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Putting up entertainment videos and using them generate advertising income isn’t the only way to make money on YouTube. If you operate an online store, YouTube videos can be used as an effective way to drive interested visitors to your site. In this guide, we’ll look at how online stores can make the most of an era where online video is quickly replacing TV and radio and develop a YouTube marketing strategy that works.

Volume Wins

When it comes to developing a successful YouTube marketing strategy, one factor rises above all the rest – volume. Consistently publishing high-quality videos is the number one key to leveraging YouTube to grow your brand. While there are examples of one-hit-wonder brands that published a single video that took off, the vast majority of brands that are successful at leveraging YouTube do so by steadily pushing out content and slowly growing their audience.

While you have to make sure that the videos you publish are relevant and high quality, you should be publishing as many videos as possible. When it comes to marketing on YouTube, volume is king.

Create Content Categories

There are several different categories of content that online stores can use to market their brand, and these categories can vary depending on the type of business that you run. For example, say you operate a store that sells all-natural shampoos. One content category that you might use is review videos. In this category, you might review a wide range of other natural bath products as well as your own shampoos. A second content category you might leverage is educational videos. In these videos, you might demonstrate how natural shampoos are made, the importance of using natural products, and so on.

Decide which content categories can best be used to grow your own brand. From there, coming up with video ideas that fall into these categories will be much easier.

Research Your Competition

There’s nothing new under the sun, and unless the products you’re selling are something completely unique and unheard of, chances are there are there are similar brands already using YouTube to market similar products.

While this may sound discouraging at first, it’s actually an advantage. Having the ability to research your competition’s videos allows you to gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t for brands similar to yours. Look at the videos which have lots of views and positive responses in the comments and write down what they are doing. What type of videos are they publishing and what do the successful videos have in common?

While unpopular videos are more difficult to find than the popular ones, you can also learn a lot from looking at videos that didn’t work. If you can find videos published by brands similar to yours that have few views or a negative response, you can start to figure out the type of content to avoid.

Integrate Your YouTube Content and Your Web Content

If you aren’t embedding your YouTube videos in your blog posts and/or within your website then you are not taking full advantage of their value. For one, if your videos are effective and compelling, why not use them to help engage visitors to your site? Adding video content to your site creates just one more way in which you can capture visitors’ attention and motivate them to buy.

Perhaps even more importantly, though, embedding YouTube videos on your site is great for SEO. Google is catching on to the upward-trending popularity of online video. Always one to try and offer searchers the best possible content, Google has recently started giving more priority to sites that have video content. By embedding your videos onto your site as part of your YouTube marketing strategy, you can boost your favor in the eyes of Google – which is always a huge bonus.

Make Use of Advertising on YouTube

If you’re having initial troubles getting your own videos to take off, don’t worry. You can still leverage YouTube to get your videos in front of your audience; it’s just going to cost a little more.

Before you shy away from the idea of advertising on YouTube, consider that YouTube ads have been shown to generate click-through rates that are upwards of ten times higher than those generated by a standard AdWords campaign. Like Facebook Ads, YouTube TrueView ads also allow you to specifically target your ads with targeting options such as geographical, behavioral, search, contextual, and retargeting. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to create video ads that are essentially the same as a television ad slot except that they are highly targeted and much more affordable.

Try to Create a Viral Video

Going back to our example of an online store that sells natural shampoos, a video reviewing the store’s latest shampoo probably isn’t going to go viral. That’s not to say it isn’t valuable; any video that is engaging your audience and getting your products in front of them is extremely useful. However, if you want to take a shot at creating a viral video (which you should) then you are going to have to go for something a little different.

Viral videos have a number of qualities, and even creating a video that has all of these qualities certainly doesn’t guarantee it will go viral. Still, these qualities are a great place to start:

Short and Sweet

Thirty minute long videos aren’t likely to go viral. The type of videos people share and view on social media are short and easily digestible. They aren’t overly complicated, and they certainly aren’t overly long.


People may share something the first time they see it, but they won’t share it the second time they see it. To give your video a chance of going viral, you have to make sure it’s something that hasn’t already been overly done. Preferably, it’ll be something that has never been done before.


Viral videos are highly engaging. They need to grab attention lock it down tight. To do this, you will probably need to make your video elicit an emotional response. Humor is always a go-to choice, but curiosity, wonder, surprise, and even frustration can all work extremely well, too, if done right.

Making the Most of Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a platform with almost unlimited potential, and some of the most successful brands in the world have used YouTube marketing campaigns to drastically grow their brand. By putting in the effort it takes to create professional quality videos and build an engaged audience, you too can make the most of your YouTube marketing strategy and drive interested visitors to your online store.

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