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In this article about email marketing fundamentals, we are going to cover how to utilize lead magnets for your website.

I’m going to show you exactly how to design these lead magnets on your website, how to deliver on your sweet, sweet promises and how to manage your lists. Buckle up buttercup, cause we’re gonna get technical.

Implement Your Lead Magnets

There are two main ways to offer up your offer to your fans: on your website and on a landing page.

There are reasons to do either, but I honestly recommend doing both to get the most from your lead magnets.

On your website

The first way to offer lead magnets is on your website. There are two ways to do this, one is on the page itself embedded in a column, and the second is a pop-up.

Both are great, but pop-ups tend to perform better because they’re in your face and you have to take action to ignore them. That being said, pop-ups can be annoying so please make sure you’re using them correctly and providing true value, or you’re going to have a bad time.

I personally like OptinMonster for these opt-ins. If you’re using WordPress on your website, then you’ll also have a lot of other plugins available to add pop-ups to your site. Once you’ve chosen your pop-up generator (or embedding if you choose that route) then it’s time to create your proposition.

On a landing page

If you’re running traffic from social media or other outside sources, then you’ll need a landing page. This is a quick and simple page that just explains what you’re giving away, why they want it, and an opt-in form.

You can even use OptinMonster again to embed the opt-in form on your page. You can also use a landing page builder like LeadPages, which give you super easy, pre-made pages where you just fill in the blanks. You can integrate LeadPages with your own site so that it uses the same URL as your own website.


Bando's lead magnets are a great example of smart B2B targeted advertising

Bando knows their target audience and offers to “join their girl gang” and get 10% off. They do it uniquely by still offering to join the newsletter, but also offer 10% off their customer’s first purchase.

Dr. Axe

Dr Axe has some great examples of lead magnets and these are a great way to optimize your small business advertising

Dr. Axe offers his free Ebook “Super Food Super You.” Dr. Axe is pretty well known in the health-nut sector, so his fans will happily download his new Ebook for free.


Learn about lead magnets and small business advertising services in this article from Selz

GetResponse is practicing what they preach with the offer to share “the buzz.” While this would typically fall under my no-nos, I really like that they allow you to check and uncheck the topics you’re interested in. This gives them a major start in email marketing automation.

Go ahead and try those sites out for yourself and see how their pop-up acts. It’ll give you ideas on how you want yours to perform.

How to Deliver Lead Magnets

Now that’s you’re super inspired and have determined where your offer is going, it’s time to deliver. This can be tricky, and it’s going to be different for everyone depending on the specific software you’re using, so follow these steps loosely, and then check out your provider’s instructions for actual integration.

1. Create your offer

The first part of your offer is obviously what the lead magnet is, but the second part is actually selling it to someone. Make your copy stand out – it’s allowed to be sales-y, but make sure you mention that it is free. Make your images stand out as well.

Create images for your lead magnets. I usually recommend matching the offer to what they’re actually going to get. If it’s an ebook, make it look like a 3D book. If it’s a contest, show a picture of everything they’re going to win.

You want to make sure your future-buyer knows what they are getting in exchange for their precious email address.

2. Create your form

Once your images are created, popups are decided upon, and landing pages are made, you’ll need to make sure the form is set up correctly. I recommend requiring their first name and email address only.

3. Create a list

Make a new list for your subscribers that are specific to your lead magnets. You may need a few lists as you create more and more lead magnets, but this is important so that you can market to these people appropriately.

4. Connect your form

Get your form to communicate with your email provider. This is usually pretty simple with an API, or you can use Zapier if they don’t have a direct link to each other.

Connect to the list you just made specifically for that lead magnet. This is an important step!

5. Load your lead magnets

Figure out how you’re going to deliver your lead magnets.

  • If it’s a coupon, it’ll probably be a simple coupon code written in an email.
  • If it’s a contest, all you really need to do it write an email to let them know they’ve entered (and maybe lowkey start your email marketing on them).
  • If you’re delivering an ebook, then you’ll need to take the extra step to host it online.

You can send your subscriber the link in an email, or even take them to a landing page with the delivery link.

6. Write your email

Once you’ve determined how you’re going to be delivering your lead magnets, you’ll need to write the delivery email.

Keep in mind this is your first email to your new subscriber, and you know what your mom says about first impressions: they’re super important.

Make sure this email has your voice and some initial excitement to get your new lead not only excited for your lead magnet, but for all future communications from you.

7. Automate it

Set up an automation specifically for the email you just wrote that runs every time someone subscribes to the list you just set up.

Again, this totally depends on the email provider you’re using, but you can follow their specific instructions for loading the automation.

8. Test your lead magnets

You’re SO close now. All you gotta do is turn on the on switches to everything and do a quick test.

That means you act like a user and opt-in yourself. Make sure the popup works, everything on your landing page looks good and put in an email address!

Take it for a spin. If you get the delivery email, then you can assume it all works. Make sure to download your lead magnets (if applicable) and heck, give it a once over again. You’ll want everything to be perfect before someone sees it.

As soon as you’re happy with this, and everything works, then you’re all set! You can keep your lead magnets live and see the subscribers roll in to kick off your email marketing campaigns.

List Management

As I said earlier, you’re going to have a lot of lists! This is awesome.

You’ll slowly start to see your overall contact number increase, and you’ll also be able to see which lead magnets are driving more subscribers.

I recommend keeping all of your lists separate, basically forever. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t get the same email.

If you’re sending out regular newsletter-type emails, then you’ll want to include every list you’ve made from your lead magnets. It’s important to keep your list warm and engaged!

You’re all set! Now get those leads, and start selling.

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Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.

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