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We just released the ability to collect Custom Fields from your buyers at the checkout. Whether you want to collect a birthdate, phone number, gift details, delivery info, Twitter handle or anything you can think of, now you can do it easily with our Custom Fields feature.

Many of you have asked for Custom Fields to collect extra information from your customers during checkout without having to personally follow up with them. As entrepreneurs, we know you’re busy, so this feature makes it super-efficient and convenient to collect valuable additional information at the point of purchase.

Our Custom Fields feature is totally flexible. It can be required or optional for buyers. You can enable and disable different Custom Fields, depending on business needs.

There are 6 types of Custom Field available:

  • Text: A buyer can enter text
  • Number: A buyer can enter a number
  • Date: A buyer can select a date from a date picker
  • Checkbox: A buyer can check one or more checkboxes
  • Toggle: A buyer can toggle one or more switches
  • Radio: A buyer can choose from multiple options in a radio button list
  • Dropdown: A buyer can choose from multiple options in a dropdown menu
Custom Fields
Use Custom Fields to collect your buyer’s phone number.

Once you set a Custom Field for your store, your Custom Field will be part of the checkout process for all buyers and items in your store. This feature will also integrate flawlessly with any embedded stores, items, and widgets.

Custom Fields

If you are on our Plus or Pro plan, this feature is already included in the plan. If you are on our Starter or Free plan, the app can be installed for just $4.99 a month.

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