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Selling online is not only popular, it’s simple to make it happen. If you already love your current website, there are many ways you can add ecommerce to your site without affecting the function or design that you love.

If you don’t want to let go of your Wix or Squarespace site but aren’t quite sure about their ecommerce options, this article is for you. If you love your WordPress site, but plugins haven’t worked for you in the past, keep reading. Get ready to add ecommerce to your website the easy way.

How to Add Ecommerce to Your Website: 5 Easy Options

1. How to Add an Online Store to Your Website
2. Link to a Facebook Shop
3. How to Add an Ecommerce Plugin to Your WordPress Site
4. Add Buy Buttons
5. Embed Your Online Store

Selling from your website is more than finding the right product. It’s about creating a seamless customer experience. 

If you’ve never sold online before, there is a pretty steep learning curve. For many new online sellers, getting traffic and site visitors is the biggest challenge. These articles are a great way to build a foundation for your business:

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A woman shops online and wonders how to add ecommerece to your website

But you’ve created a community with your existing website and have a group of dedicated followers who trust and admire your content. So, it’s important to tread carefully. You want to offer your people, the ones who already love your site, a way to invest in your work. 

Your biggest job is to make them part of your new entrepreneurial adventure. Make your loyal followers part of the experience you’re creating. 

The best way to do this is to create an ecommerce experience that feels connected to the site that you’ve already built.

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A woman happily shops online and thinks about how to add ecommerce to my website

Here are 5 ways to add ecommerce to your website with Selz:

1. How to Add an Online Store to Your Website

Using the streamlined tools of the Selz store builder, you can create a fully-customized separate online store to direct traffic to. You can build a site that has the same look and feel of your existing site. There are a ton of professional themes to choose from and extensive options for branding. 

Check out this video to see how it works:

To get started, log in to your Selz dashboard. In the left navigation, click on Store > Themes, then install the theme of your choice. Next, your screen will send you to the store builder, or you can navigate to Store > Customize from the dashboard. Then you can start customizing the look of your new online store!

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Once your site is ready to go live, you can add a link to your Selz Store from your current site. 

2. Link to a Facebook Shop

If you’re selling physical products, Facebook and Instagram offer great options for social selling. 

The Selz Facebook integration makes it simple to quickly set up your Facebook store. It’s also simple to manage because every time you update your products in your Selz dashboard they’ll automatically sync to your Facebook shop.

Facebook ads from Selz advertising services are optimized for small business advertising success

Facebook is where many shoppers already spend a lot of free time, so this option means that more people will see and get excited about buying your products.

Read here for instructions on how to create a Facebook Business page and shop. As soon as your shop is ready, add ecommerce to your website with a link to your Facebook shop.  

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Important note: The standalone store or Facebook shop options are great if you want a fully functional ecommerce store. Some of your visitors won’t notice that they’re on a separate site once they click to your gorgeous new store or dazzling Facebook shop. But others may feel confused or frustrated that they’re on a new page, so let’s talk about some of your other options.

3. Add an Ecommerce Plugin to Your WordPress Site

You’ve built an entire site and that’s a lot of work. You don’t want to up-end that time and effort with an awkward ecommerce add-on. With Selz, you can integrate your online store with your WordPress site. It makes it easy to maintain the integrity of both experiences for your site visitors.

It’s easy to embed your online store into your WordPress site without changing the design or function of your current site. 

To get started, make sure that you have a self-hosted version of WordPress, not a free site. Once you’re all set with your hosted WordPress site, you can add the Selz WordPress plugin. 

You can see how easy it is to use the Selz plugin here:

You can customize the appearance of your online store in the Selz dashboard. Work on this before you embed your store. This way, the experience will feel natural and consistent for your customers.

WordPress and other sites also offer you a chance to add ecommerce to your site with buttons.

A quick note:  Ecommerce stores often have to deal with day to day tech problems. With Selz, you have a professional platform that is paying attention to the details so you don’t have to.

These include:

  • Site speed
  • Unlimited online storage for your products 
  • Data privacy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Advanced security 

All Selz stores come with a free SSL certificate, and we’re serious about digital security

4. Add Buy Buttons 

The easiest way to add ecommerce to your site is to embed a button or widget. You’ve probably seen buttons before. Widgets are similar to buttons, but they contain more information. You can see all the different embed options you have below! 

Button and embed options on Selz ecommerce, for people wondering how to add an online store to your website

Buttons are easy to create, and they can link site visitors directly to your product from any site page or blog post. To try out your first button, you’ll need to create your product in Selz. First, create your account. You can start adding products right away by clicking on Add an Item.

Every product you create gets added to your store. Next, try out your button and widget options. From your dashboard, select Buttons and Widgets in the left-hand menu. Here you can customize the look of your buttons.

Finally, the easiest step of learning how to add ecommerce to your website is using the Selz HTML editor to paste the code into your site. Just like that, and you’re selling online.

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5. Embed Your Online Store 

You can also use embeds to add your entire store to a page of your existing website. You can see how easy it is to add your online store to your site in the video below.

You may want to take some extra time perfecting the look of your store. You want your online store to look clean and professional, so making sure your product photos are consistent and using harmonious colors is key. This help article is full of useful tips to make sure that your embedded store shines.

Before you embed your store, you also might want to think about how you categorize your products. 

Your final step is to copy and paste the HTML code into the HTML editor on your existing site. Easy, right?

The easier you make it for your customers to purchase online, the more sales you'll make, so adding ecommerce to your existing website is essential

One more step to make it even easier

If you love the look and feel of your site, but you want a different ecommerce option, you can add the HTML from your Selz button to any existing site. We’ve added instructions below for some of the most popular options.

Just add a code block in Squarespace to integrate your Selz products into sidebars, landing pages, or blog posts so your visitors can checkout without having to leave your site. Add ecommerce to Wix with a simple copy and paste. Or add ecommerce to your already popular Tumblr site. How to Sell on Tumblr and Build a Tumblr Online Store goes through the details. 

Start taking your first orders today

It’s entirely free to try Selz, and all the advanced features come free with your 14-day trial. You can create an account and create a button in minutes. So, see for yourself how quick and easy it is to add ecommerce to your existing website, sign up today.  

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