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This week at Selz, we’re exploring site design and helping you to find the pages theme that best shows off your brand and products. We’ll also look at some best practices to keep in mind as you build a dream site for your business.

Find the Pages Theme that Makes Your Store Look Like a Million Bucks

1. Depot
2. Spotlight
3. One Up
4. Avalon
5. Label
6. Colorado
7. Simple
8. Classic
9. Use Your Pages Theme to its Full Potential

Let’s talk about the visual identity of your ecommerce store. Customers intuit a lot from their initial impressions of a website, and the fact of the matter is this: everyone judges a book by its cover in online sales. Selz makes it intuitive to craft a stylish, professional store.

The streamlined interface means you can work quickly and create impressive results, even if you (or your team) have limited experience with web design.

That said, it’s important to think about the message that the style and look of your site put out for your customers.

Check out our professional Selz themes:

1. Depot

Lots of products, categories, and variants to organize? Depot is perfect for sellers with large inventories. Break your store down by category, brand, style, or whichever other factors you choose. This is the perfect pages theme to organize the chaos of a huge inventory into a positive buying experience.

Depot is a fantastic choice for jewelry, furniture, tech, and clothing stores because these businesses have unique organizational needs and a large range of products. The customizable mega-menu, categories, and subcategories are key to helping your customers find the brands, sizes, styles, and items they want with minimal hassle.

Remember: reducing friction in the buying process is key to making sales online. Customers that struggle to find what they need on your site will likely look elsewhere.

2. Spotlight

Spotlight is built to put your categories front and center, with a huge visual on the homepage to draw customers in. Similar to Depot, this pages theme lets you break down your inventory for eager customers and help them find exactly what they need in zero time.

Spotlight is a particularly useful theme if you want to feature a few products on the homepage and encourage customers to explore more deeply. It’s a great option for showcasing special deals and seasonal products, or bringing your signature items to the forefront. Tantalize your audience with a stylish initial landing page, then draw them in to explore further.

Keep in mind that Spotlight’s visual focus (and the proximity of the different elements) means that you’ll have to be thoughtful and find images that work together smoothly. Spend time with your team developing the color palette that you’ll use in your branding before you start building your store, and apply that palette frequently in the images that you choose.

A hipster lady holds up pink, blue and purple graphic design. The Spotlight pages theme makes your products pop.

3. One Up

We built One Up to be the perfect single landing page for your entire brand. It’s incredibly simple to organize all the information your customer needs to know, from your products to your reviews, bio, and more. One Up is a great pages theme for engaging casual customers because there’s no need to click around- they can get all the information they want by scrolling.

So how do you know if One Up is right for you? The simplicity of this theme means that it’s great for showing off a limited inventory. Selling an Ebook? One Up’s streamlined nature makes it easy to showcase your expertise, personality, and reviews, then move toward a powerful CTA. Any brand that leans on your personal authority as a seller can do well with One Up, whether that’s a coaching, consulting, or personal wellness business.

Ready to supercharge your site with one of these pages themes? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Selz today.

4. Avalon

Though it’s tempting to hit potential customers with as much information as possible, you don’t need to fill every available space on your site with content. Chic, modern, and clean, Avalon is built around stylish use of negative space.

Don’t worry: Avalon is also enormously customizable. It can be colorful and high energy (see the Tech style) or take a more relaxed, understated approach (as in the Seasons style).

At its heart, this theme is all about cutting back the noise and making a striking visual statement. It’s a great choice if you want to integrate a little more written content into your store while maintaining an open, uncluttered style.

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Two people wearing black white sneakers on a black and white background, mimics the clean and modern lines of the Avalon pages theme.

5. Label

Is your product line visually stunning? The Label theme is all about letting the products speak for themselves.

Instantly capture your customer’s attention with a massive image front-and-center on the home page, then build on that imagery as visitors scroll down. Fashion and lifestyle products thrive with the Label pages theme because this theme relies less on content and more on showcasing your vibrant product line.

6. Colorado

Colorado is another pages theme that’s perfect for showing off products with a strong sense of visual style. Designed specifically for creatives and artisans, the open layout allows plenty of space for images and video.

Whether you’re selling art, outdoors gear or Photoshop presets, you’ll want product photography that shows off the very best of your product line. Check out 7 Steps to Creating Picture-Perfect Product Images For your Online Store for tips and tricks to help your product photos stand out from the crowd.

Five framed graphic posters next to a mid mod chair. No matter what your style, the simple pages theme lets your product shine.

7. Simple

Sometimes, all you need is a clean set of outlines to fill with your work. The Simple pages theme is perfect for artists, illustrators, and designers because it foregrounds your products and keeps things (for want of a better word) simple.

That said, this pages theme is also incredibly versatile. The Light style setting gives your store an open, clean visual style, while the Digital setting darkens things up, making your products and categories pop. The Modern style falls somewhere in the middle, with enough action on the page to draw customers in.

Regardless of the styling you choose, the Simple theme is a fantastic choice if you want a clean, clear homepage that sets your products front and center. This pages theme encourages your customers to explore.

8. Classic

Let’s start by saying this: it’s a classic for a reason. There’s something timeless about this particular approach to site design. The simplicity of Classic is huge for sellers that want to craft a gorgeous site without a lot of bells and whistles. This pages theme is also great for sellers that like to include a little more text on their online store site.

Introduce your business and your products, and help your customers get to know you and your team. Entice them to explore with the theme’s easy navigation and scrolling. Use tactful calls-to-action to get the final sale.

Looking for a custom site? Check out the Selz Theme Kit.

Use Your Selz Theme to its Full Potential

So how do you optimize these themes for a powerful, high converting ecommerce store? Let’s finish by talking about a few basic design tips to help you build the best possible online home for your brand.

First, it’s vital to create logical navigation for your customers. This starts with understanding the purpose of the different sections of your site and translating that into a great user experience. Map out the pages you want to include and break down the information you need to include in each. It can be helpful to do this on a sheet of paper before attempting to put it all together digitally.

Once you’ve built your site, have a friend or family member explore your store and test-buy a product. Figure out what’s easy for them and where they struggle then update your site accordingly. In particular, have them look for points where they want to complete an action, but the site doesn’t seem to suggest that course of action clearly.

Remember that too much information all at once can overload shoppers. Leave space on your pages and let your text, images, and video elements breathe. Keep in mind that too many calls-to-action can be distracting, so refine your messaging down to a few key elements. Chances are, you’ll want to foreground anything time-sensitive (like limited-time offers and promotions), as well as anything new to your store. Featuring elements beyond these as CTA’s can become visually exhausting and spammy.

A lady working on her computer, optimizing her pages theme for best results.

As your business changes and expands over time, your digital presence should develop as well. It can sound intimidating, but it’s also an exciting learning opportunity. Continually updating and optimizing your site is key to growth. Staying up-to-date on the latest in Selz features is a great way to keep your site looking state of the art.

Have you built a gorgeous site? Questions about any of the themes? Let us know in the comments!

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