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We all want simple, personalized ways to connect with our customers. When there isn’t a physical storefront to facilitate easy communication, it can be harder to respond directly and immediately to questions, conversationally explain products one-on-one, and to establish a personal relationship and rapport with customers.

Social media has quickly become one of the key ways that online businesses fill this void, and with Selz, the process just got a whole lot easier. The new Facebook Chat feature allows customers to ask questions instantly in an informal setting. It’s seriously simple to set up and use, but the benefits for your business can be enormous.

Having an actual conversation with customers as they consider making a purchase is a great way to increase conversions and create the kind of buying experience that brings customers back again and again.

Getting started only takes a few minutes and five simple steps:

1) Go to your dashboard and click on Store>Settings.
2) Click “Connect Pages”.

3) Accept Facebook’s permissions on the windows that appear.
4) Once you have accepted, Pages should be listed in the drop-down menu. Simply choose a page and click ‘Save’.
5) Facebook chat for the connected page will now be displayed and you can now answer messages from your Facebook inbox.

This new tool is a great opportunity to take your customer service to next level with minimal investment. For best results, respond to queries promptly, and in a friendly manner. Your customers will love being able to chat and make purchases without ever leaving social media. Have any questions? Reach out to our 24/7 support team, or send an email to


About the author

Bryce Patterson

Bryce Patterson

Bryce is a social media specialist and content marketer at Selz. Outside of giving businesses and non-profits a more human, relatable voice; Bryce has written a novel, worked on a comic book, and played in a handful of bands. He lives in Colorado.


    1. Tara Storozynsky Selz

      Tara Storozynsky

      Hi Dean! Thanks for reading FounderU, and for your interest in our new feature! All you need are two apps which you probably already have: Facebook Messenger, and Pages – an app that allows you to juggle multiple Facebook accounts, such as your personal and your business one. It’s seriously simple to set up. Best of luck!

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