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One of the best ways to create a great landing page is to look at ecommerce landing page examples. 

It can be tempting to stick to local businesses or businesses in your niche. While you can learn a lot from looking at your direct competitors, any landing page can be a great inspiration for your ecommerce landing pages

We grabbed these landing page design examples from the most searched keywords in the United States. Whether it’s a social media platform, a big chain store or a site you’ve never seen before, these examples can be great landing page design inspiration for your online store.

40 Proven Ecommerce Landing Page Examples to Help You Get Results

What is the language of your brand?

This is one of many landing page examples that can help your online store excel, from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

This page has a lot of clickable options. The simple color palette and effortless headline create a feeling of comfort and trust that echo it’s (mostly) handmade products.

If you're offering a lot of sales, design your landing page around those goals

If your focus is sales and discounts, this landing page design is a winner. Using red to highlight the most important promotion with green for supporting deals, it creates a balanced landing page even though there’s a lot going on.

Sometimes too much information is just the right amount when youo're looking at ecommerce landing page examples

The landing page for one of the most popular social media platforms displays tons of information. It shows anyone visiting the page the breadth and depth of information they offer. The clean format makes it straightforward to interact with all the options on the page. 

KISS keep it simple stupid is a popular phrase for a reason and a good rule of thumb for creating a great landing page

This is a great example of landing page design best practices, with a clear single call to action.

Sell with smarts

It's hard to find great landing page examples when you sell hundreds of products, so these ecommerce landing page examples should help

Landing page examples for products are tough, especially when you’re selling over a hundred products. This landing page uses a single banner with a cohesive design to highlight multiple product lines, making it easy to quickly understand.

For your custom site design, take a look at the Selz Theme Kit.

How can you use images and lillustrations to communicate your brand and story? Read more in this article from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

This landing page feels both welcoming and open. The illustration shows a range of different professionals at work and supports the professional headline and direct call to action.

Icons are another great way to make it easy for customers to understand all that you offer

Another great ecommerce landing page example for online stores selling a lot of products. This website uses Illustrated icons to represent different product lines.

You never know where you will find landing page design inspiration, like this job search landing page

You might not expect this to be on a list of the best landing pages, but this page has it all. It gives visitors detailed information, a quick call to action and up-to-date statistics on what they will have access to after signing up.

When you're updating landing page design it's important to look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first time

Another quality of the best ecommerce landing pages is a design that reinforces your brand

This landing page uses tight lines of copy that echo what this social media platform is best known for. Brand colors and a clear call to action for first-time visitors round out the stellar qualities of this landing page example.

Mystery, photos and videos are an incredible way to drive attention and traffic to your landing page

This landing page builds around a single powerful image. One of the first things I learned as a book illustrator is the power of mystery. 

On this landing page, light streaming through the windows of a lovely home at dusk. That picture starts to sell prospective home buyers from the minute they land on the page.

Prioritize your key message

Choose a small number of prioritizes for your landing page, this will help you map out what to include

File this under landing page examples with great brand awareness.

Great ecommerce landing page examples don't have to come from just ecommerce sites. Look at the most popular sites in a new way to see how you can use their format for success

This page may not be the first one you think about when you’re looking for ecommerce landing page examples, but this site effectively crams massive information into a small space. This page also does a good job of highlighting urgent information alongside long-term calls to action and events.

A little animation goes a long way when you're looking at the best commerce landing page examples

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh animation to grab attention. The gif on this landing page example shows you immediately what their platform does with a basic sign up form.

This is one of our favorite landing pages for too many reasons to count!

One of our favorite ecommerce landing page examples, this website reinforces the brand with great color and product images. It provides multiple CTAs in a way that is still clear and easy to act on.

More than one CTA? Take a look at page for landing page examples that will work for your business

Landing page design is hard enough, but what if you need to appeal to two different audiences with a single landing page? This site nails it with a split-screen image and useful copy.

Customers rule

The Selz landing page is one of our favorite ecommerce landing page examples. Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

Our landing page shows you we are here to help build your online business. While there are many features of the platform to highlight, the navigation is simple and powerful just like our ecommerce platform.

Single CTA landing pages are always in demand

Landing page examples with a single CTA are appealing to a wide range of visitors. If you sell online services or are working to build your email list, this landing page design is a smart way to go.

No matter how big your business is, online commerce levels the playing field. How can you update your landing page to stand out?

The best ecommerce landing pages find a way to strike a balance between limited-time bargains and product knowledge. This megastore does both with a design that’s easy on the eyes.

The craigslist landing page isn't dazzling to the eyes, but it is simple to use and timeless in its design

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites online for a reason. They haven’t made any significant changes to their landing page for as long as I can remember, but the font and color choices make this landing page design timeless.

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Onlnie marketplaces all have a different way of representing the merchants they support. How can you make your ecommerce landing pages stand out?

Image carousels are a painless way to keep your landing page design consistent while showing off a wide range of products and discounts. If you need some help making dazzling images of your products, check out this article.

Looking for more ecommerce landing pages? For landing page examples 20-40, click here.

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