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Selz is integrated with Pinterest for sharing Product Rich Pins.

Product Rich Pins automatically include extra details like price and availability on the pin. They have been receiving more attention recently and are gaining in popularity as they make it very easy for people to buy directly from a Pinterest board.

There are several different kinds of Rich Pins: product pins, place pins, article pins, movie pins, and recipe pins. The most important one for businesses, creators and entrepreneurs is the product pin.

The ‘product’ Rich Pin has a couple of benefits for selling on Pinterest over just sharing a link.

Sharing a Rich Pin means that you can change your price in Selz and the product Rich Pin is updated on your Pinterest board. It also means as you sell an item, the number of items available is updated until it is sold out.

Why is Pinterest important?

Pinterest has over 70 million users and for many people it serves as a visual way to discover interesting things and as a shopping catalogue. 80% of Pinterest users are women, so it offers a huge opportunity for selling your work. Not only that, Pinterest shoppers spend more on average, $140-$180 per order, compared with $60-$80 for orders on Facebook and Twitter.

Some businesses are finding it easier to connect with their target customers using Pinterest than other social media channels. For example Random House who publishes books has a bigger
audience on Pinterest than on Twitter, 1.45 million versus 584,000 Twitter followers.

Pinterest is all about fantastic photography and design, so it’s important that your images stand out.

Selling on Pinterest

The key elements to selling your work on Pinterest is to give buyers a quick, simple, and convenient way for someone to buy whilst their browsing. This is why Rich Pins are good to use.

As well as product Rich Pins showing real time pricing, and inventory availability. Another benefit of product pins is that pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without prices.

How to take advantage of Pinterest Rich Pins with Selz

The good news is that using Rich Pins is very easy using Selz. You can share Rich Pins straight away on Selz once you have connected your Pinterest account. There is nothing special to setup if the web address for your Selz store looks something like this

If you are using your own custom domain (e.g. with Selz you will need to create a Pinterest Business account and link this to your domain. Creating a Pinterest Business Account is easy to do. Here is more information on Pinterest Business accounts.

Step 1 Connect Selz  with your Pinterest account

Login to Selz and go to Settings, and then connect your Pinterest account

Step 2 Share your product

It’s very quick and easy to share your product as a Rich Pin on Pinterest from Selz.

First you click on the Share button for your item.

Then toggle on and off the networks you want to share to: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

The Pinterest icon if connected will show a Red P (don’t worry that the avatar will continue to be greyed out), then click on “Share your item” button.

You can then choose which Pinterest Board you would like to share the Rich Pin to, and write your description.

Click the red “Pin it” button and you’re done. It is now pinned to your Pinterest board.

Step 3 – How Rich Pins appear on your Pinterest board

This is how your Rich Pin looks in Pinterest

Other important things to consider
Pin It Button

Build your Pinterest audience on your own board, share a mixture of your photos/products and share pins from other sites that will appeal to your audience.

You also want to get your images pinned by Pinterest users. Having a Pin It Button on your product details and on your online store helps with this as it makes it easy for people to pin your work.


If you are looking for new opportunities to grow your sales using Pinterest, then using Selz to share product Rich Pins is definitely worth looking at. There is nothing to setup, it’s easy to do, and provides a better buying experience for your followers and customers.

Give using Rich Pins a try and let us know how you get on.

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing via Compfight cc

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