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Last week, we introduced you to Kyle from Command Creativity and learned a little bit about his personal entrepreneurial journey. This week, we sat down with Kyle to learn more about how he uses YouTube for his business.

YouTube is a massive platform for entrepreneurs to find and connect with their audience, and it’s a great place for anyone get started. Since 2012, Kyle has used YouTube to create a fan base and launch Command Creativity, so we wanted to get some insight on how Kyle makes his popular videos and what his plans for the future are.

Whether you are selling tutorials or t-shirts, you’re a marketing genius or just a beginner, you can learn a lot from Kyle’s experience using this massive platform.

It looks like you have a lot of success using YouTube, can you tell us how you got started?

My YouTube channel started initially as a place where I could post videos made with friends and family. I had an idea though, I tried creating a tutorial about Motion 5. As soon as I published the tutorial to my channel, I wanted to continue making these tutorials. I still created videos with friends and family, but as soon as my channel grew, those videos soon became unlisted and only viewable by those I sent the link to. I soon expanded my channel to cover more topics like app reviews and Mac tips, but much of my audience enjoys the Motion 5 tutorials. To this day, Motion 5 tutorials are the most viewed and receive the most feedback.

What type of videos do you make?

The main types of videos I create are related to Apple professional software like Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X, and general tech tips. Recently, I rebranded the whole channel including the name from AkProFilms to Command Creativity. This name seemed fitting as it gave the channel a better description of what it is, a place where we use technology to be creative. Overall, Command Creativity produces videos related to software, photography, cinematography, and any other medium in which technology is used to be creative.

How often do you make videos?

Videos uploaded to Command Creativity are not scheduled yet. Ultimately we would like to upload videos on a certain day of each week, but we have been focusing on many other aspects of the channel recently. One might think that a YouTube channel is easy to manage and only consists of creating and uploading videos, but there is a lot work that happens behind the scenes. Recently, we have been working on updating our website on Selz and have spend much time rebranding and redefining what the channel will look like. After much planning and updating, Command Creativity is ready to take off. Our website on Selz is running but still needs a little work, our social media accounts are all updated, and we are ready to focus on video creation.

How do you determine if a video you’ve made is successful? Do you measure a video’s success based on views, or likes? Or something else?

Uploading a video to YouTube and reading the comments from viewers is the most rewarding part of owning a YouTube channel. One of the most fascinating things about my channel is how a viewer can send me a link to their project in which they used my tutorial as a guide. Reading the comments and seeing how others have learned from my videos is the most rewarding part. Even making an impact on one individual makes me feel like my video was a success.

How did you get started making videos?

I started making videos on just my laptop with the built in microphone. Yes, it was not the greatest of quality, but it was the start of my channel. Today, I have upgraded my gear to produce higher quality videos. To someone starting out on YouTube, don’t let gear be a hindrance towards production. Sharing your video and making an impact is the best thing. Having better gear helps but don’t let it be a roadblock towards your creativity.

What tools do you use to create, edit and publish your videos?

The main tools I use for production include a MacBook Pro since the main topic of my videos are Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X (Apple specific software), a Blue Yeti microphone for audio capture, and a Panasonic GH4 for any video capture or product shots. These are the main pieces of gear that enable me to produce, edit, and upload a video.

How did you gain the following you have on YouTube?

I have gained the following on YouTube due to high quality, informative videos that are suitable for all ages.

What advice do you have for someone just getting started on YouTube?

My advice for someone who is just getting started on YouTube would be, get started. With whatever gear you currently have, create helpful and insightful videos and the views will follow. Do not let your YouTube success be based solely on analytics. Create videos that make an impact!

You’re currently offering free videos on Selz…what’s in store for the future for Command Creativity?

While Command Creativity is offering free project downloads and supplementary resources for YouTube videos on Selz, we are looking at creating paid templates for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. Currently, Command Creativity only offers the “pay what you want” option for donations, as we do not feel the need to charge for project files. In the future, we are looking to charge for templates and other digital products that will integrate with Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X, and other software.

We are also going to create a Selz series on how to create an online store. Be on the lookout for that! Consider subscribing here. -Kyle

If you are inspired by Kyle’s story and are hoping to get started on YouTube, check out our full guide to selling on YouTube here!

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    Thanks for reading and leaving your kind thoughts, Mike!

  2. Kristen DeCosta

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Shelby! Kyle definitely has some serious wisdom, huh? I love that quote as well, such a powerful thing to remember!

  3. Shelby Finch

    “Do not let your YouTube success be based solely on analytics. Create videos that make an impact!” What a powerful thought, Kyle. I think we as business owners can focus too much on analytics and not enough on the impact we are making. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Mike Adams

    I love the honesty of your business, Kyle! The pay what you want feature of Selz is awesome, and I am sure it has brought you many loyal fans. Can’t wait to watch you grow.

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