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It’s a noisy world. Content flies at us from all directions – these days we’re bombarded with traditional publishing, advertising and even more so, our own social circles. There’s so much to see and even more to ignore. So – how to cut through the noise, find your tribe and resonate with them? Video content is still the most underused, yet seriously effective type of content marketing out there. Standing out as a top performer in pretty much every industry, video content is also killer when it comes to ecommerce.

All the data shows that you’ll be making more sales if you’re using video content to promote your business, so how can you start incorporating video into your marketing? The good news is that you don’t need professional filmmaking skills or a big budget to create effective and engaging video content that really makes your product sing.

Here’s why you need to be using video content.

There are a number of reasons you should be using video to attract potential buyers to you.

Video builds trust and makes people confident to buy from you
Video is overly mobile friendly, with 50% of mobile traffic being for viewing video. Shoppers love browsing on mobile even if they’ve seen a product in store already
It’s effective for brand awareness, lead generation and engagement
Customers that see a video are 85% more likely to buy
90% of buyers genuinely find video helpful in assisting with purchase decisions
Video is social. It’s shared hugely on social media, in particular Facebook, and with autoplay features now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it’s increasingly hard to ignore.

With it’s compelling engagement and conversion rates, video is the perfect way to convert a buyer that’s already thinking about buying from you. For the 60% of buyers that aren’t thinking about buying or think they aren’t interested, video is that sweet spot that educates and compels.

Being top of mind is big business, and with video generating the most effective ad recall rates, it’s getting your video out there for viewing as early as possible.

So who’s doing video well?

There are a handful of companies that really take the lead with video content. While you don’t need a huge production budget, short, high quality videos that display your product and hook potential buyers in emotionally is all you need to put you ahead of the pack. Here’s some of our favorite examples of video marketing.


Birchbox have known the power of video content right from the beginning. Their CEOs Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna have made a conscious effort to be the face of their brand – they’re the same demographic as their key target market and add a human element to their product. The product – a box of beauty samples – is interactive in itself so to show the ‘unboxing’ each month with video as opposed to static images gives a digital layer to an otherwise physical experience.

They’ve also harnessed the power of community and hundreds of beauty bloggers each month can be found on Youtube unboxing and giving reviews about what they found in their box this month. The Birchbox produced videos themselves are great quality, but the community generated videos are generally filmed on iPhones or inexpensive cameras which actually makes the message more genuine and valuable.

*TAKEAWAY: How can you use ‘unboxing’ to show the excitement around your product? Can you engage your customers or online influencers to get involved?


The Kings of viral video, GoPro know what their target audience want to watch. Having grown to a value of $2.25 billion, they’ve completely monopolised the portable, waterproof camera market and through their video content they’ve educated their target audience which has resulted in an increase in demand for the product. With a focus on adventure, the outdoors and adrenalin, their customers create much of the footage themselves which again counts toward that word of mouth, genuine appeal.

*TAKEAWAY: What lifestyle aspirations can you bring to your audience? Your product doesn’t necessarily have to be the focus of the video.


Selling clothing? Take a leaf out of ASOS’ book and get at detailed as your can with your product demonstrations. Their “View catwalk” option  for almost every piece of clothing in their massive online store is critical to their success for 2 reasons. Firstly, buying clothes online can be hard, and it’s great for the buyer to be able to understand as much as they can about the item before they make their purchase. Showing how the fabric moves and how the garment sits on a moving figure allows ASOS to match the expectations of what’s being bought to what will be received in the mail. Secondly, video allows the potential buyer to immerse themselves in the experience of shopping, feeds their imagination and strengthens the ASOS brand. It’s much easier to imagine yourself wearing a piece of clothing once you’ve seen someone else actively wearing it.

*TAKEAWAY: Simply showing the buyer the different ways that they can use your product will hook them in – what different aspects of your product can you show through video that might not be shown through static images?

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a great example of how you can use video in your service or digitally based business. Her online business coaching course ‘B-school’ sells thousand of spots each year – mainly thanks to the power of video. Consistency is key to her strategy, with a weekly video going out without fail, and testimonial videos from her B-school alumni putting that all important ‘real person’ touch on her marketing.

*TAKEAWAY: Testimonials are everything, and video testimonials really pack a punch. Which of your customers might like to be showcased on your Youtube channel or blog – how would you make this appealing to them?

Don’t forget – our brains are hard wired to trust human faces over text, so take any chance you can to include human faces and voices in your videos. Movement captures and keeps peoples attention – so make sure your content is engaging, interesting and just the right amount of time. We recommend that for product demos you stick to around one minute. And if you’re creating videos regularly, make sure you’re promoting them to your existing customers through your mailing list! Data shows that when you include the word ‘video’ in your subject line, you’ll see a 200-300%  increase in your open rate – definitely worth a try.

We’d love to see your video work and hear any tips you might have – let us know below!

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Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.