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You have made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and now you want to help others to accomplish their own nutrition and fitness goals.

Everyone wants to get in shape but life happens and sometimes people just need a little help to get them started, that’s where you come in as an online personal trainer.

Now that you’re setting up your business, the next step is figuring out how to get online personal training clients. We’ve broken this big question down into 5 simple strategies you can use today!

How To Get Online Personal Training Clients in 5 Steps

1. Networking and Marketing
2. Sell your Personality
3. Stand out from the Crowd
4. Offer Discounts and Run Promotions
5. Ask for Referrals

Let’s take a look at each of these 5 steps so you can start getting online personal training clients and increase your personal training sales today!

1. Networking and Marketing

Networking is a huge way to get online personal training clients. Social media is the best place to start. More than likely you have friends who want to get fit and healthy and if they aren’t up for it right now they probably know people who are. Word of mouth holds more weight with potential clients than just advertising. Some social platforms to start on are:


This is a great place to start because you already have friends and family who can share your information with others that you may not know. You can post information about what you do, share your products and also post motivation quotes.

Here are a few of our top tips for using Facebook to get online personal training clients:

Testimonials: Another great tool to utilize is to post testimonials from any current clients you have. This is a great step to increasing personal training sales.

Facebook Business Page: You can also create a separate Facebook page for your business, depending on the number of clients you have or as you continue to grow you may want to create an additional page.

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Boosted Posts: Facebook also has the option to boost your posts, this is advertising you will need to pay for. By boosting your posts to a target audience (i.e. people who are interested in fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding, etc.) more people will see them.

Facebook Groups: Invite friends and family to be a part of this group and advise them to add other members that they think would be interested. In this Facebook group post everything that is related to nutrition and getting in shape. Also, encourage questions and discussion among the members. This discussion makes what you are doing more real to potential online personal training clients.

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Twitter moves fast so scheduling your posts will be helpful on this social media site. Connecting with other people who have the same niche as you will help you to see what they are doing to get online personal training clients and increase their personal training sales online. It is easy to build up your following on Twitter and it could get you in touch with more potential online personal training clients.


Instagram is more about pictures and you can show the different programs you offer and some helpful tips on how to be successful. You can show how to master different exercises or post nutritional recipes with pictures. Your clients will see what you are doing and want to try it out.

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Whitnet simons instagram account is a great example of small business advertising using social media from Selz ecommerce


Creating your own website shows clients that you are serious about what you are doing. Your website does not have to be complicated. With Selz, you can create a stunning website with ease.

Clients can browse your website for different personal training advice and plans that you may offer. Also, make sure your contact information is right where they can easily access it.

This helps if they have a question about pricing or a certain plan you are offering. If you’re looking to get online personal training clients, you need to make it easy for prospective customers to contact you directly!

Make sure to list your certificates and any other training that you may have to increase your credibility.

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You can create your own blog and post a few times a week. When potential clients see articles you have written, it gives you more credibility. You can also have clients give a testimonial on your blog.

When you are blogging you are giving advice and helping your clients and anyone else who reads your articles a solution or helpful tips. You can also add sale items from your store directly to your blog! Blogging will bring in more visitors who you can convert into paying clients.

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Offline Networking

You will also want to network and market yourself to businesses in your area. This is sometimes an overlooked way to get online personal clients. Make up professional business cards or flyers and connect with businesses that you may frequent or even new places.

Don’t ask for referrals but ask if you can leave your information. How many times have you been at a doctor’s office or dentist’s office and you pick up a flyer or business card? It puts the thought of “maybe I should try this” in your mind.

Even if you don’t use the information you may pass it on to someone you know. Great businesses to target are chiropractors, doctors, dentists, coffee shops, daycares, spas, hair salons, nail salons, grocery stores, nutritional stores and if there is a local gym you could see if they would allow you to leave your information there.

2. Sell Your Personality

People want to know you are approachable and that you can relate to whatever journey they are going through. They want someone who can not only guide them but also motivate them and be there for them if they need any type of help. You want to come across as highly motivated, energetic and passionate about what you are doing.

A good way to show this is to share daily quotes of motivation or posts that encourage your clients to do better and motivate them. Show before and after pictures of your own personal journey.

Make sure your accomplishments are easily accessible. Online personal training clients want to see what your educational background is and that you are still working to better your training and your education in this particular field.

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3. Stand Out from the Crowd

Chances are there are a lot of other people are trying to get online personal training clients and you will need to stand out from them. One way of doing this is to keep up with the most modern exercise and nutrition information.

You will want clients to know that you offer personalized plans just for them. Making your client feel special is a great reason for them to choose you over the competition.

Clients want to know you care about them and that they are not just a number. They want to know you will be there for them and adjust their plan as they get better and reach their goals or if something isn’t working you will change the routine for them.

a woman in a pink shirt looks at her phone to get online personal training clients with selz ecommerce for digital products

You will want to simplify everything and detail all of the different plans that you offer. You can offer to send weekly nutritional plans, a grocery list, and weekly workouts.

Also, offering not only fitness personal training but nutritional information is huge for getting online personal training clients. Most personal trainers do not offer both so this scores you points with your clients.

They will be getting everything with one person, which makes things easier for them. The more you stand out from the crowd, the easier it will be to get online personal training clients

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4. Offer Discounts and Run Promotions

A great way to encourage people to choose you when looking online for personal training is to offer discounts and run promotions. A lot of people want to take the leap and hire a personal trainer online but they are unsure of paying a lot of money upfront for something that could potentially not be for them.

By offering discounts and running promotions, they are more willing to take a chance on you. Once they take the chance, be sure to put your best effort into showing them why you are their best option to get in fit and healthy.

You can also offer short term plans, such as 7 days, 21 days or 30 days. By offering a shorter commitment clients are more likely to purchase your workout programs online. Once the client commits to the shorter time frame you can offer a promotion for them to continue and graduate to a more long term plan.

Promotions are also great because they are still offering your services but discounting the price so you are able to get new online personal training clients. Here are a few promotion ideas to help you get online personal training clients:

  • A video tutorial about Getting Ready for Summer
  • An exclusive offer for return customers about Following Through With Your New Year’s Resolution
  • A short eBook about Getting In Shape For The Holidays
  • A holiday sale like Get A Free Pass For A Friend With Any Program Purchase

These are just a few ideas, but if your clients know they are getting something they value out of a promotion and it is costing them less than the average price they will want to try it out.

5. Ask For Referrals

This is a huge part of building online personal training clients and increasing personal training sales. Referrals are what helps to make you successful in this business. You can come up with a referral system to entice your clients to refer to friends and family or you can just ask your clients for referrals.

A lot of people get intimidated by asking for referrals but your clients are with you for a reason, so they will not mind you asking them for potential clients. If they do know someone they will help and if not you have put the thought in their mind for maybe another time.

A great way to approach this conversation is to compliment your current client on what a great job they have been doing and then open the discussion to how you want to ask existing clients for referrals first since you have some openings in your schedule.

If they do know someone you can offer a free consultation and maybe free access to your nutrition and workout plans for a few days or a week, whatever time frame you decide. You will want to be proactive in getting referrals by looking over your schedule periodically.

If you have a lot of openings, you will need to market yourself and your brand more. It will seem like a slow process in the beginning but consistency and hard work will get online personal training clients and help to increase your personal training sales.

Make it Work

In the end, you must take responsibility for your business. It is important to make sure you have covered all of the details and be current on the most up to date fitness information. When you get clients you will want them to not only stick with you but also share your name with their friends and family.

Making a professional, lasting impression on the clients you have is a very important aspect of becoming successful in this business.

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