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Love having a little bit more control over what happens to your digital products after they’re purchased? We thought so, so we’ve created Download Limits.

How do download limits work?

Now it’s simple to set limits to how many times, and over what timeframe a buyer can download an item that they’ve purchased. Simply set your download attempt limit, and your time limit. Save your changes, and your new settings will be applied to all the products in your store.  The link expiration days will start on the day of purchase, and download attempts will start from the first time the buyer clicks on the Download button.

The link will expire when the attempts are all used up, or the time runs out – whichever comes first.

Manage expired download limits

We know that things happen, like bad internet connections, deleted files, and forgotten deadlines, so we’ve made it really easy for you to reset the download limits for specific customers at your discretion. To reset the attempt for a buyer, just pop into their order page and hit the reset button. Easy!

Set your download limits

Want to know more? Here’s our how-to and a great article about validating products.

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Melissa Whidjaya

Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.

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