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There’s no denying that with 1.11 billion Facebook, 200 million Twitter, and 70 million Pinterest users, opportunity for online business growth and awareness comes in spades. Social media, and now social commerce, is snowballing and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s obviously that there’s a huge market to sell on Facebook.

Facebook gives business owners a platform to share their news and ideas with an engaged audience, while growing that audience at the same time. For the audience, it’s where they go to connect with people and businesses they are interested in and to share their interests with other people.

In short, both sides are on Facebook to make a connection deeper than a visit to a website or an online store. So where does selling on Facebook fit into the equation? Can you have a genuine connection with your community and sell at the same time?

The answer is of course, yes, but you do need to be aware of maintaining the balance between offering your audience your products and bombarding them with the hard sell. When you do begin selling, think about how you want your audience to feel. Chances are you don’t want them to feel like you’re looking at them with dollar signs above their heads.

So if you are thinking about selling on Facebook or have already started doing it, check out these tips to help you make it a good experience for you and your fans.

  • If you have an external online store then use your Facebook page as the venue to offer exclusive specials, or limited edition products that can’t be found on your website. On your website, invite people to like your Facebook page so they too can get ‘special treatment’.
  • Set up your Selz Store on Facebook. Your fans will be able to conveniently browse all your items via a customisable tab on your page, which saves them time as well as keeps them engaged and on your page. We’ve got more details on how to set up your Selz Store on Facebook here.
  • If you’re using Facebook as your only selling avenue, then pump up the volume on your fan engagement. Regularly post content that your audience will find valuable, humorous or touching. Think about what factors brought people to you in the first place and why they chose to stay. Check out these pages for great examples of fan engagement combined with selling: and
  • Create a sense of urgency. Offer your product for a limited time only, or have limited stock. If your customer is comfortable with it, consider publicly congratulating the first or last person that snapped up the deal, or privately send them a message.
  • Promote your posts and pin them to the top of your page to keep your products for sale top of mind.

Got any other tips or experiences to share with us on selling on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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