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It’s the busiest time of the year for ecommerce, and you want to stand out. Anyone who has ever bought anything online has experienced the difference that superior ecommerce packaging can make, first hand. 

Opening a box and finding that your order has been packed with love, care, and attention to detail can totally elevate fulfillment from mundane to a thoroughly positive brand experience.

Ecommerce Packaging Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

1. Custom Mailers

2. Wrapped Up Right

3. Product Packaging

4. The Cherry on Top: Swag

Ecommerce companies face a unique challenge. Outside the walls of a traditional brick and mortar, it’s challenging to create a tangible experience that connects customers to a brand.

Fulfillment may seem like the least exciting part of an ecommerce business, but it’s actually an opportunity to deliver a tangible branding experience directly to your customers. With the holidays coming up, online orders are about to skyrocket, and it’s easier than ever for your connection to customers to be lost amid a flurry of products they’ve ordered online.

However, take some time to perfect your ecommerce packaging, and you could use this high shopping volume to create a blizzard of positive customer impressions. Today, we’re going to explain a few different ways to upgrade and brand your ecommerce packaging.

1. Custom Mailers

Custom mailers let you make a formidable first impression before your customers even open the box. Packlane offers custom mailer boxes and envelopes for ecommerce packaging so that your products can travel in style.

You can even customize your packing tape. Sticker Mule is well known for creating fun branded swag, but their customizable packing tape is a gamechanger. This allows you to take your brand messaging to next level if you’re using a branded mailer, or just want to spruce up a plain box.

A branded "Barbier" mens shaving kit is delivered in a quirky, stylish mailer. Custom mailers can elevate your eCommerce packaging, and are fun conversation starters

2. Wrapped Up Right

While a custom mailer is a great way to show your branding off, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Neatly wrap products for a safe journey with tissue paper and washi tape. Showing a little extra care when bundling products for travel can elevate a simple order to a special surprise.

While a handful of colorful packing materials goes a long way here, you can actually customize these little details as well.

Printed Custom Tape lets you create branded washi tape, for when you want to create the most charming packaging in postal circulation, and Inkable Label Co. offers customizable tissue paper.

There’s no denying that customers love the act of unwrapping with gifts, so this little change in your ecommerce packaging can make your fulfillment feel extra special.

Colorful ribbons and bows on a flat surface. eCommerce packaging details show customers that you care.

3. Product Packaging

Not every product requires custom packaging. Clothing and artwork can be packed with attention to care, and detail, but they don’t necessarily need to be contained.

However, if your company sells cosmetics or home and body care, you will want customized containers. It’s all well and good for ecommerce companies that are just starting out to customize bulk containers with branded stickers, but as you grow your business, it’s important to elevate your packaging to compete in the big leagues.

Companies like East Hill make it easy to customize a variety of high-end looking containers with state-of-the-art printing techniques such as hot foil blocking, shrink sleeving, digital printing, and even 3D printing.

Beautifully branded skin care products. For high end products cosmetic, body care, and even edible products, elevate your eCommerce packaging with the help of a professional design team.

4. The Cherry on Top: Swag

We’ve talked about investing in branded swag before, and while it might not be the right fit for every business, just about every online business could use a little word in the real world.

Stashing branded stickers, buttons, and postcards into your ecommerce packaging creates the opportunity for your customers to rep your brand out in the world. Even if that’s not really your thing, we would definitely recommend a  polished thank you note to let customers know that you appreciate their business.

A man works on a laptop that he has coveed in stickers. When you include brnaded swag in your eCommerce packaging, it gives your customers the opportunity to rep your brand.

Bonus: Packaging for Digital Products

Ecommerce packaging doesn’t just apply to physical inventory. Digital products have an even harder time making a glowing first impression upon delivery. It’s tempting to put all your effort into writing copy that converts customers and then quickly fulfilling the order.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but it does make it tricky to wow customers, which makes it hard to build brand loyalty.

The secret? Think of it less as packaging, and more as padding. While it’s common sense that you would want to create polished, professional content for the actual product, it’s what’s surrounding that product that will impress customers.

Thank you emails with special offers can elevate an otherwise lackluster fulfillment process. Including an eBook can add value or tell a story. Just remember not to sound too sales-y. Your biggest challenge as a digital merchant is humanizing your brand.

At the end of this trail lies a pile of crumpled paper and torn tape, but it represents something bigger. This time of year, we’re reminded of how impactful packaging can really be.

These little changes in ecommerce packaging have the potential to upgrade every order you send out from product to gift, all year round.

Looking for more holiday tips? Check out this video:

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Tara lives in Portland, Oregon. She writes about the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, after a decade of working in the food, tech, and wellness industries. Her work has been featured by American Artists Watercolor Magazine,, and others. Aside from writing content and copy, Tara is also a social media strategist.


  1. Tara Storozynsky

    Hey there, Jean-Michel! You called it-custom printing allows branding to be printed directly on to glass or plastic bottles, tubes, and tubs. Well designed stickers go a long way, but some beauty brands really want to up their wow factor, and this allows for greater customization. Thanks for reading FounderU and commenting!

  2. Jean-Michel

    What do you guys mean when you talk about custom packaging for cosmetics? Like it’s actually on the containers, without a sticker?

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