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Throughout this Founder Journey, we’ve been hinting at some pretty big news for 123Muse, and it’s finally time to share it. This micro-company, founded on a niche passion by two amazing entrepreneurs has officially been acquired by a larger company in the Adobe Muse niche.

When we found out this news, we we’re over the moon for Chris and Daniel Kellet of 123Muse. And then, we we’re even more excited to share their journey with you. See how these two brothers took a small niche company, and created the ultimate success story.

What does the future hold for 123Muse?

After a very successful two years with we have entered a new phase in our career on the 13th of February we merged with a larger Adobe Muse Widgets and Templates company

It has been an incredible journey so far and now we get to take our expertise to a larger audience. We are still going to keep tabs on Selz through the affiliate scheme and in the private facebook group.

What does it mean to you to get acquired?

We didn’t start the business with an exit strategy, I think that puts you in the wrong frame of mind for starting your business, so it was a bit of a surprise. The acquisition does mean that we can focus on helping our now extended user base to grow their skills and have access to tools that can improve what they offer to their customers with Adobe Muse.

Now we can leave the business to others while we get to play.

How does getting acquired translate into success for you?

Our intention has always been to be content with what life brings, help as many people as we can with our knowledge and abilities, and of course pay the bills. While we were doing that already for us being part of a larger concern means now we just have a bigger safety net and a larger audience and that feels like success to us.

How did Selz contribute to this acquisition?

Our latest store built with Selz really caught the attention of Musegrid. With full disclosure I must mention that I had helped build the Musegrid brand in the first place having built most of their content a few years previously. However, seeing the success and potential of what we had achieved made us a very attractive acquisition.

What’s the game plan moving forward with the new company?

The new company is well established and we have regular exciting meetings with amazing ideas and plans for the future. We have also discussed expanding the software and services we will cover as we feel we have the right formula between our ideas and their business acumen to tackle new niches. Selz is one of those on the table.

Any additional advice you want to give to our readers hoping for the same outcome?

Dating other companies is over rated and you might get burned. Make yourselves attractive by producing good content, delivering good services and expert customer support. Then if the suitors find you great but if not you still have a solid business to build on.

Decide on what you want out of running your own business before you start but be open to change if it comes along. As we mentioned earlier in the interview we like being agile, four weeks ago we had no idea we would be acquired and now we are. Have our plans changed yes but our purpose is still the same to deliver good content, tools and services to Muse users and we still are.

I read once an excellent analogy that I would like to paraphrase. Most businesses start with a launch almost like a rocket. The problem is rockets for the most part go straight have little ability to change course and drop out the sky if something goes wrong or is unplanned.

A small business is better off being a car on a road with a destination in mind. If you come across a blocked road alter your route, if the road is bumpy slow down, if you get on the highway speed up and you will eventually reach your destination.

Planning is useful having a purpose is essential.

To see a quick video of Chris discussing this merge, click here! And make sure to check out Musegrid and all it has to offer!

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