritionist” – or – you have not had any formal training when it comes to helping someone manage their diet.

Don’t spend too much energy listening to the voice within that talks you out of incorporating a meal planning business as part of your online personal training business.

Listen to your entrepreneurial superpower – can you already sense that weaving meal planning into your content calendar or business model is not a wise use of your time and talent?

If you answered yes (a truthful yes, not a yes based on fear), then I strongly suggest finding a way to collaborate or partner with someone who is savvy with diet and meal planning for your online personal training business.

Do you have a list of influencers in the nutrition and fitness world you can reach out to? If not, this is a great reason to start thinking of influencers in the nutrition world that can help you with meal planning, and boosting sales of your workout plans. If you have no idea how to start your search, check out this article to get started.

To be taken seriously in the business of fitness, you need to have a well-rounded approach that includes your client’s diet.

For the success of your customers experience with you, or your gym, it is important to make available to them the basics to establish good habits with food, as they establish workout habits.

Here are a few insights into meal planning….

Evaluation of diet history
Food preference questionnaire
Daily menus for 1 week or more
Accompanying fun and healthy recipes
Shopping lists & Food store brand recommendations

I mostly share this list with you for you to get a full picture of what meal-planning entails for your online personal training business. To start a service like this will be like starting a second business, the purpose of this article is to leverage this knowledge to sell your workout plans!
Here are just three ideas you can use to incorporate meal planning as a part of your content calendar and/or your business model.

1. Healthy Blogging

You’re always looking for new content for your online personal training business, why wouldn’t you use this platform to share recipes, actual food you’re eating, weekly meal-prep, and of course, real client stories. Think of blogging as education-based selling.

This is also a great way to boost your SEO and perhaps think about affiliate marketing income streams that your blog can produce (supplement companies, Amazon products, etc.).

If you’re not inspired by this subject, this is a great time to find a nutritionist, meal planners, food bloggers, and supplement brands that would want to write content for you – cross-marketing is a great benefit of this strategy.

Joe Wicks is an Instagram sensation, who focuses on meal planning. He doesn’t just post pretty pictures, Wicks also studied sports science, and is a qualified personal trainer. He shares his recent marketing success:

“It’s #leanin15 videos, posted on Instagram that have been my most successful marketing tool. In them, I take just a few seconds to show healthy meals that can be cooked in 15 minutes. For the time-poor obsessive phone user who wants to get in better shape – ie, the best part of the general population – they are perfectly designed.”

2. Nutrition Coach

Getting into the habit of eating well is just as difficult as working out. Although they go hand-in-hand for a healthy lifestyle, these are two very separate challenges for your customers.

Eating well equates to time and mindfulness. Just as your clients need you to boost them up to commit to another workout plan, they need your help when it comes to what they eat.

There are several ways to coach your clients, it depends on the level of engagement that suits your online personal training business model. A few options to think about…

Create a shopping list
Create a weekly or monthly meal plan
Weekly check in with a food journal
Incorporate this as a service add-on for your workout plans
3. Self Serve Nutrition

If coaching is not your thing, then think about creating Ebooks for your customers as a bonus or add on to the workout plan you are offering through your online services business.

There is so much information out there when it comes to diet, meal planning, eating for your body, and so on. The ideas for ebooks are truly endless when it comes to creating content around living a healthy lifestyle.

Taking the time to curate this information in a 10-30 page Ebook holds great value, and can grow into a great income (passive) stream.

Take a look at the wildly successful Kris Carr and her robust selection of ebooks.

I hope as you were reading these three strategies you were inspired with ideas pertaining to your brand, and current customers. Don’t keep it in! Use your voice and begin to talk to your clients, and the people on your staff, about meal planning!

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