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You asked, we delivered. Our new Ecommerce Shopping Cart makes it even easier to deliver a professional, site-wide sales experience to your customers, if you’re using a hosted website like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or even your own coded website. The Ecommerce shopping cart is always accessible to shoppers from the navigation bar, transforming your existing website into a fully customer-friendly Ecommerce store

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Selz now bundles a Shopping Cart into your hosted site when you use embedded buy buttons and widgets. The Ecommerce Shopping Cart will appear on every page that you add it to of your hosted website. It’s super simple – just paste a line of code into your WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace site and it’s done.

You also have a few new options for how the cart will look, with new color and button options. Once installed, the beautiful new cart will slide out from the right side of the page, reducing friction for customers and simplifying the process of making multiple purchases from your website.

This update is backwards compatible, meaning you don’t have to do anything if you’re already buttons or widgets on your hosted website. However, if you’re just getting started, and want to learn how to use this feature, we can show you right now. It’s seriously simple.

How to add a Shopping Cart to your website in 3 Steps:

  1. Choose Your Buy Button or Widget
  2. Copy the HTML Code
  3. Paste the code into the page or pages of your site where you want it.

a three step guice to setting up the ecommerce shopping cart


Your shopping cart will show up on any page you have a product or store embedded on your site.

If you want to your cart to follow the user throughout your website (for example on your blog or about page), then you will need to manually embed the code for the cart in the head of the page you want it to appear. You can learn more about how to do this in the help article.

4 Benefits of the New Ecommerce Shopping Cart for Hosted Sites:

    • Makes it easier for customers to buy and track multiple products at the same time
    • Smooths the buying process for a higher conversion rate
    • Different stylings for your site- buttons and widgets now stand out in different ways
    • The best part: if you’re already using buy buttons and widgets, there’s nothing you need to do add in this feature, it comes standard.

There you have it! A super simple way to sell through your independent, hosted website using Selz. Our team is always working to improve how our platform works for its merchants. Check out the help article if you want to learn more, and as always, reach out to or schedule a setup session for more info.

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Tara Storozynsky

Tara Storozynsky

Tara works as a content marketer and affiliate manager for Selz. She lived in Los Angeles and New York before moving to the mountainous Pacific Northwest. When Tara isn't writing about ecommerce trends and growing your business, she spends time exploring the local food and art scene, and playing with her puppy.


  1. Allie

    Do I need to do this if I have a selz hosted store? I’m confused.

    1. Tara Storozynsky Selz

      Tara Storozynsky

      Hi Allie, thanks so much fo your comment! This feature only applies if you are using Selz features on your own separate independent, hosted site. If you’re just selling through an online store with us, then it doesn’t affect you at all. How easy is that!

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