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Let’s start with why you would want to give digital products away for free. You’re running a business, and you need to be making money – right? Well, in the words of Tom Peters

The whole damn point was to share my ideas.

If you’re really passionate about what you do, chances are that there are some ideas that you feel you need to shout from the rooftops. And if you’re selling other content or products of value, then you want to get the word out about what you’re doing.

Giving away freebies is an amazing marketing tool when used correctly. You’ll be able to share your message, establish yourself as an authority on your chosen topic, and most importantly, get people excited about the possibility of buying other products from you. It’s also a nice way of saying thanks to your loyal followers.

Think you don’t have anything to give?

Sure you do! Here are just a couple of ideas:

Graphic designer? How about a desktop wallpaper that shows off your talent and keeps you top of mind?

Blogger? Repurpose your best blogs into an ebook

Musician? Your live recordings would make a great freebie.

How to Give Away Your Digital Products for Free On Selz

To give away digital freebies using Selz, all you need to do is Sign In, create a digital product listing on the Items page. Instead of adding a price, though, check the ‘Free’ box. Share it through your social media and embed it on your blog and you’re done! We take care of the digital delivery for you.

If you’ve got a suggestion or want to share your experience sharing free products, let us know in the comments!

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