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Creating content that sounds uniquely you is a fundamental part of building your brand, audience, and client base online. If you engage customers with unique content, they will keep coming back for more!

Content that connects, adds value, and makes an impact in your audience’s lives leads to brand authority, engagement, loyalty, influence, and more sales.

And, who doesn’t like seeing sale confirmation emails coming in?

We know that creating content is effective for increasing sales and brand awareness, but it’s also key for connecting with your audience. Knowing how to engage customers with unique content while touching on all the hot spots can feel like a tall order, especially if you don’t consider yourself a writer or you feel like anything you write doesn’t stand out.

Developing a way to communicate confidently online that doesn’t make you sound like a robot is the trick to engaging your audience. Here are some ways to engage your audience by adding your personal touch to everything you write online.

Stay Human

One of my very favorite entrepreneurs, Ash Ambirge, wrote a killer piece on just this recently.

“Here’s what’s going on: You may be aiming for “personality” when really what you want is human”.

The key is in finding your own balance between professional and human; for example, while we don’t necessarily need to be privy to your most outlandish and festival-spirited self, we still want to be able to connect with your experience and your viewpoint.

So, how to achieve that balance?

Go Personal With Power

Building up a swipe-file of “you-ness” can be incredibly useful as a source tool when you create content for your business.

I call this your “Power Paradigm Baseline”, which is the process of mapping out a swipe file of “you-ness”.

Several people might be teaching, sharing, or selling products along a similar theme, but no one has your unique take on things, your exact viewpoint, or the set of circumstances that only you have.

There are some key areas to think about for your personal paradigm.


Your expertise (skills, education, knowledge)
Your experience (your career, your working experience, your entrepreneurship)
Your approach (your process, your way of doing things, your special sauce!)
Your personality (your humor, your likes, dislikes, quirks etc.)

Take 15 minutes and begin to map out and brainstorm your baseline. Next, take each of the headers and spend some time listing as many things as you can. Lastly, take a break and come back to it – this allows new information to filter in, and for your amazing brain to remind you of other things you can add to the list.

Whenever you need inspiration to make your content sound more like you, refer to this list and use it within your content.

Tell Stories

Using storytelling triggers in your content planning and creation can be an incredible mine of valuable hooks to connect with your audience. Storytelling is so powerful because it evokes a feeling and emotional response.

Consider points in your personal life and career that have been significant for you.

How did you feel?
Can you bring back that feeling again?
What were you doing?
What were you wearing?
What sights, sounds and smells were there?
What did you learn from that experience, and what can you tell us about it?

Setting the scene with stories makes your examples lifelike, relevant, and relatable while sharing a moment in a way that only you can.

You can draw upon stories from:

Your own personal experiences
Social media feeds and trends in the news

Build a swipe file of stories by observing conversations, personal encounters, anecdotes, and interactions.

As well as triggering content ideas, you can use stories to fuel context and narratives in your communications. This really helps to build up a picture, so that your audience can connect on an emotional level with you.

From Conversations To Content

The great thing about life in 2016 is that we are all creating content all the time.Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, text messages, or live video streaming, we document and share our lives and personalities constantly.

Take a peek at your profiles and timelines, then note key phrases, words, viewpoints you express, and personality traits that make your communication style unique.

A great way to really take a conversation to content is to utilize live video streaming; transcribe your video content and dig out some key phrases that you use in the way you communicate. If you are feeling a little shy, invite a friend to interview you on Skype or with your smartphone audio notes, then do the same with the audio file.

Create Content Often

The more you create content for your business, the easier it becomes. As you develop your tone of voice and get more comfortable in the way you express your brand online, your learning curve will accelerate, too.

Experiment with different formats of content creation to find your sweet spot. You might find that audio, video, or written formats work better than others for you, so work with your strengths.

Although you may not consider yourself a writer, think of every Tweet, email, or blog post as a way to uniquely connect even deeper with your audience and imagine just how powerful your content can become with just a little more you.
What are some of the ways your content already sounds like you? How will you change your content to make it sound even more uniquely you? Leave us a comment below.

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A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, YFS Magazine and many more interwebz rabbit holes, Jo is a respected UK voice on life as a pocket-sized enterprise owner.

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