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We see thousands of beautiful products with slick branding being sold through Selz, so we’re super excited to release optional Multiple Images on all product listings. Now you’ve got even more of a chance to show off your products and services.

With Multiple Images you can show your customers every angle, every variant, and every glossy photo. Front and back, top and sides – you’ve got it covered.

For sellers of physical products, this feature is essential. If you’re selling digital or service products, then you’ve got even more opportunity to show off stunning screenshots and branding.

You can add video or audio previews to still images and screenshots to really enhance your offering and drive sales home.

Click on the item listing below and scroll through all the different images for the leather camera strap:

Important: If you’re using one of our themes you need to upgrade your theme (it’s totally free) to enable the new multiple images feature.

The new Multiple Images feature is simple to use and included in all our plans. We hope you enjoy it!

Learn how to add multiple images to a product.

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