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Last week, we talked to Marc Hayden about his journey to becoming a photographer. It’s hard to believe he worked in technology for 10 years, but that’s the beauty of our entrepreneurs. Our favorite stories are usually the ones you wouldn’t predict, which makes Marc Hayden’s one for the books.

As many artists do, Marc was able to leverage Instagram to gain popularity his field. Marc not only uses Instagram to showcase his work, but he uses it to connect with others in the business: models, brands, stylists, etc. He’s created more than a successful account, he’s developed an entire network through the medium.

Read about how Marc found success on Instagram, and his approach towards posting.

How did you get started on Instagram?
I remember when the iPhone camera really began to come into its own, and then I discovered Instagram. It was still pretty new, but I just loved how it was just an image-sharing app. Once I started, I just got hooked!

Why did you choose Instagram as your main social media site? Do you use any others?
As a photographer, you can’t beat Instagram. It’s just an amazing way to showcase your work, and I’m able to access brands, models, stylists, makeup artists, so the potential to create is immense.

I do have a facebook business page, twitter, 500px, and tumblr, too.

Do you find that most of your sales/leads come from Instagram too?
Pretty much 95% of the contacts, work opportunities, and creative partnerships have come through Instagram, so yes.

What do you post?
I post portraits and branded fashion shots.

How often do you post?
On average, 2 posts per day.

What hashtags do you employ?
I hashtag various sharing accounts; some specialise in portraiture, some in female imagery etc.

How did you discover which ones works for your niche?
Just through trial and error. Hash tagging just words doesn’t seem to do much for me anymore, so I go with these sharing accounts.

What content do you think converts the best?
Close-up female portraits. When I post guys, they get no love!

What advice do you have for someone just getting started on Instagram?
Be interactive, and make sure your content is the best it can be.

Marc is an inspiration and a leader for all budding entrepreneurs. He is proof that you truly can chase your dreams to make them a profitable reality.

If you’re ready to start on your own Instagram journey, make sure to check out our Instagram Series on everything you need to know to be successful!

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