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In the fourth addition of “The Hustle” we will cover why gaining trust from your customers will help you and your business.

You have a great idea. You work hard to build a digital platform – a website, a personalized e-mail, an account on 5 social media sites – then you get stuck.

You keep looking at what other people are doing.

You keep changing your slogan.
Every day you’re tweaking your website.

Waiting for everything to be perfect before you put it out there.

I know this journey. It held me back for almost two years.

I realized that I was putting things out there that looked like my brand, and sounded like my message, but it was all surface level.

In all honesty I just got caught up researching others too much. That’s when my voice began to sound like a meld of my competitors. You couldn’t differentiate my brand and my approach that easily. Although my intentions were 100% genuine, I was coming across surface, talking AT my customer, versus TO my customer.

This transition to connect directly with them took some experimentation.

I began to post more about my hobbies, and revealed certain sentences from my journaling, but it was one particular post that really began the conversation between me and my audience.

It all started with the process of designing my book cover. It was the first time I really spoke directly to my audience. Asking them to come along on this journey with me by helping me choose a book cover. It turned out that that the majority of my customers and I had similar taste.

I began engaging them more 1:1 across all mediums. For me that meant:

Blog. Newsletter. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Snapchat.
Real. Connection. Virtual Style.
One medium at a time.

It’s been beautiful growing with them.

Your social media followers, and e-mail list are a focus group at your fingertips.

It’s a win-win when you talk to them about the process, and invite them to use their voice and share what they like, don’t like, wish they could do, and so on.

It gives you a peek into their needs and challenges. Which means opportunity for you! You can now begin to talk directly to this, establishing trust, and a human factor to your brand.

To have a profit-making business, you must have your customers trust.
The more you engage them, and are there for them, the more you will gain trust in what you are putting out there.

For many entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, our work is our art. It is a piece of yourself you are putting out there. It’s a beautiful reminder and opportunity to fuel up on those tough days.

So, where do you find your customers the most?

Your blog?
Your e-mail list?

Pay attention. Meet your customer where they hang out.

Become virtual friends, reflect on where they shop and hangout, perhaps what magazines they read, or where you could find a similar audience in a publication.

By understanding the personality of your audience, you are able to reach more of them directly.

During the writing and launch of “Find Your Voice,” I lived in Houston. I wanted to build a strong local network for many reasons. The main one being a concentrated effort is more professional, and gets you momentum to reach national, and then international.

Houstonians love Instagram. Many of the people that actually showed up to my speaking engagements, bought my book, and hired me to facilitate their book clubs, were on Instagram. I met them and gained their trust on Instagram.

And, it all started with that first post asking them to help me choose my book cover.

There is always a way to bring a personal feel to your brand. By putting more of it out there, the more you will get back. Bottom line.

If you’re not sure what the voice of your brand is, check out my last post to discover your entrepreneurial super power – this is your niche.

In my next article, we are going to take all that you know so far about your brand and your audience, and introduce it to another entrepreneur — yup, it’s time to rid competition, and welcome collaboration.

Leave a comment and let me know about this part of your journey. I want to hear your voice! Until then, stay inspired!

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Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz is the CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy firm. She is also a keynote speaker and has delivered inspirational keynotes at organizations including HBO and Facebook.

When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!