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In this article, we are going to show you why Instagram is worth adding to your marketing channel.

If you’re in the game of social media marketing, you’ve probably noticed a trend. It may seem the content strategy that previously brought you so much success on Facebook and Twitter is no longer driving engagement and followers. Here’s a hint to make you feel better: it may not be your fault, it’s happening to most of us.

Unless you’ve got over 500k followers, are posting at a high-frequency and are willing to put hundreds of dollars behind your Facebook and Twitter posts, you may just be speaking to an audience that’s not even seeing your content. Without extraordinary content and money, your posts may not even be making it to your followers’ news feeds. Seems a little unfair to the little guys, doesn’t it?

So where do you go if you’re in the market for new followers and fans and you’re not looking to waste your time?

I would like to welcome our favorite platform to the stage: Instagram. Why use Instagram? With over 500 million users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the market. Now you may be wondering how such a simple platform can benefit your business. How can something as easy as posting images bring in a new, intrigued audience? And why is it worth your focus and time?

Why use Instagram? Here’s why Instagram is #WorthIt:

It’s free (mostly)

Instagram is a completely free platform if you choose not to advertise (and you really don’t HAVE to). While they have put more emphasis on Instagram marketing, and have changed the feed algorithm, Instagram still respects the little guys. While the new algorithm makes you work a little harder to make it onto people’s feeds, you can still reach new users by using high-quality content, targeted hashtags, and a laser-focused content strategy without having to write a big, fat check.

The creative possibilities are endless

Instagram allows brands to show the personality behind their products. It allows you to give users a glimpse into the lifestyle that your brand represents. Take a moment to think back to why you created your products in the first place. What do you represent as a brand? How can you share that originality with people? This is the essence of Instagram marketing for brands. You’re selling the magic behind the products, and that’s fun.

Instagram users aren’t tired

You may have noticed that your Facebook and Twitter fans have become fickle. With an overload of advertisements and sponsored content, they are sick of seeing the content from brands. Fortunately, Instagram has tried to keep its promise to stay as organic as possible. While Instagram marketing is a booming trend, Instagram requires the ads to be extremely organic in nature to keep the authenticity of the platform.

Users are actively searching

Instagram users take advantage of the search capabilities on Instagram more than they do on other social media sites. This is why Instagram is the best place to find new, interested followers. Users have the capability to search hashtags to find accounts they enjoy. Not only is this feature available, but it’s popular. Instagram users are actively searching for hashtags that are relevant to their interests. Tapping into this hashtag game is, hands down, the best way to find new followers.

Keep in mind, however, that with the algorithm Instagram rolled out, you have to find highly-targeted and specific hashtags to reach the most interested people.

Instagram has committed to keeping it clean

Instagram has made a large effort to keep the platform authentic by cleaning out fake accounts. This allows users to easily trust brands, meaning they are more willing to follow. Instagram also verifies large brand accounts to ensure that the brand image is not misrepresented or tarnished by internet trolls.

Instagram is more than a trend

This trend is more than just a trend we’re noticing: it’s a fact. There have been many studies that have proven that Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular and useful platform. For example, Forrester data shows that top brands’ Instagram posts receive an engagement rate 58 times HIGHER than their Facebook posts and 120 times HIGHER than their Twitter posts.

Instagram is the perfect platform for growing your business. It allows smaller brands to reach a hot audience that hasn’t been tarnished by the bigger brands. Instagram users are trusting, excited and willing to follow just about anyone who can grab their attention.

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About the author

Kristen DeCosta

Kristen DeCosta

Kristen DeCosta is a growth marketer and content marketing specialist turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

When she isn’t busy working, you can find Kristen out hiking a mountain or snuggling with her three rescue dogs, Cooper, Tobi, and Finn.


  1. Andrew

    I have come on here without a plan! ))) and I enjoyed reading the information very much! Actually, I feel the same, that too much advertising is tiring. I constantly hear myself say : now come to the point! !!! I like selz. Cheers.
    Lots of love and success, Andrew

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Andrew, I am so glad you have found this helpful! Stay tuned, this is only part 1 in the Instagram series! :) Every week I will be publishing another post to help guide you and create a master Instagram plan! If there is anything particular you would like me to address in the guide, let me know and I will make sure to include it! We love hearing from our fans, much love to you as well!

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