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Entrepreneurship is an ever-evolving path: you do not learn one tactic and use it forever. As a small business or microbusiness owner and entrepreneur, it’s important to continue applying what you learn to your business.

To cut to the chase, we’ve compiled a list of the best entrepreneur blogs and podcasts.

Learning how to adopt new ideas and apply them directly to your business is a great way to stay relevant, and there are so many resources out there for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Take a peek to see if anything piques your interest. In the comments, you’ll find Selz community recommendations of other resources that rock as well.

8 of the Best Entrepreneur Podcasts
Beyond the to do list @ErikJFisher

Beyond The To-do List is produced by Erik Fisher, who talks to interesting people about productivity, success stories, and challenges. If you enjoy hearing about other people’s journeys and creative methods, this is a great podcast to explore.

The Solopreneur Hour @solohour

The Solopreneur Hour by Michael O’Neal interviews the brightest and best solopreneurs on his show. The podcast takes you through each guest’s journey to give actionable insights, share practical steps and tools that will help other solopreneurs.

The Unmistakeable Creative @UnmistakableCEO

Formerly BlogcastFM, The Unmistakable Creative hosted by Srini Rao, features an unusual mix of entrepreneurs, writers and bloggers, all with an interesting story to tell.

Fresh Rag @freshrag

Fresh Rag is by Dave Conrey, an artist, designer and overall great guy. Dave describes Fresh Rag better than we could as “The no BS, straight talk approach to earning more from your creative pursuits”. This podcast is great for any creative entrepreneur who wants no-fluff advice about entrepreneurship.

Duct tape marketing @ducttape

Podcasts with John Jantsch are full of practical small business marketing ideas and tips. We think Duct Tape Marketing is a great name and is a super practical resource for entrepreneurs who need no-frill advice about their marketing advice.

Entrepreneur on fire @Johnleedumas

John Lee Dumas has the goal of inspiring want to be entrepreneurs. His interviews with entrepreneurs have the theme of identifying what makes them successful and articulating their actionable tips for other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Journey @yarostarak

Entrepreneurs Journey was founded by Yaro Starak and is aimed at people who are interested in monetizing a blog and are looking for practical step by step guides and tips.

Mixergy @mixergy

Mixergy by Andrew Warner provides business tips for startups and entrepreneurs.  Andrew posts a new interview with a successful entrepreneur every day. So far, there are 955 interviews available and as a premium member, you get access to exclusive content and courses. The video interviews are with a range of interesting people and subject matters; they’re always informative and often very inspirational. They can be over 60 minutes long which are a bit long for my concentration span, but that’s just me.

10 of the Best Entrepreneur Blogs
Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog

No list of recommended blogs to read regularly would be complete without having Seth Godin on the list.  He is one of the most prolific of writers and a rock star among bloggers. His latest book, Icarus Deception is on our want-to-read list, and focuses on the end of the industrial economy and what happens next. Sounds heavy, but not the way Seth writes, who shows that life is about choosing to do something unpredictable, make new corrections, and to go your own way. With Seth, there is always a creative outcome, no matter what happens. Inspiring thoughts for entrepreneurship!

Copyblogger @copyblogger

Copyblogger is a must for anyone that is writing or planning on doing some writing. Doesn’t matter whether it’s writing the odd blog post or producing your own ebook, you will find something of interest in Copyblogger. It’s full of well-written posts that are always a great read, insightful and actionable. The content provides value to both new writers and experienced ones.  It is also one of the best examples of how to build an online community and to turn it into a profitable business, as they say, “we don’t just teach content marketing… we built our company with it”.

A Smart Bear @asmartbear

Advice from Jason Cohen, the founder of WP Engine & Smart Bear Software writes a popular blog about SAAS startups, marketing, and programmer related issues. Jason took Smart Bear from a startup to multimillion-dollar business without debt or VC and sold it for cash. Not bad huh! What I like is Jason’s practical observations and tips come from his first-hand experience. An example of a must-read post is about lifetime value, something that causes confusion for a lot of people trying to work out the value of a future customer.

Kikolani @kikolani

Kristi Hines’ Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for professional bloggers. Kristi is an experienced freelance blogger and regular contributor to Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Kissmetrics etc. The posts are always an interesting read.

Buffer  @buffer

Buffer is a tool for sharing content on social media. The Buffer blog is not just about the tool, but a great source of information on productivity, life hacks, and social media. What is good about this blog is its originality. It has the practical tips for social media and life hacks, but it also has more general posts such as 8 surprising ways music affects and benefits your brain or the science of posture: sitting up straight will make you happier

Rebekah Campbell @rebekahposse

Rebekah is the founder of a startup in Australia that was a competitor to a startup that I was previously involved with. Despite this, I always enjoyed reading her blog posts as their insightful and personal; almost like reading someone’s diary. If you want a change from “How To” posts and want something more narrative about being an entrepreneur, check out Rebekah’s blog.

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas

Jeff Bullas is a successful blogger and author who covers using social media to promote your site online. If you’re looking for a blog with lots and lots of practical tips around digital marketing and blogging you should check out Jeff’s blog.

Blogtrepreneur @blogtrepreneur

Blogtrepreneur is produced by the serial entrepreneur brothers Matthew and Adam Toren. Who run their own media company and were the founders behind which is one of the largest entrepreneur online communities. Blogtrepreneur has a range of posts on marketing, social media, entrepreneurial strategy, and on how to make money online. It’s a good source for elementary practical tips on a wide range of subjects.

Heidi Cohen @heidicohen

Heidi’s blog provides practical digital marketing related insights covering social media, blogging, PR and content marketing. A typical Heidi post would be 16 ridiculously easy ways to increase retweets.

Chris Brogan

Chris comes across as a straight-talking guy with a huge amount of experience in social web, blogging, social and content marketing etc. For example, he is very open about which links in his posts are affiliate ones. Chris has a stack of books to his credit on a variety of topics. An example of the odd gem that you can find on Chris’ blog is this must-read post.

What do you think are the best entrepreneur blogs and podcasts?

This list of podcasts and blogs provides more than a handful of inspirational and actionable resources and content to keep you busy for a while. Do you have a favorite we missed? Leave it in the comments below! :)

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Currently, head of analytics for an automotive business in Sydney, facilitating a culture of data-driven decisions. Delivering data-based insights and intelligence.

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  1. Brandon Uttley

    Great list! You included several of my all-time favorites, including Entrepreneur On Fire, Mixergy and Chris Brogan. Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) is also high on my list! They are all very inspirational to my show for entrepreneurs, .

  2. Erik

    Just one question: Is this in some particular order? No way does my show belong at the top of the page.

    1. Kristen

      Hey Erik, hah! Nope, it’s not in a specific order :) How’s things with your show going these days?

  3. Mohamed Saleem

    First of all thanks for this great list. I suggest Entrepreneur is also a great platform to be successful!

    1. Kristen

      Hey Mohamed, awesome addition! Entrepreneur is a great resource for sure :)

  4. Dave Conrey

    How did I miss this? Thanks for adding me to a very stout list, Melissa.

    1. Geoff

      Hey Dave, you’re welcome. We’re enjoying your no BS approach and am looking forward to hearing what your upto next.

      1. Dave Conrey

        Thanks Geoff. I’ll do my best to live up to the hype.

  5. Amanda Hoffmann

    Thank you for introducing me to some fantastic new podcasts and bloggers.
    Jeff Bullas is AWESOME because of his content and he is a Sensational Aussie! Entreprenuer On Fire is absolutely inspirational. Seth is a genius and Chris Brogan is a insane blogger and a great guy to boot. Other than that all the others were new to me. Will be listening to and reading these newbies to my lists.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us all!

    1. Melissa Whidjaya

      Hey Amanda! So glad you enjoyed this post – there’s so much good stuff out there, we had lots of fun making this list!

  6. Alease

    Awesome list. There are a lot here that I’ve missed. Adding them to my playlist now. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Alease

      Here a few more podcast I love listening to.
      1. Smart Passive Income
      2. Suitcase Entrepreneur
      3. Chris Ducker

      1. Melissa Whidjaya

        Hey Alease – yes! These are great ones too, thanks for adding them for us :)

  7. Heidi Cohen

    How exciting to be included on this great round up. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

    1. Melissa Whidjaya

      Thank YOU for your awesome work, Heidi! All the best for 2014.

  8. John Lee Dumas

    What an honor to be on this list! Thank you!

    1. Melissa Whidjaya

      Hey John – thanks for stopping by. Love your work and looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year!

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