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Knowledge is power – Francis Bacon.

At Selz, we’re dedicated to helping our entrepreneurs gain success and that means access to great learning resources. Our Founder Journeys and blog are the main way we do that. But there are other awesome sources of fresh, actionable knowledge out there and we wanted to bring one in particular to your attention.

Skillshare is an online learning community for creative skills, where some of the world’s best teachers teach students everything from design to business, photography, film, crafts, culinary, music, writing, technology and more. It’s all video based, broken into easy steps, and it’s a whole lot easier than Googling.

Selz has partnered with Skillshare to offer our awesome community of entrepreneurs a Free 3-month trial of Skillshare Premium. We’ve even curated a few classes specifically for Selz users that apply directly to your eCommerce business.

And because they know how busy you are, Skillshare classes are designed to be bite-sized with short video lessons to fit your schedule. You can learn at your own pace and on-the-go with their free mobile apps on both Apple and Android phones.

You’ll have access to thousands of online classes, on-demand. They have instructors like Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and top instructors from some of your other favorite online services like MailChimp and Trello.

Skillshare is about sharing relevant knowledge from people who are using it in the real world – and as such we’re big fans. So sign up for your free trial today and learn with us. Now start your success with Selz!

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About the author

Molly Corless

Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.


  1. Delia

    I really need to know more about this because I’m new here but I need this tool for my business on-line, how will I pay after 3 months free trial,i have no credit card yet.. I’m hesitant to sign it applicable here in the Philippines?

    1. Kristen DeCosta

      Hi Delia! Thanks for your question. Skillshare is a great tool for your business, they have lots of lessons you can watch and learn from. Because it is all online through video, you can watch and learn from anywhere– even the Phillippines! As far as payment goes, please reach out to Skillshare’s support directly and they can assist you with setting that up. Thank you :)

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