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In this article, we will cover the best ways to build your clothing business plan and develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers. Read on, for our advice on how to utilize social media to your advantage, why you should personalize your services and the massive value in providing fast and friendly customer service.

How to Build Your Clothing Business Plan: The Value in Loyal Customers

Many business owners focus on promoting their businesses and driving sales from new customers, but working on maintaining your current customer’s loyalty is often far more profitable, as Entrepreneur note:

“A 5 percent increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100 percent. And on average, repeat customers spend 67 percent more than new customers.”

How to Build Your Clothing Business Plan: Work Your Social Media Accounts

A strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will go along way, if you use each platform to engage with your customers regularly. Comment on photographs, ‘like’ statuses and maintain a warm and friendly online voice; this will help you to maintain a good image in the eyes of your customers and will help them to feel that they are uniquely valued by you.

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In addition, lots of customers often turn to social media to voice any concerns or issues they have with a brand – replying to any concerns they have quickly, while also showing that you are understanding and want to help fix any issues as soon as possible, will really show in a good light with the customer and the other people following you on social media.

Key to building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is ensuring that you provide them with great customer service.  In a study on customer interactions, Gallup Group found that customers who received fast, responsive customer service were six times more likely to show support for the brand.

Making sure that you deal with any customer questions or complaints quickly and in a friendly and responsive way will really help spark and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

How to Build Your Clothing Business Plan: Personalize Your Services

When I get a package in the post and the owner of the shop I’ve bought from has included a little handwritten message with my parcel, it really endears the company to me. Personal notes show that a company has put a lot of care and consideration into their services – it shows that they are really thinking about you and have gone out of their way to help brighten your day. A simple note that includes the customer’s name, and a message letting them know that you hope they enjoy their new item of clothing, will be more than enough to make them feel appreciated.

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Handwritten notes are just one of the ways that you can help personalize your services and show your customers that you really value them. Keep the details of your customer’s email addresses and birthdays on file, so that you can send them a personalized birthday message on their birthday. Set reminders on your phone or laptop to let you know when you need to send a birthday message to each one of your customers.

Discounts also make awesome personalized, follow-up tools and are a great way to draw customers back to your shop. Offer small discounts to your customers, as a way to: celebrate birthdays, welcome summer and to wish them a seasons greetings. It may feel like you are losing out, but often customers offered discounts buy some new items just to use their discount.


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  1. Alex Whitmann

    Can I give my customers an individual, one-time-only coupon code to use if I send them a thank-you note?

    1. Hanna Whirty

      Hi Alex!

      Yes, you can definitely do that. Check out our support article regarding discount codes here.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Sarah N.

    I certainly see that social media channels are important, but what are some specific ways to use the platforms to help boost my business?

    1. Hanna Whirty

      Hey Sarah! Yes, social media platforms are extremely important these days. They will undoubtedly help you boost your business — this section ( will also help you use Facebook to strengthen your business!

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting!

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