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Update: PayPal Express Checkout is now available for both Casual and Business PayPal accounts!

We just finished our new PayPal Express Checkout feature. It’s sleeker, simpler and works better with mobile apps like Instagram and Facebook. Bottom line – we think it’s going to help you make more sales, which is what Selz is all about.

If you have a PayPal account you are eligible to use the new Express Checkout integration, which connects your PayPal account to your online Selz store. This is how it works.

On desktops, buyers check out in a secure window that overlays your website or Selz store. On tablets and smartphones, your buyers will access the PayPal payment screen in a full-page mobile browser.

How it works
When a buyer clicks the PayPal option from your Selz-powered checkout screen, your app sets up the payment and begins the checkout in a PayPal popup window.
The buyer logs into PayPal.
The buyer reviews and authorizes the payment.
PayPal returns control to your app to finalize the payment. Your app can optionally show the payment details on a confirmation page.

How to reconnect your PayPal API

The PayPal settings are located within your Selz account.

Log in to
Click Settings > Checkout on the left navigation panel
Click ‘Connect to PayPal’ and follow the steps in the window that appears
Need additional help?

If you are connecting to PayPal for the first time, check out the Selz Support Center or chat with us 24/7 from your Selz dashboard.

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