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This week, we highlight Nadia Felsch, one of our fave Selz sellers. Nadia brings a wholesome, authentic and balanced approach to both life and business. In this interview,  learn how Nadia came up with her business mantra, what it’s like partnering up with other likeminded business owners, and three keys to consistent branding.

First, let’s start off introducing you! Who is Nadia Felsch; and, what is she all about?

Health writer, wholefoods recipe developer, food stylist and nutritionist-in-training is what I do.

Being relatable, authentic and offering simpler ways to live your best life is how I do it.

I’m a yogi, type-A personality (who attempts not to be), clean-freak, perfectionist, travel and dachshund lover. I love food, family and dancing to 90’s classics.

EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT is the name of your ebook and also a personal mantra of yours. Where did the inspiration come from? Did your mantra evolve naturally, or was it something that always led your path? Did this mantra come before, or after, your business’ creation?

Great question! It’s when you’re asked great questions like this you realise how things have come to be.

EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT is most certainly a mantra for my life and one which came about organically as I delved deeper into the work that I create. It was prior to the evolution of Nadia Felsch; the brand; and a few months before I launched my signature eBook of the same name.

Names have never been my strength, and so I asked myself simply, what is it that I do to feel as good as I do? It flowed perfectly and seemed to tick all the boxes of what I offer and what you receive.

Reaching the people who most what you need what you have to offer can be difficult in a heavily saturated market. What advice can you offer from your experience?

Be yourself; always and no matter how tough that can sometimes seem.
The world needs the special gift that only you have.
If you’re providing quality offerings that truly serve those who need it, own it and speak it freely (although not necessarily loudly).

There’s 7 billion people on this Earth and especially when you’re talking about digital offerings, why isn’t there enough to share around?

How do you manage your content strategy on the Nadia Felsch blog? What inspires your blog posts & how often do you blog?

I draw from my own experiences and blog on a weekly or sometimes bi-weekly basis. Being clear on what you do and who you do it for enables you to become crystal clear on your blog content also. For me, the challenges and lessons of life provide endless inspiration whether that’s a recipe or wellbeing-focused piece.

Just last month, I made someone else’s recipe and was deeply disappointed by the poor instructions, high cost of ingredients and that mine didn’t look like the image – annoying! That all made it into a blog post the following week, because let’s face it, who hasn’t had that experience to relate to?

There’s 7 billion people on this Earth and especially when you’re talking about digital offerings, why isn’t there enough to share around?

Looking at your website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, your branding is clear and consistent across each of them. What are three tips you’ve uncovered for consistently branding yourself and your products?

Be crystal clear on what you do and who you do it for
Invest in a premium look from branding upwards
Make it feel like you

You’ve currently got a few digital products for sale, including a workshop for busy women. Why have you decided to sell both ebooks and workshops? Any tips for those starting out on their entrepreneurial journey and wanting to offer something similar? What other types of products and services have you, or plan to, offer?

As well as being naturally suited to the digital space; being self-motivated, ambitious and creative; I also love connecting face-to-face with real people. Teaching may not have been something that I envisioned for myself, though I certainly feel that it chose me. I’ve had the great privilege of guiding women to eat better, feel fantastic and live their best lives.

As well as the online component of my current and future offerings; the wholefoods cooking workshops for busy women enable me to demonstrate and inspire in person, to answer questions and to build an empowered community of incredible women. It’s an honour and a well-thought out plan which will now be rolled out monthly moving forward. Additionally, I’m working on other volumes of eBooks in the EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT series (think yummy raw desserts and classic dishes recreated!), as well as an online eCourse program which I can not wait to see live!

The underpinning of my products and services, all go back to being authentically me. I only offer what feels right for me and that’s my top tip for anyone starting out on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Nadia runs workshops all the time. Check out her upcoming workshops here.

How has partnering up with Amanda Bisk for the creation of your coauthored ebook WHOLEFOODS WHOLEBODY grown your community and online presence? What’s your take on partnering with other likeminded entrepreneurs and bloggers?

Working with wonderfully talented and like-minded individuals in the same space has been one of the greatest aspects of the past year for me. All work aside, it’s simply a joy to be able to do that and something that I set my sights on a while ago. Doing what you love, serving people’s lives in a positive way and working with incredible people along the way!

Amanda’s team and mine created WHOLEBODY WHOLEFOODS as a guide to bridge the crucial gap between moving your body and what you feed it. Knowing how confident we were in each other’s skills was paramount to the eBook and in releasing it to the wider public. It’s been wonderful to have such a respected and talented ally and friend in this over-saturated market, too! I’ve always been cautious in partnering with people and brands though this felt right from the start and it’s been a treat!

What tools & resources do you use to grow your business?

I’m a life-long student, so myself! I read, watch and listen to everything that I can get my hands on, also taking care not to over-cloud my mind. Filtering in what will serve me best, it’s an art that I’ve taught myself.

Outsourcing what is not in your skill set is also highly recommended, for me that’s my design and web work.

Daily, I use Dropbox to assist working with freelance clients, PR and media outlets, the calendar in my iPhone to keep me up to date with appointments and deadlines, Vimeo for high quality video storage as well as Lightroom and Photoshop for editing and creating.

Now, the fun stuff:

Everyone’s got one: what’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

Binge-TV-viewing. I love a 90’s series and have just watched The OC from start to finish, again.

What’s the most recent book you read?

Money: Master The Game by Anthony Robbins – a wonderful insight into the all-too-often intimidating financial services and investment industries.

Where did you last travel to and what is one lesson you learned while there?

I love this! Last year, my husband and I were married in Italy and followed it up with a picture-perfect 7 nights in the Maldives for our honeymoon. It was even better than I ever imagined!

While there, I learnt that my life and my work were becoming more and more integrated than ever before, an intention that I’d set for myself many years before when working for other people. Sometimes taking that step back is the greatest thing you can give yourself!

If you could inspire everyone in the world to do just one thing to become healthier and happier, what would it be?

Lose the packets. In their place, fill up and nourish your body and mind with real food. Not a particular lifestyle, or rigid guideline, and not because I told you to, simply because that’s what you were made to do and you’ll feel frickin’ amazing when you do!

Where can we connect with you – either online, or off?

My website where you’ll find simple, delicious and nutritious recipes for busy women:
Instagram (my obsession): @nadiafelsch
Facebook and Pinterest

Big thanks to Nadia for her time and advice! You can also find Nadia’s Selz store, here, to snag a copy of EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT – salads ebook, or sign up for her upcoming workshops.

All images credited to Nadia Felsch and Tippy Dray.

Your turn

You can implement lots of Nadia’s ideas within your own business and online store, from creating a mantra for your business, reflecting on your blogging strategy, and using your life experiences for content inspiration.

How do you show up authentically in your business? What’s your life / business mantra? What do you offer that no one else does? Leave a comment below to keep the conversation going!

PS. If you want to tap into more online selling inspiration, check out our Seller Spotlight series, here.

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