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You have a vision, and you want to sell any product or service from your online store.

Let’s say you have a successful store selling physical products, but you want to add an eBook. Maybe you sell software and want to make a foray into selling services.

Offering a range of product types can be a great way to take your business to the next level. You build a reputation as an authority in your field at the same time as creating value for customers across a range of needs.

Sounds good, right? The good news is that it’s easy to sell any product or service from the same online store, and to market those products effectively!

How to Sell Any Product or Service From Your Online Store

1. Content is King
2. Master Upselling
3. Sell Branded Swag

So how do you tie together radically different product types within a viable niche?

This week at Selz we’re exploring tools for building a brand that straddles digital, physical and services markets.

1. Content is King

This is accepted wisdom in marketing, but can also hold true in sales situations. Teach your customers the optimum ways to use your products and you’ll improve their experience with your product or service and give them a great reason to buy from you again.

This can also be a great way to build up social proof for your brand. Consider reaching out to happy customers for a review and featuring quotes about best-use experiences.

Selling clothes? An eBook or video tutorial that provides additional value to your customers can combine needs and pain points for a better sale.

Dropshipping gardening equipment? Sell tutorials on modern gardening techniques, urban agriculture best practices, etc.

Have a following that values the work you do? You could even sell tutoring on how to sell a product or service.

A facebook post of a service offer from Selz ecommerce

2. Master Upselling

In general, you can sell digital downloads at a lower price point than physical products. Services tend to be more expensive products.

Use this to your advantage by upselling customers- including a post-purchase redirect to a download for a dollar or two more or building a “customers also bought” section into your store.

The pay what you want option can be powerful here. If customers are fans of your products and want to support you, they may choose to spend significantly more than the standard selling price.

Pricing and discounts make a difference

You can also consider bundling products with a discount, i.e. selling a $40 workout plan and a $70 gym outfit for $95. Keep in mind the overall cost of creating and shipping your products when putting together a bundle.

You’ll need to lower the price enough to entice buyers, but without hurting your profitability in the long run. Keep in mind that free shipping has a high perceived value and can be a surprisingly powerful tool for increasing sales.

An alternate option is offering a discount or coupon for returning customers related to a specific product type- i.e. 50% off an ebook with the purchase of physical merchandise. This is incredibly easy to do with the Selz custom receipts feature- simply include the code and a call-to-action to buy the product.

Upselling increases the revenue of individual sales as well as building the range of ways that you impact your customer’s lives.

Discount code illustration from Selz ecommerce for business growth

3. Sell Branded Swag

Do you have a fan base that loves your product and would like to rep it on the regular?

Whether it’s pint glasses featuring quotes from your eBooks, t-shirts repping your vlog, or posters, stickers, guitar picks, and other easily brandable items, swag can create value for your brand beyond the income.

Branded merchandise can be a popular product that also provides you with valuable social proof- especially if you have an eye-catching logo. As you learn how to sell a product or service via online marketing, you can add an element of physical, tangible marketing on the side.

Branding your product or service

Look into low-cost options for getting your branding onto physical items and think about what your audience would find most helpful.

A water bottle, for example, fits nicely into the same niche as a series of workout videos, and would likely travel with your customers in their day-to-day lives, increasing its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

A person refills a branded water bottle on a hike because it's important to brand when you're selling any product or service

Bonus: How to sell any product or service like a pro

Keep things clear and straightforward for your customers, who can get confused by a store offering physical and digital products, as well as service options.

Be sure that your product descriptions make it clear how the product will be delivered.

Remember that reducing friction for buyers is a key way to grow your conversions. Test buy a couple of items together and see how the experience feels. If it’s too complicated or feels clunky, try organizing the products differently.

Use analytics and social media to update your product offer

Because you’re working with products that likely have radically different price-points, it may take some time to narrow down exactly what to charge.

Keep an eye on the data, see who buys what and in what form, then use that information to offer discounts, sales, or an entirely new price-point.

Use social media to your advantage. Physical products are generally more visually appealing, but pairing them with a stylish ebook cover can increase conversions and reach a different segment of your base.

These are just a few tips to help your hybrid store grow. Do you already sell a product or service? Let us know your tips and tricks!

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Bryce is a writer and content marketer for tech companies including Churn Buster and Evergreen. He gives ecommerce business and non-profits a more human, relatable voice. He has written a novel, worked on a comic book, and played in a handful of bands. Bryce lives in Colorado.


  1. Tara Storozynsky

    Hi Lori! Great question. Instead of choosing just one format, consider using a platform that enables you to give your customers a choice of file type at checkout. Selz allows you to offer various download formats, so that your customers can choose the one that’s right for them. Thanks so much for checking out FounderU!

  2. Lori

    I want to sell ebooks on my site, but I’m not sure what format is the best. Any advice?

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