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Digital is power.

The root of the word digital is from the Latin digitalis which means “pertaining to fingers”. Just reading this definition is a reminder that digital is only as powerful as what we do with it.

Digital is its own ecosystem. It makes anything possible. Look at Minecraft: an entire universe that can be private or shared, a world within a world. The matrix has come to life. 

Digital makes business move faster. Digital has already changed our lives. The pace of change will only get faster.

Digital business infographic for an article about selling digital products from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

Major international corporations that have ruled since the dawn of industry are fumbling. Powerful companies that have destroyed their competitors since the 1940s are falling behind. 

These companies put on a good face with professional websites, but it only takes a few clicks to see that some companies don’t quite get it yet. Their infrastructure can’t keep up.  Just take a look at this infographic of CEO challenges and concerns from a recent survey:

CEOS in big businesses say their number one struggle is digital and they also have challenges assimilating to changes in digital business


If a local small business stays local they will keep finding it harder to compete with new online competitors. When your customers are online, their screen is the same size whether they’re on your site or Amazon’s. 

Digital means opportunity. Small businesses are quick and nimble. You don’t need massive budgets and boards to occupy the same real estate as a massive corporation online. 

Digital gives small businesses equal access to customers. Now there is a new challenge. What will you do with that access?

Like most successful businesses, you and your employees have a vast knowledge base and expertise in your vertical, as well as a lot of great video and text content to prove it. So, why not monetize your expertise and create digital products and membership courses? 
-John Rampton
 A quote from business visionary john rampton echoes our feeling that the best way to expand a small business is to sell digital downloads

You may be selling as much as you can make. Your physical products may be flying off the shelves of your brick-and-mortar store. You don’t want to manufacture more products, but you want your business to grow. Digital products are an investment with exponential returns. 

Selling digital downloads means you can sell your knowledge. Digital downloads let you earn income with your unique know-how. 

Say you sell local jams and jellies. Anyone can make jam from a recipe, but you are successful because no one can make it on their own quite the way you do.

You can sell a video download where you walk your customers through the exact tools you use, timing, and the tiny extras that you can’t quite get from a recipe.

Sell an eBook full of recipes for summer fruit season when people have more berries than they know what to do with.

Create a podcast where you interview all the people who help your company succeed. Include everyone, from your favorite local orchard to the accountant who tests your products every other Tuesday.

The benefits when you sell digital downloads

Selling digital downloads creates an extra income stream for your small business. It’s low-risk with potential with high potential value and returns. Selling digital downloads is a way to expand online without changing the face of your trusted small business.

What can you do with that extra income?

  • Will you invest in business growth
  • Hire staff with new ideas and expertise? 
  • Is it a chance to spend more time with your family?
  • An opportunity to invest in your community?

Selling online can a tricky venture because your small business is already busy.

Some ecommerce platforms, like Selz, have extensive knowledge of digital products. 

We’ve used reviews and customer feedback to refine and expand the features of our ecommerce platform.  Take a look at this video to learn how to sell digital downloads from our customer Kyle from Command Creativity:

We’ve used our years of experience to improve the security and delivery of your digital products. 

Selz has completely changed my business. I use it as my business website. My profits have increased, and I finally have a system that works.This quote from a happy Selz customer shows how much our customers love to sell digital downloads with Selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

Selz is a simple and powerful platform for businesses that sell digital downloads. 

Selling digital products online is really hard from a technical point of view. You have to think about digital delivery, how to automatically send out the product, to make it safe so the whole world can’t just download it, serial numbers and a whole other bunch of things. Selz does it all for you so it’s really a no-brainer.Quote from a happy Selz customer who is selling digital downloads

Sell digital downloads with Selz

Start selling digital downloads with Selz today by trying the platform with a free 14-day trial. 

Digital is power, and you can harness that power for your business and sell digital downloads today.

About the author

Jana Rumberger

Jana is a writer and Content Manager at Selz. She has expertise in ecommerce strategy, selling products online, and small business solutions. Jana combines diverse experience in education, design, and manufacturing to craft engaging content.

In addition to her writing, she is a visual artist and foodie in Portland, Oregon.