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In this article, we will go over ecommerce store logos and names – how to choose a proper name and logo for your online business.

Q: Which are considered some of the best ecommerce store names of all time?

A. Google, Twitter, Under Armour and Jiffy Lube
B. Knobs ‘n Knockers, Dimdim, Amedisys and Fifth Third Bank

If you guessed A, you are absolutely correct!

Whoever thought that Knobs ‘n Knockers would be a good idea? Its tagline is: “If you can dream it, we can provide it.” That sounds incredibly provocative (that’s putting it mildly).

Actually, many of the 15 of the Worst Business Names in History, many are offensive and have sexual overtones that may have been an attempt at humor but failed miserably. There’s a fine line between clever and offensive. And you don’t want to end up on the wrong side.

Naming your business is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make as a business owner. No pressure – but this is one decision that you must get right. Hopefully, the first time around.

Branding isn’t your ecommerce store name or your logo. Yet, branding does have a big role when deciding on the symbols of your new business. Here are some guidelines to choose the right business name and logo to match the brand image you want to build.

Ecommerce Store Names and Logos: Questions To Ask Before You Name Your Business

Amazon wasn’t the first name Jeff Besoz wanted for his “everything store”. He also considered,,, and (which still redirects to Amazon to this day). Relentless could be the name of an awesome business but would have been horrible for a growing online retailer.

An incredibly tough law firm, perhaps? Bounty hunters? Spy equipment?

Since your business name is obviously connected to the brand you are trying to build, the tone has to match exactly. Quirky, professional, creative, quality, affordable, fun, serious, exciting, rare, and strong are just a few tones to consider.

Of course, you may want more than one tone (and that’s okay). Just decide on the major tone you want to convey, like fun. You can also be affordable or rare, but you would want the name to convey fun first.

Brainstorm the best ecommerce store names

Here’s a list of questions to help narrow your focus and choose ecommerce store names that will reflect your new brand image:

  1. What’s your primary tone? (choose one)
  2. What’re your secondary tones? (choose a maximum of three)
  3. Do you want to use part of your given name? (for example, Liesha’s Lipsticks)
  4. Do you want a straightforward store name or use a pun?
  5. Do you want to use a made-up word (Google, Twitter or Yammer)?

After you get a sense of what direction you want, brainstorm a few ideas. Don’t try too hard to be clever. It defeats the purpose if no one understands what you’re saying. Pun names only work if people get it.

Get strategic

Once you have a few decent ecommerce store names in mind, ask these equally important questions:

  1. Is the name available? (you can check GoDaddy to see if anyone else has that domain name)
  2. Is it too short or long?
  3. Is it offensive on any level?
  4. Does it match your intended tone?
  5. Is it trendy or will it last the test of time?
  6. Is it easily forgettable?

You should have some solid ecommerce store names after asking these questions. Now it’s time to ask other people what they think of your ideas.

Maybe you believe your new business name is clever and it makes total sense to you. But maybe your friends and trusted advisors don’t get it.

Don’t settle on a definite name until you’re completely satisfied that it communicates exactly what you want it to say and you believe that your target market will love it.

Once you’ve settled on your business name, check out the laws in your local area and follow their steps in claiming your business name.

Want to learn more about how to take your business online? Check out this video:

Ecommerce Store Names and Logos: Your Customer’s First Impression – Logo Color

Now that you have a business name, it’s time to make that name come alive.

Your logo will be the visual representation of your business. It’s one of your customers’ first impressions of your new business. Not to overestimate the importance of your logo, but it has to be perfect when you only have a few seconds to attract customers.

Blue is sad, yellow is happy, and purple is regal. Green and is the obvious color for sustainability and environmentalism.

Let’s say you love the color blue, but want the tone you want to convey for your brand is power and strength. Black and red both symbolize power, and blue can symbolize peace. Choosing black and red doesn’t automatically mean your logo will be a success, it’s just another important piece of the overall brand puzzle. Never go with your favorite color just because.

Here’s a quick overview of primary colors and their meanings:

colors and their emotional meaning from an article from Selz ecommerce for business growth

If you want to go into more detail, check out these color resources:

Don’t get too wrapped up in choosing the right color, as many of these have multiple meanings. Yellow can be both happiness and betrayal. Green is both good luck and jealousy. Just try to match the overall tone of your brand image with the color that helps communicates that message.

Avoid These Embarrassing Ecommerce Store Names and Logo Mistakes

You want your business to make the “Best of” lists. It’s an honor. Except when it’s the “Worst Logo Fails of All Time”.

These logos all started out as an idea. Somewhere along the way, they took a very bad turn. To save yourself from creating a logo that will live in infamy, here’re are a few basic rules to follow when choosing a logo.

Always get a second opinion

I am amazed by the number of store logos and names that have sexual overtones that no one noticed. This one can either be seen as a man and woman dancing or the torso of a naked woman. Once you see it, there’s no unseeing it.

Always get a second opinion, especially if you’re using icons.

junior jazz dance class logo is oddly suggestive

Spacing matters

Is it Kid Exchange? Or Kid Sex Change?

There’s nothing wrong with the name Kids Exchange, but Kid Sex Change raises a lot of questions that have nothing to do with the actual business.

kidsexchange logo is one of the worst ecommerce store names because of the different ways it can be read, ask experts for help to avoid this

Don’t try to be clever with your ecommerce store names and logos

It’s not wrong to have a cat in a business logo for Catwear. But using the backside of a cat to make an “A” probably sends the wrong message. Thankfully they’ve updated their famously bad logo to something more appropriate for ladies’ clothing.

bad ecommerce logo of a cat from behind
catwalk logo, a great example of a logo by a digital agency

Expensive graphic artists aren’t always right

The next two are considered some of the worst corporate logos in the world. The first was for the 2012 Olympics in London where 48,000 citizens signed a petition to scrap the £400,000 logo.

London 2012 olympics logo in an article from Selz advertising services

The second is for Microsoft’s failed digital media player Zune. The designers wanted to be extremely clever and thought it should be displayed backward. It tried to be trendy and hip. Unfortunately, many customers thought it said “anus”.

zune logo looks like anus, a bad idea for store logos and names

Although you may hire a graphic designer to create your logo, don’t forget they are only human and are capable of making mistakes.

Keep it simple

This of our favorite ecommerce store names: Cowboy Sharkies American Grill & Sports Bar. Logo inspiration could be cowboys, sharks, America or even sports would all work. Even a shark in a cowboy hat would be good.

Instead, the designer tried to do everything. Catchy name, colorful letters and even a shark on fire.

You can’t have everything in one logo. When in doubt, always keep it simple.

bad logo example if you are. looking for targeted advertising because there's too much going on

Be original

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign logo became synonymous with the slogan “I’m with her”. A New Yorker cartoon shared that “I’m just not entirely sure a big red arrow pointing right is the best logo for a Democratic candidate, is all.”

2016 hillary clinton logo for an article about ecommerce store names and logos from Selz ecommerce

My issue with this logo has nothing to do with the concepts of the logo. It just uses a very recognizable road sign for a hospital. Never use a shape that copies a well-known logo.

hospital sign for an example of a simple ecommerce solution for a logo

Store logos and names don’t always translate

Branding is conceptual. You’re taking intangible ideas and translating them into your actual logo. You want your customers to get it.

But here are two logos that had a decent concept that went very wrong. The first is the location-based app Highlight. In an attempt to highlight the word highlight, all this designer did was give us a headache.

jarring highlight logo for an article full of ecommerce store names and logos

This one is from the paint store Sherwin Williams. The concept is quite simple. Let’s cover the Earth with Sherwin Williams paint. Except it looks like a can of blood covering the earth. This concept definitely didn’t translate well.

sherwin williams logo is a don't for store names and logos

In the end, you want your logo to be the graphic representation of your ecommerce store names. Make sure it’s communicating your exact message, without some unexpected (although humorous) consequences.

Play to Your Strengths – DIY Or Outsource Your Logo

As a new business owner, you want to be good at a lot of things. Management, marketing, accounting, taxes, social media, strategy, and a hundred of other business things. Yet, we all have our limits. And it’s up to you to figure out your strengths and more importantly, your weaknesses.

Try making your own logo if you’re an experienced graphic artist or you want a very simple logo. I made this one using a Canva text template. They have a ton of text and logo templates and are extremely easy to use. I’m not an artist, but I’m comfortable customizing a template like this one.

liesha logo, one of many ecommerce names and logos that work for small business

However, there are extremely affordable options if you’re not the artistic type. Fiverr has talented graphic artists that create great logos starting at $5 (although most have a basic package starting at $15-$25). You can also try 99Designs, which is more expensive but has a money-back guarantee.

passion center logo for anarticle about how ecommerce store names can be powerful advertising

One of the biggest lessons you can learn in your new business is that you’re not good at everything. No one is. Since this is such a big decision for your business, get help if you need it.

Ecommerce Store Logos and Names on Your Ecommerce Platform

open sign in a window for an article about choosing the right store logos and names

As an ecommerce store, you won’t have an “Open for Business” sign. Your new business will be open around the clock, every day of the year.

Your business name and logo will be one of your customer’s first impressions of you and your products. They are the first step in building your online platform, which will include your landing pages, marketing, social media and everything else you’ll do online.

You want your business name and logo to be memorable!

It’s a big deal, but don’t get overwhelmed. This is actually an exciting part of building your business. Brainstorm a few ideas and let them simmer a while. Don’t settle and never choose something unless you’re absolutely certain you made the right decision.

Have fun and be creative!

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