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It’s an exciting time at Selz, ecommerce for growing businesses.

We’re working to make our platform more powerful, streamlined, and intuitive for our customers.

This article is a collection of some of the updates and new features that are making ecommerce success more attainable than ever.

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August 2020

Ecommerce Coaching

As an ecommerce platform we’ve spent years learning. Not only from our own successes and failures, but from the thousands of merchants using Selz. 

Whether you have an established business or you’re building your first site there are problems to solve, both big and small. We know how hard it is to learn and relearn new technology and tools week after week. We get that your time is valuable, and that there’s somehow never enough.

For just $249 a month, ecommerce coaching gives you an expert in your corner. You’ll have someone to talk to each week that is dedicating time to your unique ecommerce challenges. You’ll have support, someone that is hands on. A guide who knows how to make your site look great AND convert. 

Selz ecommerce coaching gives you ecommerce experts who can make your small business as powerful online as it is at your brick and mortar store

This isn’t an ecommerce class that’s the same for everyone. Your business is personal. The time you spend building a site and optimizing ads is time you’re not spending with your family and friends. You risk that time to make your dreams come true, to make things better for the people you love. 

Ecommerce coaching at Selz is a personalized service. It starts with an ecommerce audit, where we get to know you and the specifics of your business. Next, we pull together a proposal that outlines your priorities and how we’ll meet those goals. From that point forward, each weekly meeting will focus on checking off the goals on your list, one at a time. 

Ecommerce coaching might mean updating your brand or renovating your website. It might mean building an online sales funnel or revamping your marketing strategy. Our team of experts is here to help with whatever your business needs for ecommerce success.

There is no risk with this service. There’s no long term commitment. But we guarantee results. Schedule a call with an expert today.

May 2020

Selz Ecommerce SEO

There were nearly 2.3 trillion searches on Google in the last year

If you’re selling or marketing online, you need views on Google. If you’re not ranking on Google it will be incredibly difficult to introduce new customers to your products and to build relationships for repeat business.

91% of websites don’t get any organic traffic 

SEO is complex, and it takes time most small businesses don’t have. The hours it takes to learn the best practices in SEO and to optimize a site for search engines is significant. 

Many start by writing blog posts or doing keyword research, but have to put those efforts on hold to take care of everything else that’s urgent. For most small businesses, that list is almost neverending!

Consumers do up to 70% of purchasing research online

SEO is a tool that can enable you to compete with the biggest global brands. Your customers are already looking for your products online, you just need a strategy that makes it easier for them to find you.

New features like ecommerce SEO make Selz the bst option for business growth

Google’s algorithms use over 200 different factors to rank websites 

You need an expert who understands your business and the hundreds of tiny details that make SEO work for you.

You need an expert who understands your ecommerce niche and the nuances of your online store.

Selz ecommerce SEO is the best option for small businesses

Selz Ecommerce SEO is a service that is as simple to use as the Selz ecommerce platform. As far as new features go, this is a game-changer.

Selz Ecommerce SEO options include:

  • A dedicated SEO manager
  • Email and phone support
  • Complete site analysis
  • On-Page optimization
  • Content creation for link building
  • Monthly reporting
  • High authority blog posts
  • Video creation and distribution
  • Press release writing and distribution

Choose the SEO service with top-rated customer help, insider ecommerce knowledge and dedicated expert attention. Book a free expert consultation with Selz today!

April 2020

Add a point of sale system with Square

Ass a point of sale system from your Selz dashboard with new features from Selz ecommerce for business growth

2020 is a big year for Selz, and we’re focusing on direct integrations. This week, we’re launching Square readers for in-person payments

To check it out, head to the point of sale (POS) section of your Selz dashboard.

This useful integration will let you:

  • Set up your point of sale terminal
  • Create an intuitive payment flow
  • Manage customers

If you’ve been taking in-person and delivery payments manually, it’s time to add a point of sale system. Your new Square point of sale terminal will improve the accuracy and analysis of your cashflow. 

This POS system is simple for your staff to use, and it can give you the data you need to streamline time-consuming inventory management and reordering. 

This point of sale software will also help you analyze your sales in different ways. 

You can review your sales by: 

  • SKU (item sold)
  • Time periods
  • Promotions
  • By store if you have more than one
  • By sales clerk 

It’s simple to add new sales channels and team members. Sync every sales channel with one simple and powerful ecommerce platform.  You can also sync your new Square POS easily with your favorite accounting apps (like QuickBooks Online, MYOB, or Xero) to make things even easier.

As social distancing becomes more commonplace, there are unique features with the Square POS that will keep things running smoothly and safely including Square’s Contactless Chip Reader, Square Terminal, and Square Register. These tools accept contactless payments and give your customers a chance to complete their purchase without needing to handoff their credit card.

Here are five more simple reasons to optimize your retail point of sale terminal:

1. Better inventory management

A retail POS system helps you manage your inventory with features including item counts and automated stock alerts. These will help you maintain inventory for best-selling products so your customers won’t have to wait.  

2. Track your day

Your point of sale will record and share sales comparison charts and other detailed information so you’ll know what sells best at different times of each day.

3. Responsive

Urgent changes can be hard to manage, but this system is flexible and lets you easily update product names, discounts and pricing for quick sales or personalized offers.

4. Mobility

Record sales from anywhere. Whether you’re at an important event, participating in a vendor fair, or making crucial door-to-door deliveries, this cloud-based point of sale service will make selling easier and more secure.

5. Simple user interface

Square point of sale’s UX offers both simplicity and speed, with a short checkout flow and an image-based product library. You can also use your staff more effectively to make sales. With a Square POS in hand, your team can share upsells naturally in the course of each in-person transaction. 

Link your online store with a physical storefront with ease with Square and Selz. Your new POS system will sync with your online inventory and can be ready-to-go with just a few clicks. 

March 2020

Selz and OneSaas are working together to make accounting easy for your online store

Selz ecommerce is constantly offering new features to grow your business, like direct integrations with Quickbooks Online, Xero, MYOB AccountRight and more

This week, we released some powerful integrations for all Selz paid plans:

There are no extra fees for this integration, and it has the power to save you time without the errors that come from manual data entry and shortcuts. 

Automatically and accurately update all this with your direct integration: 

  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Customer details
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping 
  • Fees
  • Payouts

Get a summary of accounts and balances

With this integration, it’s easy to review your invoices, orders and revenue.  You’ll also have simple access to an overview of your products and their profit margins.

An easy way to keep up with every sales channel

You can put all of your Selz store sales into a single account. You also have the option to create multiple accounts for your accounting imports to organize the different channels of your business.

Each accounting platform offers something unique. You can learn more about each of these accounting platforms in the Selz app store. Choose the platform that works for your business, depending on your location and needs.  

Learn more about these new integrations and get started here.

February 2020

Sometimes even the simplest tool is too much to learn

When you run a small business in 2020, you’re working with a constantly expanding tech stack. This can make day-to-day business processes feel complicated sometimes. 

Why? Because, with every fix and update to the software you use, your business processes need to change. Frustration with this cycle makes many businesses hesitant to add ecommerce, even though selling online is the best option for growth. 

For many businesses, the best solution is to let another company handle part of that tech. This one decision can let you focus on the skills and strategies that helped your business succeed in the first place. 

With that important need in mind, Selz has created a new plan: Do-It-For-Me. We create your online store, set up sales channels and integrate your business systems to bring your business online. Everything you need for ecommerce in one place for one simple monthly fee.

This plan offers you a team of experts who will build and maintain your online presence. Your team at Selz will include:

  • Professional web designers
  • Ecommerce and social selling experts
  • IT pros and developers
  • Marketing contractors

Our team will set up your ecommerce process and keep it online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You won’t have to worry about how to research and put in place new features or changes in regulations. You will always have a trusted contact who will manage your site for you. We will send regular updates and get you the data you need to see how your new online store is fueling your business growth.  

You can learn more about Do-It-For-Me here, or request a call today!

January 2020

On the fence about paid ads for your business?

We’ve used feedback from our customers to create an incredible new service- Managed Advertising

With this service, you can advertise your business on the major search engines. Every ad campaign will be fully managed by experts at Selz.

We process massive sales for merchants in every imaginable niche. Our ecommerce platform offers our team smart data from all over the world to make the most of your ad spend. Your ads, keywords and campaigns will be developed and optimized by accredited digital experts. 

With this service, you can choose the platforms that work for you and drive the outcomes that are most important for your business.

You can call anytime to talk to your Account Manager. You will also receive detailed monthly reports showing your results.

If your Google, Bing or Facebook ads aren’t bringing the ROI you want, book an appointment for a free audit. Our Selz PPC experts will recommend a plan that will help your business grow.

Get in touch today to book a free consultation with our advertising experts.

December 2019

Are You Ready for Bulk Editing?

Managing your online store with hundreds of products is not easy. Sometimes you need to decrease prices for a limited time offer or you have variants of new and old products to update.

Manual editing is time-consuming. Some bulk editing tools can be difficult to navigate.

With our new bulk editing update, you can edit multiple products at the same time!

It's easy to bulk edit products and do bulk editing from the Selz dashboard with this new feature from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

You can make bulk edits to these fields in your Selz dashboard:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Category
  • Inventory
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping unit
  • SKU
  • Barcode

To learn more about this new feature, read this helpful set of instructions.

August 2019

Instagram Shopping is here!

Customers can buy your products directly from your Instagram posts and stories. This direct integration to your Selz Facebook store makes online shopping simple.

You may already use Instagram as a marketing channel. Now, shoppers can buy direct from your Selz store with product tags and shoppable posts. 

The Selz integration with Instagram Shopping lets you post shoppable stories and product posts that lead directly to your Selz store for more sales from your favorite social media channel

You can use hashtags to increase the reach of your products. Use stories to entice customers and promote your brand. 

Give your customers a secure online experience from a store they know they can trust. Sell your products through one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

You can find instructions on how to add Instagram shopping to your Selz store here.

This feature is available on all new plans

Add Instagram shopping to your online store today.

July 2019

Pair Google Smart Shopping with Selz Do-It-For-Me for business growth

The highly-anticipated day has arrived. Staff accounts and Google Shopping features are live for customers on our new basic, standard and advanced plans, with more exciting features to come in 2019. 

Plus – all new plans come with zero transaction fees.

These features offer incredible opportunities to grow your business, whether you automate a campaign with Smart Shopping or prepare your business processes for growth with staff accounts.  

Learn more about the incredible features in our new plans here

June 2019

Staff Accounts

Staff accounts are one of our most frequently requested feature updates, and we’re excited to announce that they are on the way! This feature offers a new degree of freedom in your processes as you grow and scale.

Essentially, you’ll be able to set different roles for different members of your staff, allowing for greater visibility in internal processes and a broader range of control in your business. Each store will have an owner and that owner can assign other roles like admin and staff.

Staff accounts will launch in the next couple of months when we release our new plans.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is just about here, and it’s a game-changer. Soon you’ll be able to connect your store directly to the Google Merchant Center, a vast digital marketplace with an enormous audience.

The process is super intuitive and streamlined- all you need to do is sync your product listings with Google. You’ll still be able to control everything from your Selz dashboard. Not only that- you can use Google’s retargeting tools to create smart shopping campaigns that get your products in front of the right customers.

As with Staff Accounts, Google Shopping will go live this summer when we debut our new plan options.

May 2019

New Embed Options

We’re updating our embed features to offer greater personalization, as well as crafting a more streamlined buying process. Alongside options to embed a button, widget, or full online store, you’ll soon have the ability to embed a detailed product page designed for conversion. Stay tuned- this new feature will be launching in the next two months.

Coming Soon

Selz is working hard on some new features that will have a major impact on sales and visibility. These updates will be coming down the pipeline in the next couple of months, and we will keep you updated with the details here, as well as in our weekly newsletter. To subscribe, sign up here.

Increased Image Capacity

In addition to variant images, you can now add up to 25 images per item for each item in your Selz online store. Want to show a product from multiple angles? Have an item that is available in 20 colors? You have all the images you need to show your products off.

Add up to 25 images per product to your online ecommerce site with Selz, the ecommerce platform for growing businesses, another one of our great new features.

April 2019

Product Variant Images

Product variants are a simple way to offer the same essential item in different ways based on color, size, course length, and other variables. Whether you’re selling clothing, coaching, jewelry, or tech, product variants make it easier than ever to feature your inventory in a stylish way.

So how do you clearly showcase variants of your products? You can now add images for specific variants of physical and service items.

It’s really simple to start using variant images. Within the variants section of the “Add item” modal, the option to ‘Choose image’ is listed with each variant. All you have to do is select a variant combination within the product detail page to update the image displayed. Learn more here.

Image showcasing the simple ways that sellers can add images to the variants of their products. Check out this and more new features from Selz, the Ecommerce platform for growing businesses.

February 2019

Great news for WordPress sellers!

The world’s most popular content management system just got a makeover. Gutenberg, the new block-based editor, utilizes similar drag and drop dynamics to the Selz store builder, offering exciting new ways to build a site.

Selz enable add to cart is just one way that Selz makes ecommerce easy to use, sign up for a free Selz trial today!

WordPress sellers can now add an ecommerce block to their stores which could include a Selz button, widget, or an entire store. From here you can select from several action options including “add to cart”, “go to buy screen”, and “look at product in more depth”.

There are a ton of new display options as well. The color select lets you paste in color text codes and will warn you if combinations might be hard to read. The Selz editor allows you to quickly create square images and truncate product titles for easier viewing.

Pagination is now available for users with large inventories. The new search bar also crawls both product titles and descriptions, making it easier for shoppers to quickly find what they’re looking for.

All you need to do to use these exciting new features is to update your Selz WordPress plugin to the most recent version- learn more here.

We’ve updated our padding settings!

Padding, or the space between elements on your page, can be tricky to get just right. Too little padding makes a site look cramped, which makes it difficult for customers to read and differentiate sections. On the other hand, too much padding makes a page look bloated and means that visitors can only visit a frustratingly low number of elements at once.

You can now manually adjust the padding on elements within your store using a simple slider. Starting in the Selz dashboard, click on Store > Customize to make sure that your theme is up to date to get going. When you’re ready to start playing with the new feature, navigate to Design > Layout.

A graphic of spacing for the page for an article about new ecommerce features. Check out this and more new features from Selz, the Ecommerce platform for growing businesses.

New Features: Embeds are better than ever!

You can now embed product categories as well as individual products, widgets, and full stores. On top of that, there are tons of new customization options, including the ability to truncate tiles, quickly create square images, a new and improved search bar, and an all-around performance improvement.

An image showing product categories as you build a site with Selz. Check out this and more new features from Selz, the Ecommerce platform for growing businesses.

Heads Up, Developers: new advanced HTML settings!

There are new options to dig deeper and customize further with Selz. Interested? Learn more here.

We focus on ecommerce excellence, whether we are making updates to our store builder, features for business, or the educational content that we share on our blog.

Want more updates about what’s new at Selz? Subscribe today!

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