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The internet is full of Facebook statistics and Instagram statistics. But it’s hard to find data that shows you how these powerful platforms can impact your small business. 

For online stores with a direct integration, it’s easy to sell your entire catalog of products directly on Facebook and Instagram. 

Adding a Facebook store can improve the effectiveness of your marketing. It also makes the mobile shopping experience easier for your customers.

It’s hard to believe this opportunity has value without hard data. 

So, we’ve created this list of 33 relevant Facebook and Instagram statistics to help you weigh the pros and cons of this selling channel.

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The Facebook Statistics You May Already Know

1. 2.7 billion and counting are active monthly FB users. (Source

2. Using a social log-in is a convenient way to access many websites. 62% of all social log-ins are completed using a Facebook account. (Source

3. Over 1.6 billion people on Facebook are following a small business. (Source)

Facebook Store Stats

There are more than 80 million small and medium-sized business pages on Facebook. These pages include basic information about your business and a description of the products or services you sell. If your business sells physical products, you can also sell direct with a Facebook store.

4. 85% of the orders on social media are coming from Facebook. (Source

5. 37% of shoppers looking for new media or entertainment find products on a Facebook app. Only 15% discover new products on retailer websites. (Source)

6. 63% of surveyed shoppers use Facebook for shopping and related activities. (Source

7. 30% of people who shop online say they’re likely to purchase from a social media network like Facebook or Instagram. (Source)

Men and Women: Shopping and Facebook 

8. 37% of Facebook mentions of shopping, clothes, and accessories come from men. (Source

9. Male users are more likely to use Facebook for finding contacts and building a business network. (Source

10. 38% of shoppers looking for home essentials find new products on Facebook apps. (Source

11. On average, 61% of shoppers looking for household essentials and media buy on Facebook. (Source)

Holiday Shopping Facebook Statistics

The biggest online shopping days of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are some fascinating Facebook statistics for holiday ecommerce.

12. Women dominated 76% of early November holiday shopping conversations in 2018. (Source)

13. Shoppers made close to 40% of online purchases for the 2018 holidays with a smartphone. (Source)

Facebook statistics are useful for understanding what most shoppers are talking about. The following holiday stats can help you figure out when specific topics are most important to your customers.

14. Conversations about returns increased 300% above the holiday average on November 12, 2018. (Source)

15. Buzz about sales was almost 10 times above average on Black Friday 2018. That same day saw 4 times as many conversations about free shipping. (Source)

What to Sell From Your Facebook Store

16. You can only sell physical products from a Facebook store, but beyond that, you’re only limited by your imagination. And a few policies.

17. Fashion on Instagram and Facebook influences your customers. 3 of every 5 people surveyed bought or came close to buying a fashion item they didn’t intend to during the busiest shopping time of the year. (Source)

18. Not into fashion? 61% of sports viewers follow sports accounts. And surprise, surprise. Facebook is the most popular social media channel for sports conversations (75%). (Source

19. 31% of people buying products like conditioner or toilet paper make most of their purchases online. (Source

20. Of that group, 23% have said they bought more products online this year than they did last year. (Source)

Facebook Statistics and Instagram Shopping

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 they’ve made the cross-functionality of the platforms a priority.

For example, you can post your Instagram Stories to Facebook. This lets you share that content with multiple audiences, saving time and increasing your reach.

When you optimize your Instagram for small business, you increase your opportunity for sales. With a Facebook store from Selz, you can add Instagram Shopping to your channels for selling. You can read more about how to make money on Instagram here.

These Instagram statistics underline the value of this Facebook partner.

Instagram Statistics

21. 91% of shoppers surveyed use Instagram to follow their interests, including travel (45%), music (44%), and food (43%). (Source)

22. 83% of Instagram users surveyed discover new products on the platform. 80% use Instagram when they decide to buy. (Source)

23. 29% of platform users talked to someone about products after seeing them on Instagram. (Source)

24. 54% of people surveyed say they made a purchase either in the moment or after seeing a product or service on Instagram. (Source)

Mobile Shopping Facebook Statistics

25. People are using about 2 billion smartphones worldwide and 85% of those smartphone owners use the Facebook app. (Source)

26. 38% of US retail shoppers say they want to shop more on their smartphones than they already do. (Source)

27. 79% of smartphone owners have bought something online with their phone in the last six months. (Source)

28. Shoppers are almost 5 times more likely to respond to a sale offer on mobile than on a desktop. (Source)

Facebook Messenger Statistics

This option seems like a simple tool, but it has the potential to have a significant business impact.

29. 80% of shoppers feel that the shopping experience is as important as the goods or services when they buy online. (Source)

30. 64% of people would rather message a small business than use phone or email. (Source)

31. When WestJet installed FB Messenger they saw a 24% improvement in customer sentiment. (Source)

32. 54% of shoppers who use Facebook Messenger use it for activities related to shopping. (Source)

33. To get more specific, 41% of shoppers into clothes and accessories use FB messenger to talk about products, shop and engage. 60% of home essentials shoppers do too. (Source)

Inspired by these Facebook Store Stats?

If you haven’t added it yet, it’s easy to add a Facebook Store with Selz:

  1. Log in to the Facebook account that you want to connect your business page to
  2. Log in to your Selz account
  3. Scroll to Marketplaces > Facebook in the left navigation
  4. Click Connect. This will take you to a pop-up page
  5. Click Create a Page to make a brand new Facebook business page and name your page
  6. Click Next, then click Finish to begin importing your products to Facebook. Shops and products are usually reviewed by Facebook within 24 hours.
  7. Once your products are added to the Shop section of your Facebook Business page, they’re sent to Facebook for review. You can always check their review status under the Pending review tab.

The review process can take up to 24 hours to complete, but you will begin to see your products on Facebook within 1-2 hours!

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