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Today we’re looking at how to sell photoshop plugins.

The beauty of selling with Selz is that if you’ve got an existing following, then you can sell your digital downloads directly to them, without the distraction of a third-party marketplace.

Or if you’re selling through an established marketplace why not complement those sales by letting your loyal fans buy directly from you?

Want your beautiful plugin displayed on your own beautiful site? No complex ecommerce required?

5 steps to sell Photoshop plugins

  1. Zip all your files together to make one tidy package. Consider the name of that file – this is what people are buying so make sure it describes your product or brand.
  2. Sign in to your Selz account
  3. Click on ‘Sell an Item’ and select ‘Digital product’
  4. Fill out the fields as necessary and upload an image. Make sure that you have prepared an image that shows what your plugin can do – a before and after side by side shot is a good idea.
  5. Upload your zipped file as your product
  6. Add the product and share it on your social media platforms. It’s also easy to embed a widget into your website or blog.
Selz can also help you sell Photoshop plugins with advertising services.

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