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If you’re selling digital products like apps, software, themes, templates or any product you would like your customers to “unlock” with a license key, our new license key feature is for you.

Software license keys are useful to prevent your products from being copied, shared, or otherwise illegally used by a non-licensed user.

By providing a key for every individual product, you’re ensuring that the product is only being used under your terms and conditions.

When integrating your license keys with your products on Selz, you have two options:

GIF showing how license keys work on the Selz ecommerce platform

When editing or creating a product, you’ll see a Licenses tab available. You can either choose “List – We’ll assign a license key from a provided list” or “Remote – We’ll request a license key from a provided URL.”

You can either choose “List – We’ll assign a license key from a provided list” or “Remote – We’ll request a license key from a provided URL.”

List License Keys

If you’re using license keys from a list, you simply enter in your keys separated by each line. Every time that you make a sale, Selz will use the next license key available on your list of keys.

license keys

Remote License Keys

If you have license keys that are automatically generated from your own URL, then you can give us the URL, and Selz will request a new key each time your product is sold.

Once you’ve entered your URL, test it to make sure Selz can generate it correctly. (You’ll get a green success bar at the top of your screen if it works.)

license keys

Customer Experience

Once a purchase has been made by your customer, they’ll be assigned a license key.

Their unique key will be displayed within the order confirmation page, on their order confirmation email, and within their order detail page. It will be easily accessible for your customer when they go to use your product and are asked for their license.

license keys

Selz is dedicated not only making your selling experience better but also making your products more secure.

Selz license keys will protect your product from being pirated or illegally used.

If you want to learn more about implementing license keys, you can read more here. If you have more questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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    So if I am doing PDF downloads for my customers on my patterns will this work? Thanks

  2. Erica Griffin

    I’m so happy i joined Selz it was easy to set up and get started for free without having to enter a credit card.

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