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We’ve gotten to know the moods of Passive Income.
We’ve figured out how to not set off our customer’s B.S. Meter.

Now, it’s time to build momentum from the trust you HAVE gained with your audience into other niche websites.

You’ve established yourself as the go-to resource. Your website is now one of the first places your customer consults before buying another lens for their camera, a television for their home, or, data backup cloud service for their small business.

It’s time to grow your affiliate family, in a way that makes sense.

No one likes being around a dysfunctional family.

Short conversations. Opposite values and views. Passive-aggressive attitudes.

You want the funneling of current customers to your other websites to be as smooth as possible.

Luckily, your existing Passive Income holds the answer to how to grow your affiliate family.

Take a moment to get to know your current audience:

What do you notice in the comments of your blogs, social media posts, and reviews? Is there a recurring theme or question?

Where are their clicks coming from? Where are their clicks going after they land on your site? What product or service area has brought you the most income?

The answers to these questions offer the blueprint of other products and services that will be seamless transition for your clients clicks.

Meet Darren Rowse, one of digital marketing’s most successful.

passive income

He has tapped into this seamless transition equation so much, that promoting one product in 2003, is now an entire digital mall!

Darren’s site is heavily Amazon based, and includes an array of products that range from practical to perverted. He brings in roughly $80,000 a year from This Is Why I’m Broke.

Darren is not top-tier Amazon affiliate, but what he makes from his one website isn’t too shabby either.

Here are more tidbits we learn from Darren branching out successfully:

  • Success often relies on big ticket niches – which are packed – or volume, which takes a long time to build, but worth it in the long run.
  • It takes a great amount of research and content to fill a successful site. Dig deep into reviews for chosen products.
  • Make a blog to accompany your site. Share how you decide and create content.

Luckily our lives are multifaceted. Yours, and your customer. By starting the conversation with them you understand their real needs, and begin to build niche affiliate websites to serve their needs, and grow your passive income.

It really comes back to the human touch we talked about in the last article.

passive income

To crack the code of what people want, and how to get them to buy, is just as much about the back-links, as it is about human behavior.

By getting to know actual problems, your offers becomes the actual solution. Niche website, after niche website.

U.S. affiliate marketing spending has increased at nearly 17% from 2011-2016. Keep linking your present customer, with your future business goals.

Carry on affiliates!

About the author

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz started her first profit-generating business at the age of 13, and has been an entrepreneur ever since. During her years in New York City she worked in Banking and Fashion while running her own non-profit. Sahar now resides in Houston, Texas as a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach to entrepreneurs, adults and teens. When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!


  1. Wallet Squirrel

    Nice! I’m seeing a lot more websites pop up like ThisIsWhyImBroke hitting different niches, i.e. niching down into Geek Pop-Culture products. Yet ThisIsWhyImBroke continues to dominate as the Internet’s Skymall. lol

    1. Selz

      Bryce Patterson

      Hey Andrew, totally true! We’re seeing a lot of growth in these niche-focused industries- it’s really exciting! Thanks for checking us out and commenting.

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