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At Selz, we think ecommerce should be easy. Our mission is to give growing businesses access to the powerful tools used by big business. And we want to do it in a way that is time-efficient, simple to use and easy to expand.

We also believe that modern selling is multi-channel. Our service enables our customers to sell on the web, on mobile, via social and via marketplaces, but with all their sales, payments, returns, promotions and fulfillment managed from one simple place.

In this article, we’ve created an overview of Selz features.  As you read through you’ll see all the ways our team is constantly responding to changes in ecommerce and to the needs of our customers.

The names of some features have changed, but the platform is as easy to use today as it was in 2013. And today we offer many more features to grow your business. 

Read here for details on our most recent feature releases

Selz offers different pricing tiers and features depending on the scale of your business and how much time you have to spend on learning and using the technology. 

For details on how to use Selz, check out our awesome support site

July 2018

We all want simple, personalized ways to connect with our customers.

When there isn’t a physical storefront to facilitate easy communication, it can be harder to respond directly and immediately to questions, conversationally explain products one-on-one, and to establish a personal relationship and rapport with customers.

Social media has quickly become one of the key ways that online businesses fill this void, and with Selz, the process just got a whole lot easier.

The new Facebook Chat feature allows customers to ask questions instantly in an informal setting. It’s easy for your growing business to set up and use, but the benefits for your business can be enormous.

Having an actual conversation with customers on Facebook as they consider making a purchase is a great way to increase conversions and create the kind of buying experience that brings customers back again and again.

Selz log in from Selz ecommerce for business growth

Getting started with Facebook Chat only takes a few minutes and five simple steps

1. Go to your dashboard and click on Store > Settings
2. Click Connect Pages

Facebook Chat sign up window from your selz log in

3. Accept Facebook’s permissions on the windows that appear
4. Once you have accepted, Pages should be listed in the drop-down menu. Simply choose a page and click Save
5. Facebook chat for the connected page will now be displayed and you can now answer messages from your Facebook inbox.

Facebook chat window from Selz multichannel ecommerce to grow your business

This new tool is a great opportunity to take your customer service to the next level with minimal investment.

For best results, respond to queries promptly, and in a friendly manner. Your customers will love being able to chat and make purchases without ever leaving social media.

Ready to get started? Learn more and sign up here.

May 2018

New sleeker PayPal Checkout

Update: PayPal Express Checkout is now available for both Casual and Business PayPal accounts!

We just finished our new PayPal Express Checkout feature. It’s sleeker, simpler and works better with mobile apps like Instagram and Facebook. Bottom line – we think it’s going to help you make more sales, which is what Selz is all about.

If you have a PayPal account you are eligible to use the new Express Checkout integration, which connects your PayPal account to your online Selz store. This is how it works.

On desktops, buyers check out in a secure window that overlays your website or Selz store. On tablets and smartphones, your buyers will access the PayPal payment screen in a full-page mobile browser.

If you are connecting to PayPal for the first time, check out the Selz Support Center or chat with us 24/7 from your Selz dashboard.

3 New Releases in May

We’ve got three HUGE releases for the month of May. Whether it’s improving your store’s aesthetic, smoother shipping processing, or easier payment options, these updates will streamline and simplify the selling process from beginning to end. 

Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom is a 21st century way to showcase your products. Now, when customers are browsing your store, they can click on product images and get an expanded “lightbox” view. From there, they can navigate around the image to get a closer look at every facet of the product.

This is especially great for selling on mobile. Mobile customers can zoom and drag the image with their fingers to get an up-close-and-personal look at the item.

Make sure to update your theme for this feature to take effect in your store. While you’re at it, take a look at your product images to make sure they’re the kind of stunning, high-quality visuals you want representing your product.

PayPal Express Checkout for Personal Accounts

While we’ve always had PayPal as a checkout option, we recently updated to the new PayPal Express Checkout. It’s sleeker, simpler, and works better with mobile apps like Instagram and Facebook. The best part: with the latest update you can now use this feature even if you don’t have a PayPal Business account.

July 2017

Selz Feature: New Button Block and Logo Sizing

We’ve added a few additional improvements to the Selz Store Editor. This will make it easier to customize your store and keep it looking professional and well-designed.

Button Block

Our first new feature is the button block. This is a new block that you can add anywhere in your site to place a button. Now you have complete control over your buttons, and what those buttons lead to.

You have a variety of options with your buttons. You can use them to add to cart, buy a single item, or view an item. The text is customizable so that you’re able to tweak your call to action. You can also add in your own link if you’d like to take the user to another page. You can also choose the alignment of your button, and what style it is. You can always update your button styles in the “colors” tab in the left-hand menu.

Logo Sizing

The second feature we’ve added is customizable logo sizing in the header. Now, once you upload your logo, you can determine how large it is displayed in your header.

This setting is dependent on the percentage of your header, and will perfectly size itself for you. This also makes it responsive on mobile.

Play around with the size settings to see which works best for your logo.

June 2017

Use MailChimp’s Powerful New Ecommerce Features with Your Selz Store

We’ve updated our integration with MailChimp so that you can use all of their new Ecommerce and Segmenting features available. 

Whether you’re a new Selz user or have already had customers and sales, connecting to MailChimp’s powerful new features will help you better market to your customers.


Make sure to export your orders and customers into one list. You will no longer have to create multiple lists for users based on their purchase history, rather you will begin to segment those users within the same list.


Here’s the best part: with MailChimp’s new ecommerce features, you can now see every single order that a customer has made within your store. You can see it on an individual basis when you’re within a customer’s profile. You’re able to view the product they’ve purchased, and even see the product visually for quick reference.


When managing your contacts, you’re able to start sorting people by their ecommerce habits. This is where ecommerce becomes very powerful. You can segment people based on items they’ve purchased, how much they’ve spent in your store and more.

Once you segment those users, they’re split into small segments all in the same list. Now, you can send emails based on the products that have been sold. You can send discounts to people who haven’t ordered from you in a while. You can offer other products to people who have bought similar products. The sky’s the limit with this!

Happy Emailing!

May 2017

Get Organized and Showcase your Products with Subcategories

We added Subcategories as a way to better organize your products and to make it even easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

A perfect example of this would be if you’re selling clothes online. You may want a category for Men’s Clothes and Women’s Clothes, and subcategories of Shirts, Pants, and Hats.

We’ve also made it possible to add subcategories to other subcategories. Talk about organization. That means if you have a Men’s Clothes parent category, then a Shirt subcategory, you can put an additional subcategory under Shirts, like Tank Tops and Polos.

Customize Your Store with Typography (and Hundreds of New Fonts)

Your website and online store is an extension of your brand. We’ve gone over how important font choice is on your website, and how typography can represent your company, and even increase sales.

Choose 2-3 fonts to include in your palette. It’s best to choose one as your main header font and add an accent font, then your body font. Think of them as different elements all working together in perfect harmony to create a brand image that you and your potential clients will love.”

We know how important font choice is when creating your website, so we gave you additional typography options when building your Selz Store: hundreds of new fonts to choose from, and three customizable font choices for your site.

Typography Features:

Selz gives you the ability to choose 3 different fonts for your store.

Body Font:

The body font is your main font for your store. This is what you’ll want to use for paragraphs of copy, descriptions, quotes, etc.


Headings are used on your main header, as well as anywhere you want to highlight sections or callouts.


The accent font is our newest addition. You can use the accent font to highlight certain text or to add a little extra style to your store.

Hundreds of Fonts to Choose From

Selz is using Google fonts, which means you have hundreds of fonts to choose from. We know, this may make it a little hard to choose one, but we love giving you options. Every font is shown within the picker so you don’t have to guess, you’ll see a font preview right away so you can decide if it’s the right font for your store.

You can also choose the font weight, bold or normal. 

The final option is if you want to enable font smoothing for Mac users. This is to ensure that the font looks clean on retina screens for Mac computers and phones. It is default checked, but you can turn it off if you want to.

If you need a little extra inspiration, head over to this font tool to see combinations that will help you choose the right fonts for your store. If you need assistance getting your store set up, reach out to [email protected] Happy typing!

March 2017

Fully Customize Your Online Store with Blocks

Your online store is what represents your store as a whole, and what you put on it can affect your sales significantly. Not only that, you want to make sure that the look and feel of your online store represent you and your products, so it’s important to have the ability to customize your store to fit your brand.

If you’re using the Selz Store Editor, you can now completely customize your ecommerce website with our custom blocks. That means that you can add your custom text, images, audio, video, HTML, grid, map, blog posts, items, and categories.

Hop on over to the store editor and check out these new features:

Customize Your Online Store


The grid is first and foremost the most important block to understand in the Store Editor. 

When you use a grid, you can add multiple columns within one row. If you want to use text, images, or anything else in columns, you must first add a grid. 

Once you add your grid, you can customize what goes in each column, and you can even choose how many columns, and what size they are, within settings.

We love using the grid feature for testimonial text, multiple images and blog posts on your online store.


Adding a text block gives you a row of text. You can fully customize this text so that you’re able to use it as a header, subheader, or even a large block of text if you’re writing about yourself and your online store.


You can add a single image to a block with this setting. If you want to showcase multiple images, then make sure to add a grid first. If you want to use an image as a background, then you’ll actually do that in the block setting itself. This feature is for adding a single image into a block.


Do you have a cool podcast you want to share? Or maybe a sample of the song you’re selling? This is where you’ll want to add an audio block. You can upload your mp3 here and turn your block into a media player.


Just like audio, you can embed a video on your website. You can either upload your own video, or you can embed one from YouTube and Vimeo. 

If you’re using YouTube and Vimeo, all you need is the URL of the video. If you’re using your own video, you can also pick a poster image that the video will display until the user presses play.


Got your own HTML? You can insert custom HTML into a block and it will pick it up. This is great if you’re using a signup form, survey, or another service that gives you custom code to insert.


Use a map to tell customers where you’re located. This is a great way for customers to see your home base, or if you have a physical store alongside your online store, or where you’re shipping products from. 

All you have to do is insert your address and the map will populate using Google Maps.

Blog posts

If you spend a lot of time writing your blog, then, of course, you want to showcase your posts! When you use this block, it will feature all of your most current blog posts. 

If you want only specific posts to show, then you can sort them by tag (but you’ll have to make sure they’ve been previously tagged to sort them correctly). You can also determine how many posts you want to show up in the block. 

Get to writing and showcase those babies!


Want to showcase items in a category? Use an item block. When you choose this, you’ll get to decide which category you want to showcase, and it will populate your items in a grid. If you only have one item in a category, it will only show that item.


If you want all of your categories to be available on the homepage of your online store, choose this block. This will show a grid view of every category you have. When your customer clicks the category, it will take them to that specific category page and show all of the items within it.

The March Rundown: 7 New Selz Features

Selz import products - it's easy to move from another ecommerce platform to Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

If you’re sitting here thinking “How is it already April?” then you’re not alone. We packed March so full of new Selz features and upgrades that the month really just flew by. And we’re ready to bring some really amazing stuff in April, too. But we can’t just move on until we go over our new releases and updates, so here’s every single feature added to Selz in March:

Banner Carousel for Themes

We’re really excited about this one. You can now use a carousel in your header on your Selz store.

You can select a set of images to rotate through your header to represent your brand. We’ve uploaded some stock images to choose from (to at least get you started) and you can also upload your own. This is a great way to showcase the different features and products of your site.

You have a few different options as to how the carousel is displayed. You can set the height and size of the banner. You can also choose for the carousel to autoplay, switching through images every 5 seconds, you can add pips to the bottom of the screen so your customers can manually scroll through the banners, or you can use control arrows.

Additional Images in Item Detail Page

You want to show off your products and display everything to your customer quickly and beautifully. We just added thumbnail images in your item detail pages so that you can see every shot of your product, and click on each image to see the larger size.

This is an awesome way to showcase your product. If you’re selling clothing, you can show different models or different views of the outfit. 

If you’re selling digital products, you can showcase some of the images they’ll see in your product, or give more information about the product in image form.

Collect Buyers’ Emails for Marketing

We’re constantly talking about how to market to your users using their email address. Now, you can let your customer opt-in to your mailing list during the checkout process.

This is default set to yes, and your message is customizable based on what you’re offering to your user. We like to use the discount and special offers bribe because it will make your customer want to come back for more.

When your customer “accepts marketing” they will be marked as such, and then you can sort customers by accepting marketing or not. If a user later accepts marketing, their profile will be updated.

Updated Import/Export

We’ve updated our importing and exporting feature to include variants, categories, and images.


When exporting, if an item has multiple variants, then each variant is added as a multiple-row for the item. The items are matched by item ID and then variants added from there. This makes it super simple to export your data if you’ve built it out within Selz.


Categories can be added to an item when you’re importing your products. For now, you can only choose one category per item. If you have created a category in your import and it doesn’t exist in your store yet, the category will be created for you. 

This is great if you’re planning out your categories and products in a spreadsheet, or you have data to migrate from another store.

Importing Images

Do you want to import your store images from another hosted URL? All you have to do is add the images’ URL to each item row. Right now, only one image can be added per item. The image will be pulled from the source URL and resized to the appropriate size for your Selz store.

Store Name and Logos

We’ve made updates to the store name and logo so that you can change those within the store editor.

Store Name vs. Logo

You can choose between using your store name, or uploading your logo.

If you’re using a store name, then you can edit your store name and save it within the design menu. If you’d rather use your store logo in your header, then you can upload the logo and have that displayed instead. If you’re using your logo, you can choose where it goes in the header: left or center.

If you don’t have a logo, then it’s super simple to just use your store name, and it still looks sleek and beautiful.

Even More Content Blocks!!!

Are you as crazy about content blocks as we are? We will be continuously adding new content options for your store. Here’s what we have this month:


You can add text blocks with preformatted text to make quotes. You can choose 1-4 columns and update the width, padding, background, text color, and heading color.


Need a little space? You can add a page divider between your other rows to add some nice space. You can choose your width percentage, and also change the divider color so it blends in with your other blocks.

Add URLs to Images

Do you want the images in your store to lead to another site? You can toggle the URL switch when loading an image and choose the URL that it leads to. You can also to choose to have it open in a new window (which we recommend).

Social Links

Want to feature your social media on your page? You can add social links as a block, and it will display all of your connected social links automatically. If you want to edit which links are displayed, or if you want to connect more accounts, you can set it all up here.

Updated Invoices

Prefix invoices with characters

You can add up to 3 characters to your invoice number (e.g. A, A -, A /, etc). You can also default these prefixes to off. This is super helpful to organize your invoices or code them more easily.

Set invoice number length

You can now set the invoice number digit length. You can use 3-8 digits now, and the default is 8. Hooray for customization!

Display tax rate

If you want to display the tax rate in your invoice, you can now set it up to show in it’s own line item. This will give you additional column displays with the tax rate, shipping, and then total tax. This is defaulted “off” so make sure to turn it on if you want to use this feature.

We also added a 0% tax rate option. If the tax rate for the item is 0, then you have the option to add a statement on the invoice to say that.

Store Search Bar

We’ve added a search bar to the top of your store. This makes it simple for your customers to search for certain products. As always, this is a feature you can choose to turn on or off in Settings.

January 2017

Selz is Now Available in Switzerland

Welcome to Selz, New Zealand entrepreneurs!

Selz is Now Open to Hong Kong

We’re happy to announce that we’re now processing credit card payments in Hong Kong using Selz Pay. Selz Pay can process all major credit cards for you and pay the money directly into your bank account.

If you want to accept PayPal as well as credit cards (which we recommend) you can also connect your PayPal account and get paid using our PayPal app.

Why use Selz?

Selz log in from Selz ecommerce for business growth

Whether you are just starting an ecommerce business, or you’ve been selling online for a while now, Selz provides many features to help market and sell your products online. 

You can easily sell your products from your own custom Selz store, your own website using our buttons and widgets, or even sell through your favorite social channels.

Selz makes it easy to sell ebooks, digital downloads, services, videos, tutorials, physical products, and much more!

Looking for a little motivation to get started or amp up your sales? Selz also has a great (and free) resource full of instructional and inspirational content for all your business needs! Looking to gain followers on Instagram or get your email marketing set up? We’ve got you covered. Just head to FounderU and get your learn on!

August 2016

5 New Features and Optimizations in July

This month we released some key new features that help you make your business more streamlined and efficient. We’re always looking for ways to help you sell more and build your business.

This month we created SKU numbers for easier product and inventory tracking. We also made it easy to import products from other places to save you time and effort.

New Releases:

We’ve Added SKU (Stock Keeping Units) for all Items

For those of you selling more than a few products and keeping major inventory we now have the option of having a SKU on each product.

SKUs are really helpful for keeping track of different products, especially physical ones, and taking care of a larger inventory.

You can now use SKUs on Selz, and you can choose if you want to only use them internally, or if you want them to be displayed for your customers as well.

You can Now Import and Export Your Store Items

If you’re making the (wise) decision to move your sales to Selz, and already have your inventory in a CSV, we make it super easy to import all of your products into your Selz Store.

Some of the stores you’re able to transfer from including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and more. You don’t have to be transferring from somewhere to use this feature though, of course. You can use this feature if you have a spreadsheet of your extensive inventory saved already (extra points for being organized!). 

As with imports, we also offer exports. You can now export your store items into a CSV. This is super nice for bulk edits you may want to do in Excel, and reupload with your fresh new items!

We’ve Added a Stylish New One Page Theme

Our new theme, OneUp is now available in the Selz Themes. It features 4 additional sections, creating a full-page store for more information about all of your products!

Better Variants are Here! Add Even More Product Variants to Your Store

Large blue v-neck T-shirt or small green crew-neck T-shirt? Maybe one of each. Powerful product variants help you sell more. That’s why we just released our powerful new product variants feature, giving you total control over how product variants work in your store.

Add Variant

When you’re in the add/edit item page, click on variants in the top tabs, and click the “Variants Enabled” box.

When creating variants, you must choose a variant name and value, for example, size (variant) – small, medium (values). You can also select a variant from a predefined list if you have common variants like color, size, style, etc.

Add Values

If you have more than one value, you can add multiple. Just separate them with commas to identify the different values.

Pricing on Available Options

You are able to set a price on your available options. For example, if you offer both tank tops and t-shirts, but tank tops are more expensive, then you can set a higher price for those separate from the t-shirt pricing. If you don’t set a specific price, it will default to the price of the main item.


If you’re using our new SKU feature, you can set individual SKUs for each available option.

Customer Experience

We made sure that this new variant feature makes your customers’ experiences even better. Once all of your variants and values are set up, then your customer will have all of the available options. Here’s what it looks like for them:

When your item has variants, your customer can choose from the available option. Each variant is provided as a drop-down box. The price will adjust with each variant they choose if you have differing prices for products. If you have a specific variant that is sold out, then it will show when they have that variant chosen.

We hope that this new feature makes your selling experience even easier! We’re always listening to your feedback and want to make Selz the simplest way to manage and sell your amazing products. 

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below! If you have any questions about how to use variants, please email [email protected]

2 Major Features Released in August

We’re committed to providing you with better features every month based on what you really need to run your business. 

So this month we released two major features that many of you have asked for. Thank you for your suggestions on improving Selz, please keep them coming. We really appreciate it.

The two features we released were a better way to manage variants of products, and license keys. Read more to find out what each one does and how they can help you grow your business.

Better Product Variants

If you have products with varying characteristics, you can now add each variant into your items to better manage your options. 

This means if you’re selling t-shirts, for example, in different colors, different styles AND different sizes, each of those variants can be represented in your store. You can even assign different prices to each variant if you charge more for different styles or sizes.

Better product variants mean that you can better manage your products and display every variation of those products you have to offer. 

License Keys

Selz license keys are easy to add and easy to use, which is why you should use Selz e-commerce for digital downloads

If you’re selling proprietary software, apps, themes or any online product, you can now use license keys to let your customers “unlock” their product. 

This will prevent your products from being shared by multiple people or illegally used by unauthorized users. By providing a key for each individual product, you’re protecting your intellectual property.

Check out how to use our license key feature, and start protecting your products today.

July 2016

New Feature: Bulk Import Items to Your Selz Store

We continue to release new features and enhancements based on your ideas to improve your online store. 

This week, we released the ability to bulk import and export products to your Selz account – saving you the time of typing them in manually.

If you sell multiple products, be they digital or physical, being able to import your items from other ecommerce providers or marketplaces to Selz is easier than ever. Whether you want to transition to Selz from Amazon, eBay or Shopify, our new feature will help you do just that.

Import and Export Items

Importing items to Selz

If you’re transitioning to Selz from another ecommerce platform or you’re already selling from a market place and (very wisely) want to start selling direct too, then being able to import a CSV file of products makes it easier and way faster than adding them one by one.

You can now easily bulk import products from:

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • or from your point of sale

Once you choose a file and import the files, an import report will display within the page and also emailed to you.

Exporting items from Selz

If you need to export your items for any reason, you can also download a CSV of your products.

Track Inventory With Our New Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Feature

For entrepreneurs running a business with a large inventory, using a Stock Keeping Unit or SKU can be helpful in staying organized and tracking your inventory effectively.

Whether you want to display the SKU on your item’s sales page or use it internally only, you can manage this new feature easily within your store settings and on your item listings.

Use the SKU feature for all items

You don’t have to only be selling physical products to use the SKU feature. Whether you sell digital, physical or service products, the SKU feature on Selz is available to all entrepreneurs, regardless of your plan or item type.

Display SKUs on your store

If you want SKUs displayed on all your item pages that your customers see, you can enable that from your dashboard.

You can keep SKUs switched off in your store settings, too.

Display SKUs internally only

If you only want to use SKUs internally, you can keep your SKU option off, which it is by default, and simply edit your existing products, or add new items, and add the SKU number.

Please note, adding SKU numbers does not work retroactively with past orders, but they will apply to all new orders once an SKU number is added to an item.

This is only the first iteration of our Stock Keeping Unit feature. We’ll be making enhancements, so leave us a comment below with how this could be even more helpful for you. 

Don’t forget to check back often as we are constantly releasing new features to help businesses like yours sell more online.

June 2016

New and Awesome Optimizations 

In May we released lots of helpful optimizations to make it even easier to customize your store and communicate your products to your customers. 

Customize email link and button colors

You can now customize the link and button colors within your emails (think: Abandoned Cart emails and order confirmation emails), making it easier than ever for your Selz store to match your branding. 

If you’re using our storefront instead, custom colors are set across your store for consistent branding from the buy now button to the order confirmation email, making you look super professional in the meantime.

Send order shipping info to PayPal

If your customers purchase a product through PayPal, we will now send all shipping information, along with the order details, to your PayPal account. This makes it super easy to print shipping labels directly from PayPal.

Internal product search

Have a big product inventory? You can now search internally from your Items page to easily access and edit your products.

Opensource translation now open

Selz is in 7 languages, with more to come with our new opensource translation program. Want to help translate Selz into your language? Sign up to translate now.

Selz and Google Domains

Selz has partnered with Google Domains to make it easier than ever to purchase a domain and add it to your Selz store. Google Domains is currently in beta, so adding a Google Domain is currently exclusive to US-based entrepreneurs.

Over 40 bugs fixed

This month, our development team went to town resolving bugs to make your experience with Selz more efficient and productive.

New Optimization: Update Order Details And Customer Information

When you sell online, you know that customers can sometimes enter the wrong information when rushing through the checkout process or using an auto-fill plugin. Now you can update order details and customer information with Selz.

Whether there’s a typo in your customer’s delivery address or they’ve made a typo in their email address, we’ve made it super simple to update order details for your customers or the customer’s profile.

Update order details

As a Selz seller, you can now edit buyer details for a single order. This is particularly beneficial if a customer has entered the wrong shipping address or made a mistake when entering their email address during checkout.

Update customer information

As a Selz seller, you can now also update a customer profile to accurately reflect their information. Whether you want to edit their shipping address, name, or email address where they receive order confirmation emails and product updates, this optimization is particularly helpful for propagating your customer’s information.

Being able to update your customer information is a no-brainer when it comes to online selling and we’re happy to have made these two little optimizations for making managing your customer orders and details even easier.

Many thanks to the ongoing feedback with the amazing entrepreneurs who use Selz and provide us with insights about how to make Selz their trusty sidekick for fulfilling orders and making customers happy.

Are We Talking Your Language? Help Us Translate Selz

Selz is a global ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs, so we’re looking for people to help us translate Selz into even more languages.

We want to make the checkout experience for customers as intuitive as ever – in every language.

This means that no matter if your customer is located in India or Sweden or China, the checkout process is native to their location, making Selz a better experience for everyone, leading to more sales and success.

We already support 7 languages and we’re growing fast, with our entrepreneurs popping up from every corner of the world and wanting to offer Selz in their customer’s native language.

We’re excited about the opportunity to offer Selz in many different languages because we know it will help entrepreneurs make more online sales and communicate even better with their customers.

Become a translator

If you’d like to see Selz in your language, we’re currently accepting contributors and would love to collaborate with you. We’ve written up exactly how you can get started with helping translate Selz into your language and are looking forward to connecting with you!

Selz Partners With Google Domains

Selz is a Google Partner, and the ecommerce solution for business growth

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Google Domains.

With this new partnership, our US-based entrepreneurs (with more countries to come soon) will be able to seamlessly add a custom domain to their Selz store.

Starting this week, all US-based sellers, new and existing, can buy a custom domain name and automatically add it to their Selz store upon purchase.

In the past, the only way to add a custom domain was by purchasing the domain, then pointing your domain to Selz using an A record or CNAME record. Everyone using Selz can still do that, but our new partnership with Google Domains makes it even easier to buy a domain name and start using it right away with their Selz store.

Customizing your online store with Selz is simple and we wanted to make adding a professional, custom domain name even more seamless. Happily, partnering with Google Domains makes this process easier than ever. 

9 New Features and Optimizations in June

This June, we announced some major partnerships and released tweaks that make Selz even better for you and your customers. We’re always listening and making improvements to help you build your business. Read more to learn about our new features.

All of these optimizations and features are to make it easier than ever for entrepreneurs around the world, like you, to do good work and make money online.

We’ve updated our Facebook tracking pixel

We recently upgraded to the new Facebook Pixel, which replaces the Facebook conversion pixel. 

You’ll want to upgrade to the new Facebook Pixel soon, which can be done from your Facebook Ads Manager. 

Facebook ads from Selz advertising services are optimized for small business advertising success

Selz is now in Japan

For entrepreneurs based in Japan, Selz is now in Japanese and you can use Selz Pay to offer credit card payments to your customers. We are always looking for translation collaborators, so help us translate Selz into your language if we aren’t supporting it yet!

Improvements to our storewide discount feature

Based on feedback from the Selz community, we’ve changed how the discount code field displays during checkout. Instead of showing a discount field during checkout – even if the customer didn’t purchase an item with a discount code – we’ve made an improvement, so the discount code field only shows during checkout if a customer is purchasing a product with a discount. This means more buyer confidence and more sales for you.

Invoices now generated for old orders

If you installed Tax Invoices hoping to generate an invoice for an old order, you’d be disappointed to find that you weren’t able to generate an invoice except for new orders. This has now been updated so you can generate invoices for any order: old or new. Simple.

Generate invoices for free orders

If you are discounting a normally paid product to free, you can now generate an invoice if the Tax Invoice app is installed on your account. This means you can provide invoices for any customers or partners you may be offering your paid product to for free.

Duplicate country shipping settings

If you sell physical products and use Shipping Plus, you can now duplicate country settings. This is especially useful if you ship to many countries and want to apply the same shipping settings to them. We know you’re busy, so this is all about shaving off the time it takes for you to sell through Selz.

If you have any questions on how to implement these incredible Selz features on your site, check out our support site.  

You can also always send an email to our support team at [email protected]

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Jana is a writer and Content Manager at Selz. She has expertise in ecommerce strategy, selling products online, and small business solutions. Jana combines diverse experience in education, design, and manufacturing to craft engaging content.

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