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We’ve got some exciting news for everyone selling digital downloads, especially large downloads like videos or video tutorials. We are delighted to announce not only bigger uploads but faster uploads.

Thanks to the feedback from our awesome community, we improved the way you upload files to Selz in three cool ways:

Faster uploads

Uploading large files is now quicker as we’ve greatly increased the upload speed.

Set and forget

Uploads will now automatically resume if your connection drops out, so you don’t have to restart or keep your eye on the progress.

Size does matter

The maximum file size has been increased from 4GB to a whopping 15GB.

We’ve also spruced up things for your customers and increased our download speed so they can get your digital products faster.

What are you waiting for. Now it’s even easier and quicker to sell large digital downloads. Checkout the other 14 reasons to use Selz to sell video tutorials.

Happy Selling.

Image credit: jonnyr1 via Compfight cc

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  1. Joan Garcia

    Hi Selz Support,

    I have used PayPal for 13 years. I am now interested in alternatives. I have my site offline now as I redesign and edit my website. There are approximately 80 to 100 products including downloads for zodiac charts/reports, mp3s, videos, screen savers. Products to be sent include crocheted hats, zodiac jewelry and zodiac mouse pads. I also set up computer training sessions via my website.

    I am a few weeks from placing my site back on line. However I have run into incredible PayPal issues on their redesigned website. I can no longer find the Buy Now buttons to add more. Nor can I locate PayPal images to place on my site. I can’t figure out why PayPal has suddenly made this so difficult. After calling PayPal support yesterday, they said they cannot find items on the web site also. I was given 2 different links to access what was easily accessible previously. So, I don’t care to wait around until (who knows) they fix this, if they even fix it.

    Do you have any videos showing how one can set up their products and services? Thank you.

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