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More and more people are looking for new home business opportunities. Whether it’s because people found new ways to boost their income after the Global Financial Crisis, or because there’s an increase in entrepreneurial spirit hardly matters. The facts are clear.

Home business is big business.

This infographic for home businesses is included in an article about how to take your home business online by Selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses


But running your business from home doesn’t mean your entire market is local. Like all growing businesses, home business owners are part of the digital global economy and that means you can benefit from an online store to make your products and services available to an international marketplace.

Expand Your Home Business Opportunities with an Online Store

One of the challenges for home business owners is being the master of all trades. From doing the accounts, the marketing, customer service, or being the IT guy – you have to do it all.

It’s hard, juggling so many different things, especially while you’re looking for new home business opportunities. Your small business is facing the dilemma of wanting to be online and to increase sales. You also don’t have the expertise yourself, or the money to hire someone with the coding skills to create the next Amazon.

You want to build a site people can trust without spending too much time.

You can create an online store yourself at an affordable price. With just a few steps you can sell products as diverse as digital graphics, ebooks, clothing, or artwork.

Selz log in from Selz ecommerce for business growth

Selz is for growing businesses to take an offline business online themselves without the need to be an expert in coding. Selz helps you create a professional online store at a price that’s affordable.

Here’s what Selz offers for anyone with a home business that is looking to create an ecommerce website. (You can also start selling from your blog!):

  • Quick setup so your store is ready in a few minutes
  • Easily add ecommerce to an existing website, blog or create a new ecommerce website
  • Create a fantastic looking ecommerce website using professionally designed store themes
  • Professional checkout with multiple payment options and built-in order tracking.
  • Secure shopping with built-in SSL
  • Free Facebook Store

Learn how to take your home business online in this short video:

Want to try Selz for 14 days, free? Create an online account today, no credit card required.

This post was originally published in November 2014 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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