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This weekend is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s the biggest weekend of the year for online sales. Black Friday was worth a staggering $1.2 billion and Cyber Monday $2.29 billion in sales last year.

So if you’re suddenly feel a little guilty and panic stricken that you’ve been focusing on Thanksgiving and not preparing for the biggest weekend of the year for online sale, don’t worry!

Here are some winning tips on last minute things you can do as fast as a ninja to get your store ready.

Create Some Sweet Deals

Limited Edition / Bundle
Run a special promotion for the Weekend, starting one minute past midnight on Friday 28th to Midnight 1st Dec. Create a special bundle of existing products, if you have time, a special limited edition with some extra goodies. Use your imagination with what you can do.
Everyone Loves A Bargain
Offer a sale on specific products for the duration of the weekend. The product shows the original and sale price.


Reward your existing buyers by offering them an exclusive discount on a small selection of your products. Decide on what you can or can’t afford. 10-20% should be enough to encourage people to buy.

Provide your customers with the promotion code they can use it when buying the product. If you use Selz, this article describes how you can quickly create discount codes for specific products.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping might not seem very exciting but it’s a big deal to any prospective customer. It’s the No.1 incentive to purchase with 85% of consumers rating Free Shipping as top.

If selling physical products, this is a winner. You can offer free domestic shipping for this particular product for the period of the weekend. Here is how to do this with the Shopping Cart App installed for all products in one go.

Remember to do your sums so you know you’ve still got a healthy margin and after taking into account the cost of delivery.

Tip: Remember that 18th December is Free Shipping Day

6 Quick Ways To Promote It

On Your Store
The best way to let people know that you are having a promotion is to advertise it at the top of your store page.

Use a new banner image for your store for the weekend, and then revert back to your previous image.

Create a category on your Selz Shop – “Black Friday Specials” or “Cyber Monday Specials”. If using Store Pro App you can also add an image to your Specials Category.

Upload a special product image highlighting your promotion.

Blog About It
You still have time to post about your promotion on your blog. It is a little late to tease at it, so just be upfront about what you are doing for this weekend’s promotion.
Talk About It
Make good use of your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest . You can automatically schedule tweets and posts about your offers and promotions using a free tool like Buffer.

You could also consider investing some money on boosting your Facebook posts so more people see it. Even if you’ve not used Facebook Ads before, promoted page posts are easy to do in less than 30 minutes.

You could also try a Promoted Tweet to gain wider distribution on Twitter.
Email, Email, Email
Email marketing for many is the best source of sales. Most people will expect receiving information about Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.
Measuring What Works
Don’t forget that’s extremely important if you are spending money or investing time in promoting your offer to know what works or doesn’t work in driving sales. Set up your goals and use the Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics to measure the best sources of customers and sales. You can do this as Selz passes ecommerce data over to Google Analytics. It is also a good idea if doing any advertising or emails to use UTM parameters to track the results of your campaigns.

Jump To It

Even with only a few hours left before Black Friday / Cyber Monday there’s still time left to make the most of it and to get a nice boost in your sales. Offer your audience a great deal that is a win-win for both parties and your half way there. A few quick little things can make a big difference, so what are you waiting for, jump to it.

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