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Here is the third part of our How to Livestream for your business series on Founder U, and today we’ll be exploring the different ways to encourage interaction during your live broadcasts, and how you can use livestreaming to enhance your business.

Livestreaming is a brilliant way for brands to make their people the focus; products and services are important, but this kind of content lends itself to promoting personalities.

There are a number of ways to increase engagement on your broadcasts, and you don’t have to be a pro public speaker or experienced videographer to make it happen.

How to Livestream: Increasing Engagement

Now that we’ve discussed how to livestream on a technical level, it’s time to look at how to livestream from an engagement standpoint. Start by establishing a schedule of livestreams. All of the other content you create for your business is part of a wider plan – why should livestreaming be any different? Planning ahead helps manage the expectations of your audience. It also means you can promote your broadcasts across your different channels to ensure maximum attendance.

The stats suggest that mid-week livestreams see an increased live attendance, so incorporate that knowledge into your content plan.

Studies also show that a loss of engagement is highly correlated with the length of your stream, so bear in mind that you should be keeping your broadcast brief. It helps if you use a loose script for your streams; you’ll stay on point while still leaving space for any questions and suggestions from your viewers.

How to Livestream: Increase engagement levels during your livestream

Start the show with a welcome and an icebreaker. This first minute or so is your opportunity to make viewers feel comfortable and join the conversation.

The single most important thing to remember about livestreaming is that you’re LIVE, and people are watching in real time. This is not a pre-recorded, nicely edited video. That means they might have something to say about your content, and if they do, they’re able to share that with you. Make them feel appreciated by answering questions and responding to their comments. Some streamers suggest holding a Q&A at the end of the broadcast so you can still get your key points across. That’s fine, but make sure your viewers know that that’s what you’re going to do.

Another effective way to bring your viewers into the conversation is for you to be the one asking questions. Ask for feedback and opinions; poll your audience; make it a two-way discussion.

If you’re looking to really supercharge your engagement, think about offering a content upgrade. Perhaps you could point viewers to a really handy resource you’ve mentioned during the broadcast, a create a downloadable specifically with that broadcast in mind.

As livestreams are more “discussion” than “presentation”, end the session accordingly. Thank your viewers for watching – both live attendees and replay fans. Highlight your final call-to-action, and remind them where they’ll see you next.

How to livestream: Use livestreaming to boost your business

As with any form of digital content, there are many ways to harness it for business purposes. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Answer some frequently asked questions
Crowdsource feedback on an idea
Share a series of actionable tips
Show off your behind-the-scenes space
Demo your products
Promote an upcoming event
Share a time-sensitive offer
Soft launch a new product or service

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