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Introducing our new Post Purchase Redirect feature: This super-simple yet amazingly versatile addition to your Selz checkout is perfect for a whole range of uses.

For a few brief moments after making a purchase, you have your customers’ undivided attention.

Making the most of it can be extremely rewarding. We’ve long been touting the benefits of using features like Custom Receipts and adding buyers to your mailing list to enhance those feel-goods after a buy. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve come up with another simple and effective method.

Here are just some of the places that you could be directing your customers after they’ve bought from you:

To a custom thank you page on your site
Back to your storefront for more shopping
To a secret page on your site with exclusive content
To a download page: Perfect for giving away a free digital product like an ebook or video
To a social media page for encouraging engagement
To a specific product listing in your store
To a shareable page for encouraging awareness on social media

The great news is that, like all our features, it’s simple to set up: You can be redirecting your buyers in about a minute.

Here’s how it works:

Go to your Selz account and click on Settings > Checkout.
Click on the Settings tab
Flick the switch next to Post purchase redirect and enter in the URL that you’d like to send your buyers to after each purchase.

Then choose how you’d the redirect to behave. You can choose for it to be an automatic redirect (after 10 seconds your buyers will be taken to your chosen URL) or you can add a custom button for them to click on first.

That’s it! You’re all set to redirect buyers to the URL of your choice.

We’d love to hear about the creative ways you’re using this simple but powerful tool in your store. Let us know in the comments below.

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About the author

Melissa Whidjaya

Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.


  1. Mary Ogunjimi

    When is the variant will be available to post pictures, I sell cosmetics and is pain if I have to post 10 different color lipstick, thank you

    1. Kristen

      Hi Mary, you can add up to 25 images on your item with our features.

  2. Antoine

    Hey, this is a great feature :)

    I love selz, I use it every day to sell my digital products, but I really think one key feature is missing : the upsell.

    I’d like to invite my customer to add an other product to their cart with a reduction BEFORE the check out. I’m sure it would result in more sales.

    Are you working on something like that ?

    1. Kristen

      Hey Antoine, thanks for checking in! Glad you’re liking the post-purchase redirect :) We definitely plan to offer a more direct upsell feature in the future… I’ll make sure to add your vote to it :)

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