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Facebook is one of the top pay-per-click marketing channels right now. With over 6 million active advertisers, this isn’t very surprising at all. 

Since it holds a lot of potential, it’s important for marketers to be knowledgeable of the latest features Facebook has to offer. And if you’re a growth marketer, you know that the only way to succeed on the platform is to take advantage of its features. 

Growth marketers should step up their advertising on the platform since Facebook Ads is no longer how it used to be 7-8 years ago. With ad prices going up 20-30% every quarter, it’s getting too expensive for small businesses to advertise on Facebook these days.

And last year’s hacks will most likely not work for you this year, so you have to stay on top of the curve. So, here are our top six Facebook ad hacks for 2020 that will absolutely turn your donkey brand into a fabulous unicorn.

1. Comments and Facebook Messenger Auto-Responses

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Comment Guards, which are auto-responders, are amazing as they’re like a gift that keeps on giving.

They can automatically turn comments on posts into leads and contacts for your business.

Posting engaging statuses and content that get people talking gets even better with Comment Guards set up.

For example, you can post a riddle or trivia question and ask people to leave their answers in the comments.

You can then send them a private message telling them whether they got the right answer or not.

These messages get much higher open rates compared to Facebook ads or email marketing.

You can also convert these leads into Messenger subscribers, after which, they can be further convinced to convert into actual customers.

A chatbot like MobileMonkey can be set up to handle Comment Guards, letting you attract people to the top of your funnel for basically free.

2. Facebook Messenger Ads

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Most ads bought on Facebook by businesses are traffic engagement and conversion ads.

But instead of Facebook ads, you can go for Facebook Messenger ads, especially “Click to Messenger” ads.

Not only do you get people who click on the call-to-action of the ad, but they also give you messaging permission and add them to your contact list.

Instead of sending them to a static landing page, they get sent to your Messenger, wherein you can have them do a survey or sign up for a drip campaign.

They can then interact with your brand, receive message blasts from you, and so on.

Facebook Messenger ads become more powerful once you implement a chatbot to handle most of your Messenger activities.

For instance, MobileMonkey lets you create dialogues that interact with people without any coding within a few minutes.

Something like that is within reach for just about anyone who wants to get into marketing with Facebook Messenger ads.

3. Reciprocal Remarketing

A woman looks at her mobile phone outside showing that partnerships can happen anytime anywhere if you invest in ecommerce

When a brand agrees with another brand to market each other’s products and services, that’s reciprocal marketing.

Your brand has its audience and the other brand has its own audience, so you can pay each other to advertise each other’s brand.

By endorsing each other’s brands, you’re effectively doubling the size of the audience who become familiar with those brands.

Those audiences become more receptive to those products and services as it’s being vouched for by someone they trust.

They also see the cooperation and camaraderie as a positive, which makes you and the other brand look better.

If you’re able to find someone in the same niche who is not in direct competition with you, it works like a paid version of influencer marketing that goes two ways.

This is a much better way to advertise on Facebook as it has double the effect with much better targeting.

4. Focus on Remarketing Ads

Facebook ads from Selz advertising services are optimized for small business advertising success

Back in the day, people would spend on Facebook ads for regular campaigns, then spend more on remarketing campaigns.

With Facebook ad prices now through the roof, there’s no way you can do it this way anymore.

Ditch the regular ads and just focus on remarketing ads since they perform up to 10 times better anyway.

An ad targeting people who’ve already visited your website will perform much better than targeting those who haven’t yet.

That’s because you’ve established brand affinity with those people, making them two to three times more likely to convert.

Selling right away to people who haven’t heard of you before is a waste of time and money.

You have to generate that initial affinity first, but you can’t just buy that interest with Facebook ads as it’s just too expensive.

5. Borrow Russian Ad Targeting Methods

Remember when the Russians were meddling around with elections all over the world through Facebook?

The Russians targeted ideological extremes and eliminated the center to create tons of buzz while playing sides against each other.

We can learn from the techniques they employed to market businesses on Facebook instead of destroying societies.

Instead of making people fight each other, you can find those who agree to disagree and those who feel strongly about a specific product or idea.

That dynamic exists in every business—in every niche—you just have to find it and take advantage of it.

You can get tons of engagement with this Russian ad hack, as long as you find ways on how to apply it to your business.

Targeting only true believers and preaching to the choir won’t get you far in platforms that optimize for comment replies and discussions like LinkedIn.

Doing that will only get comments like “Yes, I agree” or “That’s true.”

You want discussion and debate to drive engagement up, which then elevates your content and gets it noticed by more people.

6. Using Facebook Ads for Web Traffic Bombs

A plane dropping bombs for a section of an article about web traffic bombs and facebook ad hacks

Think of how authors get their books to the New York Times bestseller list by simply buying 5,000 copies to create a spike in sales.

The Web Traffic Bomb is like that, but it targets content recommendation algorithms on content sites like Medium.

Those algorithms recommend content to users based on user engagement signals, looking up what’s popular and trending at the moment.

Sending engagement signals to those platforms can help bring more traffic to the content you’re trying to promote.

You can use Facebook as a Web Traffic Bomb to direct traffic from different IP addresses to specific pieces of content on certain platforms.

Those platforms will see that engagement and think that content must be interesting and worth recommending to users.

There’s no need to buy an expensive CPM audience since you can go for the cheapest audiences possible to send these signals.

Just pick worldwide as a target, get the cheaper placements, and see the clicks come in for next to nothing.

Talk to Selz ecommerce and advertising experts for facebook ads help

Since Facebook is so vast, that order can get filled in just 10 seconds or so, with people clicking on the article posted in Medium.

Medium’s algorithm then sees that spike and will start recommending your content to other users.

Mind you, this is not totally guaranteed to work—it may work once or twice every ten tries or so.

However, since you can do this cheaply, you may be able to put enough into it to get your desired results.

Of course, the content has to be compelling to begin with, as no hack will ever work on garbage.

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You can apply these Facebook ad hacks from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel, from 6 to 1.

Grow your audience, then turn them into leads, and finally guide them towards conversion by hacking the system.

Facebook is still a great platform due to its size, but marketing successfully with it nowadays is more about method than having a big budget.

These Facebook tips aren’t quick fixes, but more of supplementary to your digital marketing strategy.

With the right ideas, any small business can market like a big company and get results.

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