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As we are making it through the basics of Instagram marketing, I wanted to include some inspiration before we head into the “not-so-basics” of Instagram marketing. If you are still on the fence about joining Instagram, or are working on developing your own account, it’s always helpful to see other people succeeding on the platform. In an effort to bring you examples from many different backgrounds and industries, here are 9 of our all-time favorite entrepreneurs on Instagram right now:

Mark Harless
Mark Harless, better known as Bleeblu, is one of our all-time favorite entrepreneurs on Instagram. Through years of work, quality posts and strategic execution, Bleeblu has become a popular photographer leveraging Instagram to share his work. To read more about Mark’s background and inspiring story, check out this interview we had with him.
Marc Hayden
Two photographers in a row? Yeah, they’re that good. Marc Hayden is a fashion and portrait photographer who also found huge success through Instagram marketing. Marc uses Instagram to connect with models and clients as well as a place to showcase his incredible work. Would you believe me if I told you he used to be a computer tech? Read more about how Marc uses Instagram to boost his business here!
Amanda Bisk
Amanda Bisk, one of our favorite Selz users, has created a huge buzz around her name within the fitness community. With over 627K followers on Instagram, Amanda Bisk has leveraged the platform to drive traffic to her programs for sale.
Humans of NY
Humans of New York, started by Brandon Stanton, started out as a simple photography project that snowballed into an extremely successful account and business. Through his photography and gripping interview quotes published primarily on his Instagram account, Brandon has grown to sell two bestselling books: Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories.
Mia Connor
Mia Connor is a highly talented makeup artist and one of our favorite Selz users! She uses Instagram to post how-to videos and features of her favorite products! The visual aspect of Instagram is a perfect platform for her business, and she rocks at it!
The Blue Boys
If you’re anything like me, Instagram dogs are the greatest thing on social media. If you’re nothing like me, this is still an incredible account to check out. What started as a simple account showing the lives of two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Darren and Philip, turned into a successful business and brand around the pups. They recently their own (adorable) calendar and clothing line. This is another incredible example of how instagram propelled a passion into a business.
Goodtype is an account that leverages user-generated content in the most amazing way. Through Instagram, Brooke Robinson of Goodtype has been able to create a community around letterform artists and share their talents. She uses Instagram marketing to drive traffic to the Goodtype book! Seriously, check this account out, you won’t be able to stop obsessing!
Thomas J. Davis: America’s Canine Educator
Thomas Davis is a social media genius. As a dog trainer, his biggest task is connecting with dog owners all over the country. Through his Instagram, he not only shows his expertise as a trainer, but drives traffic to his other social channels. His Instagram is adorable, educational and engaging.
Clark Little
Clark Little is the perfect example of quality content driving the traffic. Clark is a wave photographer and videographer. He puts himself in some of the most extreme situations to get the best shot. Then he uses Instagram to share those shots and connect with fans all over the world! He has started many auxiliary businesses in addition to his own film!

All of these entrepreneurs started from the ground up on Instagram. At one point, they all had zero followers, but look at them now. Through quality content and dedication, these inspiring people have leveraged sales on Instagram perfectly. Now that you’ve got the basics down along with some inspiration, I hope you’re out there having fun on the ‘Gram!

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