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The New Year usually sparks a lot of people looking to get fit and healthy after the holidays. One of our Founders at Selz has found a ton of success finding those customers and selling workout plans online through her program called Fit Your Dreams. We spoke to Leona, the founder of Fit Your Dreams to learn all about her business and why she started this successful coaching company.

Who are you?

I am a Certified Personal Trainer from the NASM and with the obtainment of BPJEPS, a french diploma, a blogger and a columnist for some french fitness and wellness magazines and websites. I am also the chief editor of the magazine COACH pourelles and I created The Fit Your Dreams guide. However, what am I over all? A philanthropist, who is truly in love with life and people, and I wish only one thing: “to help people to get the best out of life.”

What do you do?

I do personal online training and sell workout plans online. With Fit Your Dreams, my clients will have a workout program and nutritional advices to achieve their goals. Rehabilitation, endurance, weight loss, muscular reinforcement, muscular mass increase, stretching: their workout plan will be adapted to their needs and possible health problems or injuries. The program will evolve according to their progress over the months.

In February and in September 2016, I created a free ebook named « Fit Eat Dream » with fitness and nutritional advices and “The Fit Your Dreams guide” respectively, on the purpose of helping people to build a life that they will really love.

I write as a columnist and chief editor for some French fitness and wellness magazines and for my blog I also make fitness and recipe videos on my Youtube channel.

I am a Lorna Jane France trainer and I work for a gym in the south of France.

What are your current projects?

My most important upcoming project is that I will arrive in Australia on the 17th of February for an amazing road trip around this beautiful country! This travel includes both business and personal reasons. Apart from that, I will continue to work on my online personal training, selling workout plans online, post on my blog and social media, and develop my Youtube channel. I have so many ideas to inspire my followers. There will be fitness, recipes, personal developments, vlog posts in photo and video. Stay tuned!

Why did you start your business selling workout plans online?

I started this business because of my own story. I would like to help other people to get fit and especially to have a satisfactory life as I am having now. When people think about working out, it is mostly about losing some weight. I motivate people to think differently about working out; to make the most of this occasion to move, to be marvellous, to renew contact with yourself, to feel your body. When you use each muscle of your body, you will relearn to know yourself.

At the beginning, it’s always complicated and challenging, but if you persevere through physical rigours, you will succeed. Bit by bit, you will find your balance and an amazing feeling of wellness. This is my definition of fitness. Fitness plays a larger role in your daily life than whatever you could imagine! You will be more enduring in many different situations, like playing with your children, chasing the bus, climbing, and carrying your shopping bags! You will also have occasions to meet some people like you!

Working out enhances your intelligence, because daily workout improves the cerebral performances, and boosts the memory (scientifically proven!). It is really beneficial for the morale, thanks to its capacity of generating the endorphins, the hormones of happiness in your brain. I want to share all of it. Fitness, nutrition and personal growth have to go together for an amazing journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Why do you love doing what you do?

As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the complexities of the human being. I always try to understand what happens in the mind of people surrounding me, as I would like to learn about the secret of happiness. Why some fight for it and why some reach that point more easily.

Not long time ago, I read my old confidences, which I had written in my personal diary: “What do I want to do with my life? I want to write, I want to take pictures, I want to share my knowledge (like a professor…), I want to help people (like a psychologist), I want to love what I do each day of my life. ”

It all made sense when I created I am a multi-tasking woman and I need to use all my skills every day. I never get bored.

How did you come to be doing what you do now – what was your journey?

More than 7 years ago, I had some extra pounds and I felt terribly bad about myself, I didn’t have self-confidence and I didn’t know what to do with my professional life, which had just began. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and I put myself down continuously.Things had to change.

I exchanged my unhealthy lifestyle for fitness and healthy food and that was the beginning of a new nice adventure. Gradually, everything fell into place. For a few years, fitness and nutrition became a passion, so I decided to return to school to pursue my passion job. It was very exhausting because I had to keep working as a communication officer (a full time job) during my studies. However, when you want something and you are ready to get it, you can find unexpected resources inside you! Stress, tiredness, financial issues are only details. It is not important when it is a way to be happy and I am so content to have made up this decision.

In the last few years, I learned so much! I became a certified personal trainer of the National Academy of Sports medicine and started selling workout plans online. I also hold a French diploma and an international TRX certification. It is my calling. I want to inspire my followers and help them to have the best life ever!

How important is being able to sell online to your business?

It is essential for my online business. It enables me to reach many people and to sell abroad because The Fit Your Dreams guide is now available in English as well!

Upload the Fit Your Dreams guide here. Take advantage of the special offer: Use the code FITYOURDREAMS6 to upload it for $19 instead of $25.

Why do you use Selz?

Selz is an incredible platform! It’s very easy to use and the blogs are so inspiring! I love the “Founder Journeys” and I am very happy to be one of them!

What advice do you have for hopeful entrepreneurs?

You will have to go out of your comfort zone. Certainly, it is going to become a bit complicated. However, every beautiful story has its own challenge. You perhaps will be disappointed, but you should believe that “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough” -Og Mandino. You will learn and you will become stronger. Don’t stop believing and investing in yourself, it is the best choice.

Think about this quote from Nelson Mandela, “I never lose, I either win or learn”.

If you want to learn more about Leona and Fit Your Dreams, check out her website.

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