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We are happy to show you our newest series “The Hustle” and we are going to help you unlock your potential as an entrepreneur.

I felt restless.
I would shut my eyes, but it still felt like I was running.

My dream life would not allow me to sleep and have actual dreams.

At the time I was living in New York, knitting scarves furiously hoping to untangle my life’s purpose.

I was meant for more than my banking job, despite a big fat paycheck. I was living the American Dream, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was actually full of melancholy and anxiety from not living the life I intended to have in the Big Apple.

My potential had been keeping me up at night for months-and-months.

In the backs of my eyelids I would be designing my logo, writing blog posts, giving keynote talks, and signing books, all between the hours of 12am-3am – every. damn. night.

The Hustle: When your restless mind keeps you up, don’t be overwhelmed – be grateful.

Take a listen because those entrepreneurial desires will not go away.

This is just the beginning for you, and if you are already losing sleep – this means you have a trait that is necessary for entrepreneurs – STAMINA.

So, what is your restless mind telling you?

When I ask this, I want you to tune into your ideas — NOT your questioning of them.

The Hustle: What is it that you are burning to put out into the world?

the hustle
Don’t worry at this point who is doing the same. Or, that you don’t have the resources. This is your chance to think big with no restrictions.

When you do this, doubt, fear, and lack of resources, don’t cloud your ideas.
True creativity is born in this space.

THIS is also another necessary trait to be an entrepreneur – what I like to call a Realistic Idealist. When you can be creative and logical at the same time.

I know that your fear may creep up as you do this, there is logic in your fear, it helps you double check your strategy. BUT, there is a thin line between fear and doubt.

Fear will push you, doubt will punish you.

The logistics of building and launching will come in time. You are smart enough to figure it out.

Right now, just give yourself permission to take an inventory of your ideas and of your personality.

The road to entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

the hustle
Here is an inventory list of personal traits you will need for the longevity of you, and your business.

Let’s get to know your core competencies.

Perfection is an illusion, and it’s NOT about having all on this list.

It’s about being CLEAR about your core competencies – your strengths – your entrepreneurial super power.

The Hustle: What you lack, you can figure out.

the hustle
If you are reading this and feel heat in your body, or excitement in your mind – this is a journey your soul is craving.

Here is a list of traits that make for a successful entrepreneur.

Rate yourself from 1-5 to determine your strengths, and your opportunities for growth, collaboration, or working with a coach.

1 = I’m not so good at this yet.
3 = Depends on the day.
5 = Oh yea, I got this!!


If you feel your inner voice getting all judgy on you, shush it right now!!

Being honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do is the best business plan.

Sometimes, it’s not the perfect time to start your business, doesn’t mean you can’t start formulating your ideas and networks.

So, take a look at your list, and see the areas where you are stellar. Recognize and validate your bad-assery.

Now, look at your lukewarm qualities, and begin to warm them up with solutions.

You can learn so much from the web, right here on FounderU, we have these other articles like selling online for beginners andEmail Marketing 101, that will teach you so much.

You can always find other entrepreneurs to collaborate with, or just work along-side with to gain knowledge. I’m a big believer of sweat equity, help a person out that can teach you something.

This is your time.

Listen to your restlessness, the answers to your dream life are waiting to be discovered.

the hustle
In my next article we will tackle 2 questions that will help you face your entrepreneurial fears.

Keep your fear in check as you think big. Remember, this is your time to take an inventory of ideas, the rest you will figure out in time. You got this!

About the author

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz started her first profit-generating business at the age of 13, and has been an entrepreneur ever since. During her years in New York City she worked in Banking and Fashion while running her own non-profit. Sahar now resides in Houston, Texas as a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach to entrepreneurs, adults and teens. When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!


  1. Shon Hyneman

    I love this post! It was delivered to me right on time. I’m sharing this to my Facebook Like page now!

    1. Sahar Paz

      Hi Shon! Thank you so much for leaving a comment. So…what is it that you are burning to put out in the world? I would love to know and support.

      Sincerely – Sahar Paz

  2. Philonda

    Love this! Thank you for an awesome article and encouragement to keep pushing to build my business, The Leadership Playground.

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Hi Philonda! We are so happy you found this article encouraging and inspiring. Stay tuned, Sahar has much more inspiration coming this week! <3

    2. Sahar Paz

      Hey Philonda!

      I checked out The Leadership Playground – LOVE the name! Your picture, color scheme and website are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. Let me or Selz know how we can support!

      With Gratitude – Sahar Paz

  3. Myrna De Jesus

    Beautiful, succinct, powerfully encouraging medicine. Thank you, Sahar. As always your spirit and healing energy shines through everything you do.

    1. Sahar Paz

      Thank you for following my writing Myrna! Much love for the healing work you do in Puerto Rico. Besitos

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