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During the past few years, enamel pins have become a popular accessory. People like them because they are easy to add on to almost any outfit.

Enamel pins can highlight different parts of their personalities as well. They’re small, usually cheap, and are easily moved from hats to jackets to backpacks, and the like.

If you’re wondering how to make enamel pins and sell them for a fun online business, let’s jump on in!

Whether you’re a fashion designer or a major brand, enamel pins are a great way to get your unique designs out into the world.

How to make and sell enamel pins from Selz ecommerce solutions for growing business

How to make enamel pins in 3 steps:

1. Design Your Pins

You can’t sell or make an enamel pin unless you’ve got a design (or a few) in place! There are several ways to create your own enamel pin mockups, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You may also find it beneficial to outsource your design work to a professional.

A woman drawing enamel pins to sell with Selz Do-It-For-Me

There are many talented designers around the world who can take your idea and create a design on your behalf. If you decide to outsource, make sure your design has a commercial license, so that you may use the design for your pins and other potential products.

As you design (or hire someone to design) your enamel pin, keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Use only solid colors, gradient or transparent colors will not work for an enamel pin.
  • Avoid tiny details or text if you can help it. It may not come out well in the manufacturing process.

2. Find a Manufacturer

You’ve figured out how to make enamel pins on a design front, now you need to figure out how to create the physical product. You’ve got a design in place, now you need someone to produce these pins so that you can sell them.

Don’t be overwhelmed, there are lots of options for mass-producing your enamel pins.

Before reaching out to manufacturers, you may want to decide if you want your designs on soft enamel pins or hard enamel pins.

If you’re looking for how to make enamel pins, this is an integral decision to make for your products. There are pros and cons to each type (durability, color options, resin coatings, etc.), so do your research on costs to produce each kind.

Enamel pins on a backpack for how to make enamel pins from Selz ecommerce

You’ll want to strive to keep your costs low so that you can make a profit on your sales of the enamel pins. Only order the smallest amount of pins at first and then as you need more to meet demand, increase your order.

As you reach out to potential manufacturing companies, take time to ask questions so that your enamel pin is created to your specifications. Aside from your design, ask about their options for the following:

  • Base of the pins – color, weight, texture, and size.
  • Needle on the back – clasp, rubber, or another type of closure.
  • Backing card – do they attach each pin to a paperback or put each pin in a plastic wrapping?

3. Sell Your Enamel Pins

You’ve figured out how to make enamel pins, now how do you sell them?

You’ve designed and manufactured your enamel pins, so now it’s time to sell them! There are plenty of avenues for selling your pins, so research the best options for your design.

Personal Online Store

This is a no-brainer and a great way to get your business set up. With Selz, you can start and design an online store without any coding experience. Simply choose a theme, add your products and start selling today with a free 14-day trial!


If you’re on Etsy, you can sell your enamel pins there as long as YOU were the designer. Keep in mind, Etsy gives you access to a larger audience, but you’re competing against hundreds of other sellers. How will you stand out?

Social Media

Visual marketing is key for selling your pins. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great places to get your designs in front of potential customers. Using the right hashtags can put your designs in front of new audiences. With Selz, you can sell directly to your social audiences and make the checkout process simple and easy!

Brick and Mortar Store

Depending on the pin you design, it could be possible to sell it in a brick and mortar store. Research stores in your area that may be interested in selling your enamel pin. Look at local clothing and accessories stores, gift shops, or stationery stores.

You can also use a point of sale system to sell your enamel pins at farmer’s markets and craft fairs!

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Enamel pins make great incentives for Patreon supporters. If they like your designs and work already, they may be willing to purchase more.

It’s not difficult to make and sell your own enamel pins online. Do your research, create a great design, use your imagination, and have fun!

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