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Update April 2016: We now have a storewide discount feature which requires different configuring than is outlined below. Please read about our storewide discount codes feature and configure your discounts accordingly.

If you love your customers as much as we love ours, then chances are that you’ll want to let them in on special deals or prices from time to time. Now you can! We’ve built a funky little feature that lets you add a discount code to your product. Here’s how you do it.

Log into your Selz account and click on Discounts in the left-hand panel
Click on Create Discount
Next, fill out the form by adding your coupon name for internal tracking, your coupon code, what items your coupon will apply to, currency, discount, quantity and time frame. You can choose if you’d like to give a certain amount of dollars off, a percent discount, and/or free shipping. Then hit Save.

Then, all you have left to do is share the specific discount code with your customers! Happy selling!

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About the author

Melissa Whidjaya

Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.


  1. GorilaGeek

    Is it possible to hide the discount field for some products? Thanks in advance.


    1. Tara Storozynsky

      Hi there! Yes, it is possible to hide the discount field.
      When you create a discount code, you have the option to apply it to all items, certain categories, or certain products.

      However, if you want to show the “discount field” to only those customers who will purchase the discounted item, then you can turn off the discount field through dashboard’s Admin-Settings > Checkout > Settings> disable Discount field.

      Happy selling!

  2. Faraz Ahmad

    It is a great feature, thank you very much :)

    1. Kristen DeCosta

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Faraz!

  3. Borja Girón

    Hi! Is it possible to hide the discount field for some products? Thanks

    1. Kristen DeCosta

      Hi Borja! Thank you for your question! Please email [email protected] so we can give you the best and most thorough answer!

  4. Claire

    Is it possible to set up a Buy one get one free?
    I am a little confused by the “free” option :)

    1. Molly Corless

      Hi Claire, we don’t have the functionality for buy one get one free yet, but you could set the products at 50% and ask that people purchase two products to receive that discount.

  5. DO HYUN

    I can’t find the option to display coupon field in buy page anymore. I used the feature for a while, but all of sudden the coupon field was disappear. Unless Selz removed the feature, could you explain how I can activate the feature?


    1. Kristen

      Hey Do, thanks for checking in! Would you mind sending us an email direct at [email protected] with a screenshot so we can have a look? Cheers.

  6. Bill Henderson

    Definitely need a store-wide discount— I want to offer $10 off at the end of the sale, and don’t want to create dozens of codes referencing every item to do this! Sounds like this has been on the table for a while from the thread above. Thanks.

    1. Kristen

      Hey Bill, thanks for casting your vote. We’ve had a few other features come up that were a priority since then. We hope to get storewide discounts soon, but there are still quite a few other features that are in development at this time. We’ll definitely add your vote, though, to hopefully move storewide discounts up the queue.

  7. Angela LaFollette

    Yes, please add my vote for a storewide discount too! I would so love this feature. Thank you.

    1. Kristen

      Hi Angela, thanks :) We definitely will.

  8. Daniel Pinkney

    Another one who would love to see a blanket discount code in place. In the process of launching a site with several products and as part of the marketing strategy I was planning on sending out a 10% discount code card (to the first customers) and share a discount code on various social media platforms. Would be a great addition. Great work btw, love the Selz platform and design/implementation.

    1. Melissa

      Thanks Daniel! Will ad your vote for that :) We definitely want to have that at some point.

  9. Irene Aksilenko

    Yes, right now is a real discount time to boost the sales before the end of the year.
    We really need a store wide discount, discount without a code ( Sale mode) or a discount ( with and without code) for the whole cart at the checkout.
    It’s a pity this pre-Christmas time will be wasted without those options. I was hoping to run the store wide sale both on Etsy and on the website. Need to gear the traffic towards the website, so the features the site can offer are very important.

    1. Brooke

      Yes – a blanket store wide discount code would be invaluable. And a great way to work around the lack of affiliate tracking as well. It’s been several months since the previous comments. Any update on this?

      1. Kristen

        Hey Brooke, storewide discounts are something we definitely want to offer in the future. No updates as of yet as we’re putting our full efforts into our upcoming tax feature. We will definitely make an announcement once this happens!

  10. Marc

    Discount codes is a great new feature.

    Is there any way to offer a blanket discount code that covers all my products?

    1. Melissa Whidjaya

      Hey Marc,

      Thanks, glad you like it! No, unfortunately there’s not, but it’s a great idea – I will pass that one along to the team :)

  11. Mark Powlett

    I’ve only just started using selz and I have to say I love how slick it looks.
    I am just testing a couple of free downloads to make sure that all is well before I start putting my real products online. At the moment I am very impressed!
    I think a discount code will be great for my first products too.

    1. Melissa Whidjaya

      Great to hear Mark and thanks for checking out our blog! If you have any questions just let us know :)

  12. Andrew McIntosh CPA

    Great to see Selz moving forward with a great enhancement, anything else exciting in the pipeline?

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