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If you’re in the business of online entrepreneurship, you’ve likely heard the phrase “content is king”. This week, we’re introducing a Founder who took that phrase to heart and created a truly fascinating business based on content development.

With 1 billion active users on YouTube, the platform has become a tool many entrepreneurs use to find and reach their niche audience. Kyle, the Founder of Command Creativity, saw potential in YouTube back in 2012, and leveraged the platform to create a popular YouTube channel. Through his use of tutorial videos, Kyle has created a large following and community around his work.

Kyle is a rare Selz user, who currently uses the platform to offer his tutorials as downloads at a “pay what you’d like” price. While he has plans to offer set priced products in the future, this unique business model has allowed him to grow an extremely loyal and trusting community.

Whether you’re just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, or if your business is already up and running, Kyle’s story is inspiring and honest, and may teach you a few things about the power of content.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Kyle and I am the founder and a content creator for Command Creativity, a YouTube channel that produces videos focused on educating others about technology. I really enjoy being creative with technology, so sharing my knowledge with others through the internet is something I enjoy doing. Reading comments, answering questions, and producing new content excites me and motivates me to create a strong channel that empowers many individuals to be creative using technology.

What do you do?

In short, I create videos for Command Creativity and manage the business. Whether this is updating the website, writing posts for Twitter or Facebook, or creating and uploading videos, I manage the business. Even though Command Creativity is relatively small in size right now, focusing on the smallest things can have a large impact on the future direction of the channel.

What is Command Creativity?

Command Creativity is a YouTube channel that focuses on creating quality content that educates individuals on how one can be creative using technology. Videos can pertain to certain professional software and how a certain effect can be attained, to a photo or video course, to an overview of a software update. Command Creativity seeks to deliver quality content that can educate an individual on technology while also building and maintaining a positive community along the way.

Why did you start your business?

I created Command Creativity back in 2012 known then as AkProFilms. I was curious about the whole YouTube thing back then and didn’t know that I could attract an audience this big until I started creating videos and building the audience. Today, I create videos with a similar goal to how I started, to create quality content that educates individuals on various technology topics.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I love doing what I do because I am excited to see how others use the skills I teach in their own projects. Specifically, when a viewer leaves a comment to their work they created using my techniques, I get very excited and it makes me excited to produce more content. Reading feedback and seeing what they create, is the most rewarding part of my business.

How did you come to be doing what you do now – what was your journey?

Command Creativity has come to the place it has today due to a lot of experimentation and learning. By trying many different techniques and making different videos and reading comments, I have learned a lot. My YouTube channel would not be in the place as it is today without those experiences. By learning different software, watching many other YouTube videos, and looking at many different online services, I have definitely learned a lot!

How important is being able to sell online to your business?

Selling digital downloads is crucial to the operation of Command Creativity. Having a platform that is capable of handling project files, media, and other assets is very important. These project files and resources are essential for the viewers to see my work and guide them through any questions.

Why do you use Selz?

As soon as I found out about Selz a couple years ago, I started trying the many features and found that many aspects of Selz helped me run my website with ease. The mix of “pay what you want” on a download, to the integrations with other website services, to the user interface and support, Selz has a great platform with many tools that make selling a success.

One thing about Selz that I cannot talk enough about is their support. The live chat and the super quick email response time, definitely helps me out when I hit a roadblock. Also, if I have a feature request or issue, they quickly fix the issue and send the request to the developers. All around, Selz is a fantastic service that blends the most useful features with a great design and outstanding customer service.

(Okay… now we’re blushing ☺)

What advice do you have for hopeful entrepreneurs?

My advice to anyone starting a YouTube channel or other business is to not give up. Even though you might hear this phrase a lot, just keep working and set goals for yourself. Also, starting a business requires a lot of new learning so ask questions! Do not be afraid to ask others for help.

Next week, we will be sitting down with Kyle to dive deeper into his use of YouTube to show you how you can leverage the platform for your own business. In the meantime, check out Kyle’s work on YouTube and on his beautiful Selz store. We’ll see you next week!

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  1. Kate Anderson

    I love this Founder Journey, thanks for sharing! Keep up the hard work, Kyle :)

    1. Kristen DeCosta

      Isn’t Kyle awesome?! His journey is very inspiring! Thanks for reading and commenting such kind words, Kate.

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