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Are you doing enough to get your blog to stand out from the crowd?

Guest blogging is a powerful and effective way for bloggers to rapidly increase the number of visitors to your site.

Here are the 5 benefits you’ll receive from guest posting, the steps to follow and some of the places to start with guest posting opportunities.

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The 5 benefits of Guest Blogging

  1. Increase your blog visibility
    Guest blogging can help you build your authority in a niche. Increasing your visibility and being considered as a thought leader can lead to more opportunities, more subscribers, and more demand for your work.
  2. Boost your traffic
    Guest blogging will bring more visitors to your website as you’ll be capitalizing on the audience of the other sites. New visitors will come back again and again to you if you’re site has more great content waiting for them when they click through from the guest post.
  3. Build new relationships
    Commenting and posting on other sites provides a great opportunity to start to forge relationships with other more experienced and influential bloggers.
  4. Increase credibility
    If a well-known blogger invites you to post on their blog, they are in effect giving you a stamp of approval.  This recognition is important, so don’t take it lightly.
  5. More backlinks
    Adding good quality, relevant backlinks to your site is one of the important inputs into how search engines like Google rate the importance of your blog. It shouldn’t be treated as the sole goal. Another increasingly important factor is the degree that posts are shared across the different social networks.

Rather than your blog being nearly invisible, guest blogging is a powerful way for you to be more visible to a wider audience.

A white puzzle on a blue ground, because the steps it takes to market a small business can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Learning from experts helps.

Guest Blogging: The Essential Steps

Taking the first step in guest blogging involves some preparation if you want to be successful.  The following are the essential steps in getting guest blog posts published.

1. Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

Many of the bigger sites like Mashable or ProBlogger have closed their doors to new guest writers. So how do you go about finding guest blogging opportunities?

The first step in finding guest blogging opportunities is to decide which sites have audiences that would be interested in your site and content. Your goal is for readers of your guest post to read your post; to like what they read so much that they click through to your site.

You can find potential sites by doing a Google search using your keywords (e.g. self-publishing)  and combinations of “guest post by”, “guest author”, “posting guidelines” or “contributor guidelines” etc.

Guest Blogging Sites
As well as finding your own relevant sites you can use some of the guest blogging sites that have been created to help you connect with blogs looking for guest bloggers.

Here is a list of some blogging sites that you could try:

  • BlogDash – is a blogger outreach network for serious guest bloggers. You can use it to find and pitch to bloggers based on their audience, how often they post, and their site stats. Membership starts at $54.99 per month, but they do offer a free trial.
  • Blogger LinkUp – is a free service run by Cathy Stucker. Bloggers who need content request guest posts. A list is emailed three times a week with all the opportunities listed
  • MyBlogGuest – is one of the better-known guest blogging sites. You can sign up for free to list yourself as someone looking for guest bloggers or if you would like to guest post on another blog.

2. Research Post Ideas

First, check to see if there are any guest post guidelines on the site. This will tell you if there are open to receiving guest post submissions or not, and if yes, what type of post, the format, and the conditions around submitting posts. Follow them closely. You’d be amazed at the number of people that waste their time writing posts only to ignore the submission guidelines.

Next, start by looking at other posts on the site. You can tell a lot by browsing through the posts on the target site.

Your research on potential topics to submit as a guest post needs to primarily appeal to the site owner or editor and secondly their audience. The third goal is to drive traffic to your site for more information or for more of the same if they enjoyed your post.

You’re going to increase your chances of getting a post submitted if the blog owner or editor by being familiar to them. So you should follow and interact with them using social media and by leaving relevant comments on other posts.

Digital seller looking out window. If you're using Selz for music or Selz for selling digital downloads, guest blogging can be a way to reach a new audience.

3. Reaching Out To Blog Owners

Once you have done your research, your topic ideas or your guest post written, you’re now ready to contact the site owner or editor.

Look for the contact details on the guest post guidelines or contact page.

Don’t tell them how much you love their blog if it’s not genuine. You can highlight a specific previous post from their blog you enjoyed or if you’ve previously shared their content include a link to the content you shared.

Sell your post, explain why it’s a good fit for their site. Make them want to publish your post.

You can include some relevant guest posting credits or popular posts from your own blog.

Don’t forget to tell them you will participate in any post discussions and will promote the post to your own audience.

Don’t talk about SEO. If you’ve done your research you will know whether they allow links in a post or in a bio.

Finally, let them know if you are open to submitting more than one guest post.

4. Create The Perfect Post

Follow any guest post guidelines published.

Don’t submit posts that you’ve published elsewhere.

Don’t take any shortcuts. Give it 100% effort and make it a quality post that does justice to you and the publisher.

Links are a touchy subject on guest posts. You should link to other external sites or sources of stats you include in your post. A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t promote your own site within the post unless the guidelines say it is ok to do so. Self-promotional links are normally reserved for the author’s bio.

Having a good headline is crucial to grabbing reader interest – so try to fit them to the target blog. You can offer the site owner or editor a couple of alternatives headlines for them to choose from.

5. Promoting Your Post

Congratulations. You’ve got your guest post submitted and posted. Your next task is to do as much as you can to make sure your post gets lots of traffic and engagement. You want to show the blog owner or editor that their decision to publish your guest post was a good decision.

The best way to promote your guest post is through sharing with your connections on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Linkedin.

Now it’s your turn

We shared with you how guest blogging can boost your blog and the essential steps to make you successful. It’s not rocket science, but if you put some effort into it, it has major payback. If you’re looking for a quicker solution, you may want to look into advertising services.

Now it’s over to you. Good luck. Let us know in the comments of your successes at guest blogging and how you approached it.

About the author

Geoff Austin

I talk and write a lot. Some of it about ecommerce, selling online, startups, SEO, digital marketing.

Currently, head of analytics for an automotive business in Sydney, facilitating a culture of data-driven decisions. Delivering data-based insights and intelligence.

Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


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